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PLACKl Sooao "A"




l.C id that he would write theetters as soon as porelolel

etter to tho FACE group In El Salvador.C I] Baldie matter would beifficult since the leader of the FAOK groupira RUrUS aan. f aid that he will write the letter to the FASH leader, thesit to RUPUS requestingRUFUS attach the rrrrnrrliitii jiamH^lu indicaten the propaganda eeotlon the Group and also, UatT s new the chief of the propaganda

C lll alsoetter tc Eereclo 0QRP0TA. the Quateiaelannow living in Harlllii Be said that he will phrase thia letter in very genrjel terms because he did nottruwt COJiJOVAj however, ho bow the value of oendingatter of good will which would maintain OOfiOOvA'e confidenoo In the antl-couauiniat oanee.

C aid that he willatter tohiy, in the fo.'aoor-opening letter

which will eet tne scene for future contact with PK1STO U'JRjJ.'S in


aid tha' h* iiadetter to RUFUS ir. vhich he had advieede eont too eld RUFUS as soon oe possible.

a. dvisee C hat it would certainly be the best policy for all future letters to be sent through tho secure channels which ve have now arranged! ho promised that .'te would do this in tha future.

Jraidt. rofctor. fcr THr; e sent to hbrauirae wis tnatC ould then act ce second (nto fWrbSj in the eventUfUS coosld become disabled

i_ J, who itAt on extremely gumi Military booi^round ae well asIn military circles, could carry on tbe work of the group.

C no political backgrounfl -ior political, personal ambitionsj

OA No* 29

UFUS considered hla one of the youngest end stoat able offlcere of the OustAnsr whoa he. RUFUS) Jthatr_ ia Tary strongly notiveted and that ha doesieve that if be were tortured by the Ouateatalana he would divulge any nava whatsoever. 3 r (who la now the Kl lnoth of whose arc* are paralysedesult of having been shot at the tie* that affJUU was killed.C aid that he was eer-taic that RUFUS waa in favor of the idea oiC acting as his sec codres end.

3. lti. respoct to RUFUS* request that QALVcJ bo approached to indicate United States interest, It iifj pinion that this contact would not neoeaaarily hare to be nsde through diplomatic channels but rather through friends who are not in the skericen Eat-baaay. C ndicated Tory strongly that this should bo done through the United Fruit Coapanye said that if this oould not be arranged he oould go to Mew Orleans and have thearranged ln that city so that OALVEZ could be notifiedater date. there waa interest by tbe Group or by the United States in the ovement.

u. aegarding tbe Conference, aid that he would be perfectlyo Bake the trip sa indicated. (Motet afterhis uocuaente, it le mj opinion ill have no trouble in Baking the trip for hee-entry peralt into the United States which specificalli indiestee travel to Kexleo and South Aaerictn countries. Q lso stated at this tiac that he did not vinh to wake any speeches at the Conference but that he would be quite willing tv see ana arrange for the delegates coaing to the Cooferoncc. he said that Judglncan vhich he Imd con* idored, the cost ofongress vould be.


Ilie difficulty of/approochincIn Mexico City lnanw'fth as thereJthohe group'sbetweer. .Jeald" "ndar-

stood this problem very wall, that lie felt that there vould b* difficulty and that ho could carryc ratter lnaasnich would not have to betunblinc block in tbe formationongress.

-C vioed that the Congrees should try to encenpaas orertain nusber of latin Aaerican student* In order to convey the idea that the Congroas is being sponsored not only by anti-ConBuniat liberals but eqi^ally by Latin aaerican University students fron the various countries. He said that thia would be partieuarly affective if tha I'-exlcaa student cnti-Coassuniat group oould be gathered into this conference.


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