Created: 2/17/1954

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TO: CMesJpHRsTftarn Hemisphere Division SUBJECT: Establishment Of Site for SHERWOOD


an attempt to finalize tbe SHERTOOD prograa and to become operational in that phase of FBSUCCESS, all problems concerning the selectionite have been studied and reviewed.

As has been pointed out in previous discussions, there are major technical considerations Involved in the selectionite. Santa Fe, the first site considered, was ruled out because the installation ao originally planned could notroadcast to the target area during the hours of maximum listening potential.

There is one solution to this technical problem. By radically increasing the output power of tbe broadcast transmitter, tbe desired hours of coverage can be obtained. To establishigh powered stationery large logistical and installation problem butroblem

which can be solved with proper support froa the Offiee of Loglatles.

fc. Restated, the advantages of establishingigh powered station on Little Santa Fe are as follows:

control of site.

cover problem for technicians.

political problems.

one in CALL1CSRIS' organization would Know theSanta Fe, thus defections, penetrations, etc. couldthe site.

tcneabllity as cccapared to other altos inWSHOOF.

need for contract employees thus allowing*usewho are experienced in propagandawho ore capable of evading enemy jamming ifencountered.

requirement for. Government sterileallowing more flexibility in the technical installation.

the most economical use of equipment and

5. Tbe only major disadvantage in the use of the Santa Fe site is the problem of security. It must be assumed tbat broadcasts froa Santa Fe can be pin pointed, however to prove that the broadcasts originate at this site vould require an inspectioneutral Inspection teas. Prior to such on Inspection, the installation couldremoved.

6. To expedite the establishment of SHERWOOD the following is therefore reeoamended:

reconnaissance of Santa Fe be expedited.

the foregoing be processed earliest forconcurrence in principle.

receipt of the above AECO be authorized torequirements of this proposalop

should be obtained* for unlimitedLittle Santa Fe.

SSD should be requested toecurityfollow through with the implementation of theinanner to Insure that only thenumber of persons are permitcd to learn theof Santa Fe and of the foregoing proposal.



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