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SUBJECT! ebruary Conference on Black Flights AMD


Air Operations Officer Security Officer

I. First Phase: Moving of tonnage from Andrews Field toona).

II* Second Phase: Starting onarch aoveaent of six or sevento airfield in


The alternate field in case of aire emergency otuy is south ofOur man who has uso of

ooble system win meet i'ligni, wiui trucks and will care for

oxstrxoutlon of materiel. At this time no fuel is available I L Question of fuel: Whether to cut down on tonnage inhave extra flight so auxiliary fuel tanks can be used or toarrange an operation for fuel to be brought to air strip. miles Sctra fuel could all be carried on

one flight but would necessitate refuelingsame number of flights would be involved as use of auxiliary tanks, atop for refueling is definitely out as tooecurity risk. Preferred solution is to arrange for fuel to be at atrip. If so, pump foral. drum uhould be on plane. Plane can takectanectane. Tbe latter la preferable.

Tbelanding atrip la ownedan wbo is working for us

in another capacity. He has an operational clearance, but thinks the plane ia hired by RUFUS. Ha is to have no idea aa to where tha flight comes from.

There are no facilities for night landing at the strip. Thi ^wishes the landing to be at the first crack of dawn.

Aerial reconnaissance can be cede taking one or both pllota. The ideal thing is to make the flight loox like it cooes from Cuba. Do not pinpoint it as coming froa *- Stay away froa & J. There ia no tracking equipment, but planes usually check in.


The initial group of packages averages ab:.utounds. No fork lift Is needed. Five or six men can lift the heaviest package.

It is preferable for flights to cono in two and two.

Landing signals: Smudge pot system to be used. If no signal given do not land but reapproach ininutes. If no signals thenayload out. Ue axe to provide napelK Barkers for the field if it is necessary tor night flights. If anything happens to cabarress the President of Salvador expect planes tn be confiscated.

BROJrTJJtoT will go out andook at the lanaingil go as tourist. Cut out to be arranged through

Pilots: Polish pilots consideration discarded. It has been decided to use CAT pilotsuho have not been involved in nefarious operations in tho pant. One reason Polish pilots discarded io many of them British and liable to exposo ue to British.

Cover Story: (To be worked out in final fore by COKKDT)are suggestions: Pilots approached by nefariouson leave Offered sue of aoney to fly planes

to C hey beneveto be mining equipment asjaoing shows. They can describe man who contacted them lnor decided place To backstop their storyi Lawyerplane and sold to non-existant person. Phoney checkbank. This &an is the saae nan who contacted pilots. Topilots can gouch placethus burden of

proof on sorjeone else, question orought up as

NOo oonnvctions there and do not want brought in.o, what airfield used, where gas obtained). In

Sfther Case: Plane was there for them. They did not ask questionsjust wantod to make somey. Question: Could planes have boon old planes that where sold after being declared surplus by the Amy.oo sterile ever to have been Ancy,

Wigino repairs: Crew to consist of pilot, co-pilot, and an engineer who can take care of repairs, except for major repair.

Markings and Flight Plan: light plan can be traced andregistry nuBber for plane, rbvever, this could be backsplan could be froiOrleans.

Moving into t haao. Efficienoythan the timing. Seven or eight tons to be deliveredMvely set uparch, bajno operation

as aecona phase onlyNo personnel there except KUHOOK

nan. Cable facilities avau.aoiehas been instructed

to reestablish old rapport withThis is to be

the same as the U, January flight as far ss ground arrangements. The


ticys. nn

Parachute rigging: Airborne Pncker'preparod to rig chutes iflong building and packing table.

Loading of aircrafti OK except for heavy load. Questions to whether, coom equipment, or what? ill


Transportation: Will be provided according toTow Bar

(available froa

^ghtlng^ for night, loading: will try to provide, if not,available from

Air Oraer of Battle:lrcralt in Goat,equested to beightlghtero frorbut do not think so.

: Cur planes will have to be bhu-mu.

Automatic weapons: m,al. Will try to determine if portable.

General Security: COKNIrV'a responsibility. There is supposed toSecurity men assigned to packing projectif assigned willcrew. Maintenance crew anducrsonnel to be Briefed by


Reconnaissance ofYes.

Briefing of pllotai Part in Washington. Detailed briefing at Robe if man there.

Mail: Send to BR0DF0RST


Put all mall inside largo envelope

Return mail to;

Brodforot to returneb. COWJEN backth. Tbott return means all things aot upnothing unworkable. They will write up Air Operations.


Weather reports: Obtain weather report from May to the end of rainy season Most weather all thundera torn activity.

Weather nan: Available from

Landing flight location: Info forthcoming.

landing flight data) Info forthcoming

Cover for crow: UndecidedupNIFF.

Escape and Evasion: Ount: will decide when and if neceuuory Other: Through Ewbaasies.

caps and Aerial Photosi Will supply except for 1st and 2nd phase which are available now.

Enargoncy In-flight coono: OK to callaT ith code. Flights to be monitored fron J

If ditched: Ditch at sea if possible, Air Sea Rescue will pick up men.

HouBokeeoinc facilities athousekeeping, messing, recreation

(out of J) all available.

Documentation for craft: Will go in aa USAF, will leave black.

Documentation for orewi Arrive Washington as civilians. Leave for Commercial Flight. Tourist Cards. Will fly Will

fly missions under true name. PROHIiM: If picked up for any reason names would bo recognised as CAT pilots.

etween LINC and WAbH: Excellent.

Qxaso between LINC and ROBA: excellent.

It is secure. Cuards necessary for aircraft

3 man team on rotation.


Maintenance personnel: Noneavailable fromRefueling and Parts:

iquipcent and crash trukks, Ambulance and medical:

Operations Planning Room: Available with telephone.

Processing' and packing: LAPSLEY. Materiel to be checked as far as

r Al

atrip has L Jfeet of runway. If high rapport still there

will say xnght for hira. No arrangements have been made on fuel, but itomraercial atrip so should present no problems.

Tine of arrival is to be designatedalso approach pattern,

flight pattern, and identification signals, ihese are to be given toby thealso what conditions we land under. The

cargo is packedoo cubageall weight is tight. 's orif necessary according to MD men. If commercial stripingle tripould be sufficient. If otherused, four or five flights would be necessary. If different strip,plans will be as second phase. eckL trips for oik l

Phase: Beck to the same airfield ir l soon as operations can go on after the first flightsprobably

arch. Time has to be allowed for trucking system to get, although it is probable that two trucksin tbeand two in the Jforth (one hour drive inon trucks. it is necessary torainy season inf. J. In all cases, if trucks not tnereand trucks con load later. PROBLfcM: Again the importancebeine there due to the large amount of tonnagethis to beC/KUHCOK. ill advise if he cannot assure it will boof having finoa owner get it. If no fuelaysrun

Third A. Phase: aorerforno fuel8 April)

but rainy season ink roblem. ons to samethere isandings could be at night if

the good field is used.

Phase: bs.

25 1 & lbs.

5 " lbs.

If approved we will be on call froa teams in theresupply. Daylight if situation warrants, or night flights, as thebe. (AMD says immaterial to them except that oxygen and sterilefor flightif night resupply.) Bisk: small arms firing,will be to isolated areas so fixed position against planesused. We will have control of area. Resupply drop will be tonumber of men to allow high level drop. Dispatchers: man has as one of his recruitments six kickers. Airborne paoker

not to be usedor any other *toericase, Ito not send crew back after phase four or have them on other flights. Hold if possible.

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