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. Of Enclosures: 0 Burnetta/cnih Approved Bv: Q , 3fc /

Fro/.: Chutffllftla Report Mo: S7 Local File Ho:

KO-f Enclosure: 0

Report Hade Burnetta/flah Approved Bv:


By copy to: llej Orally to: Ho distribution

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Source Cryptonym:

Source, Operational Data, aod Coaaeata:

MM no.


original report, prepared In Source's own handwriting, la being retained lh the files of thla station for possible control purposes.

Source stated he obtainedthe Information frofci several members of the Communist party Including Victorand Carlos "anusISPKLLECEH. Tho information was given hla orally-after which he claims to have made notow. udy of the'Style in which hia report waa written would indicate it la too well written to have beenwn words. The possibility exiata,"therefore, that source may haveverbatim from some document prepared by another person or may have written down word for word the speechhird person. At any rate the report is being submitted for whatover purpose it may serve.

The'source has been questioned closely concerning the ao-oalled program for Guateraalan Communiats. It was pointed out to him' that the program appears to be one for all of Central America. Source has stated he did not question those individuals fromhe received the information but simply wrote down what they told him.

Consideration is being given to elevating source from the "F" category to "C" and eventually nBu.


Subject: Program for Guatemalan eportNo:

Communis ta for

Date of Information:

Place Acquired: GuatemalaDate Acquired:7%

Evaluation: of Report:%

Source: Individual with contacts ln the Communistj;';

1* ewly-developed source of Information "whosehas not been" fully established waa requestedInformation pertaining to'the program for thePartyTen days after the request was madehim the 'sourceeport which Incorporatespoints'representing the program for In>report closes with what the source alleges to be agiven to members of the party who have access towhich Is the property of the

2* There is "set 'forth boranslation from the Spanish language"

of the report"Inoint oi' interest to theshould he"pointed' but that points one thro ugh five arecarried out locally as well as various other pointsin the.


1* Attack the Yankees

2. Intensify propaganda concerning victories ln Indo-Chlna.

3* Intensify propaganda to the effect that the TJ.S. wants to

renew hositilltles In

k.. Spread propaganda tfo the effect that Russia wants peace.

5* Intensify the fight to have Communist China admitted to.

6* Intensify propaganda to haveeace Pact signed by the following five powers: Russia, France, England, China and the

7* Intensify propaganda to the effect that It is the largein. that want war ln order that they might

8. owerful campaign to ensure that the Communist Party

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of. Ia not declared Illegal.

rogram asking that Latin American countries engage In commerce with satellite oountrles and with Russia.

Attack Senator McCarthy and his "Fascist

Attack the policy of raoial discrimination ln. using every possible Incident aa an Illustration.

an understanding with RussiaRussia) ln theatomic energy. At the same time lt will be necessary to boon the alert and ready to attack. If such anproves Inconvenient to Russia. . must befor any .,

Intensify propaganda pointing out the war-aongerlng policy of. Attack those pacta which provide tor the construction. military bases in Spain and Pakistan.

Try to extract every poaslble advantage from any loss of prestige. may suffer in her relations with countries friendly to her.

Constantly praise the high quality of culture, eoonomy and military preparedness of the Soviet Union.

Same praise to be given to same Items pertaining to countries ln the Russian orbit.

Accuse. ofrotector of Latin American dictators*

Ask the Yankee leftist laborers to oppose the official Yankee policy aa regards Con-ami am and "progressive organizations.1"

Ask that North American students, intellectuals andpeople denounce the Yankee capitalistic maneuvers concerning the forthcoming Caracas Conference.

Protest against the detention of "progressive" leaders anywhere.

Solidify with those peoples who fight against the United States.

Attaok the President of. for his identification with the "admired class" In.

Create throughout Latinonsciousness of the threat. intervention ln Guatemala.

Intensify propaganda activities in El Salvador, Honduras, Hlcaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Peru and Venezuela.

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attack the Fascist Osorio, President of El,Hanuel Galvez, President of Honduras; the dictatorNicaragua; watoh oat for Jose Figueres of Costa Rica,Leftistood friend of Be tancourt and Gallegos

of Venezuela and of Juan Jose Arevalo, ox-President of Guatemala who supplied him "with "arms and money, is very fickle andand it must not be forgotten attacked Calderon Guardia, ex-President of Costa "Rica. Extreme vigilance is required where Figueres isalt and see if he decides to attack the United Fruit Company.

Order."the Communists ln Honduras to infiltrate into both those factions of"the Nationalist Party which back Galvez and ; ."

Secure all possible advantages which present themselves aa a. result of the political campaign ln

class consciousness" among laborers of the United Fruit Company in

Send instructor regularly to Honduras for purpose of fomenting attaoks against the United Fruit Company.

In the "event of an occupation by troops of. In Nioaragua, send contacta from the party to provoke attacks by the Yankee troops.

Intensify efforts for formation of Society of Friends of Guatemala which will have ita headquarters in Mexico.

Stimulate and adulate the party and support it.

All members of the party must remembermplySection B,f the Statutes of

To all EI (Enlace de prlmera)he party will not tolerate treason or carelessness.

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