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Progran and Situationor the

ebruary through*


A. The following events of crooraticcal interoet occurred during the reporting period t


the status of hie groupisnd his coatacta in

. Initial indications wore that tba "white paper" failed to negato his operations and support in those areas.

received at LUKQLH gave indicationum of inoneyy the Coata

Rican Ambassador to ortual friend Rafael

Heator Lenclnaa, Argentine Charge d'Affaires

calilgeris la investigating tbls natter and also the possibility that Leneinaa may be involvedegular Communist "funding" operation.

3- The Guatemalan Ambassador to Cuba Adolph Garcia Montenegro

visited Caracas during the period. In his meetings with "high level" Venesuelan officials he node repreaentations to the effect that President Arbens is "aids of the situation" and is about to break with tbe Cemaunlsts. Garcia aleo inferred tbat tbe Army might intervene and bail out Arbens. There Is reason to beLieve

tbat Garciaia trip wltb tha sanction of Arbeax. initial reaction at LUCOUT and in VBD vaa tbat this trip aey bar* been aa effort on the part of Arbens to negate Calllgarla' negotiations

During the week Inforaatlon vas received that Ramon Gereda

Arturiee, the GuateBolM Aabaaaador to Panama, contacted Domingo Barrios, the Coaaunist labor leader, and requested the Coaaunist Party and tbe local Coaauoist-controlled union to fore aoveaante ia support of Ouateaala. Oereda'a suggeetlone were rejected . becauseear of retaliation in view of Guatemala's present international reputation. They suggested an alternate plan to create sympathy by Bending various cultured, artistic and technical groups to Guatemala froa Panama. Indications were that thewould covertly support these groups.

In Headquarters preparation of aaterial for the OAS Conferencepecific follow-up to the Martinez story was sent to Mexico to be planted by LICDEKR. The general tenure of the article was that Martinez did not flee Guateaala, but that be la really engaged in purchase of eras and aircraft, suggestions for handling tbe TorisUo" appearance in Caracas were despatched to likcql5 for consideration and possible action.

CUB increased the else of tbe Hoedquarters support staff during the week in order to meet the Increased requirements placed uponby LJBCOLK and the field stations.

A Chief of Station Conference was bald atnd lb Tne purpose of tha conference vaa to brief aaabers of the regional coaaaand on the general situation and plan of operation for tbefuture. FC^'" '


II- Administration

of Logistics V.

1. All orders have been placed for iteas ordered byexceptions have been noted, however, which willof the schedule for noveatent of material to

Mortars and ammunition due to arrive on or aboutebruary In Baltimore will not arrivearch because of an unexpected holdover in Sweden.

The "pemmican" ration originally ordered was found to be unsatisfactory under tropical conditions, as well aawithin tbe stated tine. uitable "pemmican" type ration which meets specifications has beer.located and final delivery will be madeU-


The need for additional courier service in Central America has

atter of top priority. The present courier frequently has to leave pouches behind which contain information vital to PBSUCCESS. Immediate action is necessary at tbe appropriate level to alleviate the situation. III. Personnel

new assignments were made to the PB5XCE3Sduring the week. They were as follows:

dministrative officer

?. 2 Case officer

eports officer.

LINCOLN the week-end ofebruaryhimself with the regional command organisation.

Two acuta personnel problems face PBSDCCKSS at tbe moment. Efforts have been made to procure persons with the necessary qualifications but to date attempts have been unsuccessful. These requirement* are as follows i


A person to perfora this function ls considered essentlon by Headquarters LDiCCLN. This house would house approximately six indigenous types under the control of one case officer snd it ia felt that he cannot act as housekeeper and perform hla professional duties.

director and script writer

This is the position occupied by Guyol. r. David Phillips was requested for this Job. Mr. Phillips' statusis the Agency bas not bean clarified as yet. If it appears tbat Mr. Phillips will not be Immediately available, an effort should be made touitable replacement for hia.

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