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he general plan of operations ia to seize immediate control of all vital centers throughout the coudtry -wl isolate the Capital, within which lies the largest and most effective force under the control of the presentPollMfisg isolation of the Capital all forces will move on the Capitalrive.


(a)Jiy thom forces outside Guatemala will Isuncheperste attachnhe southern land frontierscroas thesea frontier, of Ouatenala.

imultaneously, those forces within the country will initiate operations designed toandgovernment forces, disruptaeiie control of vital nilltary and civilian centers and, carryout exec.vivegainst specific Individjals.

hose forces crossing the land frontiers will have aa their cbjedtive the establishment cf the lLne Jutiapaoban. With the establishment cf this line all forces wiil converge on the Capital,

(d)cextern sea frontier will have as lta objective the capture of Puerto Barrios and the eatabllshaent of the main base of operation* thereat. It will then move, by air, "en ana equipment to the forces assembling in therea, and subsequently, to otherhroughout Um country. Reference: Overlays in Appendix C .

List, of Liberation.


i. Force "XI"

Cross theuatemalan frontier, proceedHightway, capture th* twn of Asuncion, Mitaf eciruty detachment for Aauncidh Kita andto Jutiapa, There, join Force "J" anipart of

Tactical Plan. Depart Force Base in San Salvador in sub-units. Re-group in tha assembly area, near the frontier, not later thanours. our, in foot column, cross frontieriles west of the point where the Pan-American HighwayGuatemala. Rendezvous with truck column near Pan-Am.iles in rear of frontier. As motorized column proceed to and capture Asuncion Hlta. Equips local forces assembled and waiting there. ecurity detachment for the town.otorized detachment back to capture frontier post. Order forward motor column standing by in assembly area,Salvador. Proceed to Jutiapa and report to CO Force "Jn,


On crossing frontier Force "XJ" will havefficers,en.

In Asuncion Hita Force "XJ" will take under its commandfficers and acn.

Ssnior officers of Force "XJ" are;


2nd in

3rd 1


(c) Weapons requirements.

abis, Appendix A


El Salvador priorayrucks Ir, Asuncion Kltaeed >

Mote: At present, inaLvador, the orgSnisKtizi owns the following; rucksons each.

1 bus, capaciv.seated.

ther scpinment. fiee table. Appendix A

Finxnciil retirementee table. Appendix A

Base end Assemblyase. 7icinity of San Salvador. ouses will be needed

for sen and equipment. Organizationouses.

Movement of arras and equipment will be carried out during the period0. The General Support Force will be responsible: fornvenent.

Assembly irea. Nearuatemalano 2matn-Amerlcan Highway enters Guatemala.of men and equipment Into assembly area will be completed duringoursours. CO of Force -JJ- will be responsible for thla movement.

lsslon. Croasnduras-Guatemalan frontier and

capture the frontier post ot Cuabre Alta. Continuethe Interior and capture the town of Gualah and,cut the highway and railroad. Remain at Cualan touse of the highway or raiirod to the enemy. Establish contact witht 2acapa. After contact, CO Force "XZ" will assume command of Force "Z" and Force "XZ".

actical Plan. Depart Force base near the village of Cc-cesmil, Honduras at such time as to arrive in assembly areaours, near village of Aidea liueva, Honduras. r. cross frontier in foot column and pro-cede down road Cuabreanagua*. Rendezvous with truck column; entruck, and move on Gualah. After occupying Gualah establish contact with Force "Z" at Zacapa. Prepara all bridges for demolition,orce to accupy Los Amantes, be prepared to re-inforce Force "Z" if necessary, maintain area security.

(b) Personnel.

On crossing the frontier Force "XZ" will havefficersen.

In the Gualih irea the Force will be joined by an additionalfficersen.

The senior officers of Force "XZ" are;

officer 2nd in Command 3nd in Command



Trucks. In Gualan area will needrucks. urvey of the area has been made and no trouble is anticipated inthis requirement.

Radios. alkie-Talkics.

ommand radio for contact with Puerto Barrios.

ammunition belts with water bottles.


ee table in Appendix ft .

(fJ Base and Assembly Area.

Hear village ofduras. Will use threefor equipments and key personnel. Cecesail lieskilometers north of Copah. Copah isf the town of Santa Rosa de Copah, Honduras.

Koveaent of arms and equipment into Base will be carried out during2. Movement will be by truck and mule. The General Support Force will responsible for this movement,

Area. Hear Aldea Mueva, Honduras. Movement intoBase will be completedours. Equipment willby mule and manpower. CO Force "XZ" will bemovement. For report of aerial reconnaissance of area

see Appendix B .

Grose theuatemalan frontie5ointof San Pedro Sula,-Honduras, and capture the towns ofand Entre Rios, Guatemala. Occupjfy and secure Entrecontact with Puerto Barrios and become part of theof Force

Tactical Plan. Depart Force Base near Quinistah and arrive in Assembly areaours near village of Correderos. Cross frontier in foot calumn and procede to occupy Entre Rfos. Prepare demolition charges along railroad. Secure area and be prepared to support Force "B" at Puerto Barrios if necessary.

On crossing frontier Force "XR" willfficers andmen.

In the Entre Rfos area it will be re-inforcedfficersen.

Senior officers of Force "XR" are;

Cooannding Officer:in

3rd in

4th in

Cc) Weapons requirements.

otal Force requirements, see table, Appendix _


Radios. alkie-Talkies.

Other. mmunition belts and water bottles.


ee table, Appendix ft

(f) Base and Assembly area.

^- Village of Quimistah, Honduras. This town is someilometers southwest of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. One house will be necessary for key personnel and equipment.

ssembly Area. Near the village of Correderos, Honduras. This village is west and north of yuimlstah. Movement into the area will be completedours. CO of Force "XR"

(e) table, Appendix

(f) Base and Assembly Both in ELTON

Force. Tactical.

Htssion. Attach and destroy enemy air force. Cain air supremacy over Capital; attack ground targets thereat.

Reuuire four Ot) fighter pilots. Mote: ighter pilots now in organisation. Others available.

hcuicagnt. Fourfighter type aircraft.

Base. In During caspaign,in Puerto Barrios.

Force. Transport.

t*0 To move personnel and equipment during operations.

(b) i'ersonnel.ilots with transport experience. Note: ilots now with organization. Others available,

<c) ^Qulument.ransports,ype.

(d) Base. In ELTON . During campaign in Puerto Barrios and other fields.

eneral Support Force.

So lupport all elements of the army in theand assembly of personnel and equipment. the movement of all personnel and equipment to Forcecombat operations, control use of transport aircraft,

Present force is, and will bontinue to bs, astaff. Personnel requirements will be met by drawingseveral forces as necessary, lt i3 presently under theof RUFUS . orce Commander will be appointedto do so.

Kiaalon. Capture and aacure the city of Zacapa. Secureand railroad froa Los Aaantea to El Progreso.

Tactical Plan. Capture the garrison at Zacapa. Prepareand highways for demolitions. Establish contact with Force "XZ". Assume command of all forces in area Los Aaantesl Progreeo. Re-inforcen its movement on the Capital.

Note: After the several independent forces in the area are united the CO Force "XZ" will assume overall command.

Force "Z" will havefficersen.

Senior officer of Force "Z" is :


ee table. Appendix A

one, except for trucks to be locally acquired.

(l) None, CO Force "XZ" will have funds for this force.

and Assembly area.

rms and equipnent will be cached in and about Zacapa. Personnel will assemble at designated assembly points on orders froa the CO.

l3alonT To aid, through fifth column activty, Porce "XB" in the capture of Puerto Barrios.

actical Plan. Capture or nuetralize the local police and other civil forces. Support amphibious force by carryingout Ky. and attach on the local garrison.

Force "Bn will havefficersm.

Commanding officer of Force "B" is: HART


ee table. Appendix A


ad los. ommand radios,iles.

inancial retaiireaents.

on--. CO Force "XL'" vill have funds for thla force.

(f) iiiiae anil Aaaembly area.

equipnent will be cacned in and about Puerto Barrios.

Personnel will assemble at Oeaifiated aanenbly points on orders from the CO.

(a) Hlaalon. To capture Masatenango and Retalhuleu. Establish contact with Force "Q" at Quezaltenango.

(h) Tactical Plan* Capture local garrisons. Secure area. Stand ready to support Quezaltenango or Eequintla if called upon.

(b) Personnel.

Force "M" will havefficersJ

Coaaandins officer Force "K" is JALL

(d) Weapons reouirgnents

ee table, Appendix



Base and Aaseably area.

n the vicinity of Mazatenango, Ken will assemble on orders from Coaa*inding officer.



'ii RE



K" Om?., ConfJsts nf special teaas, Heach, forkey personnel. Ccaaanding Officer,

fi. mRm Oroyp. Radio teaas.

S" Group Sabotage teaas. The following organization is commanded by QAKL . Personnel have been organized into teuns based on their civilianiti knowledge of targets. The Group organization in the Capital areaollows;


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