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TO: Chief, whd

SUBJECT: Political Progrmia/PBSDCCESS

n coof oral ty vlth discussions on the report and urgency ofositive-political progress forincoln has undertaking tha following steps:

a. AiDhaasadorlavai

A^ the request of Lincoln, the Station Chief, Guatemala, obtained the personal vleva of Aahaaaador Puerfoy cm thla subject, which are attached herewith for planning purposes. These views are very helpful and it la believed tbat they should be consldOred In the formtion of the final program.

subjectolitical prograa baa beenwltland ln light of tha for*going

he had been requested to prepareogent fara hla Ideas on what thla political prograa ahould consist of. These vlevs arw herewith attached, and although extraaaly helpful It ia recognised that they require considerable editing, e'erri noting all referencesnd that thay require rewording to aupply more lnpaet.

2. Xa la rec remanded that the attached vleva be considered onlyguide and that the views of UFC, AFL and Dapt. of State baindependently of each other In order to provide the vleva ofinterested parties. It la reccsoaended that thla natterand studied by tha stoat cctapetent persons at Bead quartersLincoln be provided at tha earliest poaalble data Headquartersfor thla purpose. v nwm receipt of aaae Lincolnto obtain the serylco^ofIhtfus. rograa

has been adopted It should eervehfar the lnmodiate guidance of the KUOOWir prograa and every effort ahould ba Bade to propagate these tensta aa throughly and as rapidly as poaalble. Accordingly, lt ls believed that thla operational function ahould ba given vary csurefal and priorityas lt unquestionably la essential to PSSU0CEB8 and asset ba capable of providing sufficient appeaseufficient nasdber of antl-cosssunists to be able to consolidate these elessanta in Ouatesssla aad be tba answer of the free people to tha claim of Crassuulsi,


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