Created: 2/20/1954

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To sow confusion In ranks of leftis

m mm. -

alienate AiZVALO supporters fromNZ reeime.

To further Incline the AFL to take positive steps against the Guatemalan regime.


President MEANT of the AJLebruary sent an open letter to President ARBeKZ of Guatemala outlining the general concern of the AH, with the Communist influence in the ASBENZ government and in the Guatemalan labor movement. MEANT cloaed by requesting arapid reply.

As yet no reply has been forthcoming fromZ or any other member of the Guatemalan government.

It is proposed to take advantage of this situation byetter ostensibly from ex-Prosident of GuatemalaL0 to MEANT outlinglng points which would accomplish the purposes mentioned above. It is not considered feasible toeply ccme from Guatemala for reason that an actual answer may be forthcoming in the near furture to Presidentetter. Reports reaching Headquarters indicate that there may havealling out between ttSVAEO and ASB2JZ. AREVALO recently visited Guatemala, upon his return to Santiago (vdiare he is nowe stopped off in La Pas and made statements of an embarrassing nature to the Guatemalan Communists and regime.

rational OutlA. HQS. will determine if AHSVAU is now in Santiago. 3. HQS. will procure statements of AREVALO. C. HCS. will orocuro Chilean aaper.

will (hen outline t. ON points that should beth* letter and cable thaa to LE-'COLN.

haveproduce the letter laand pouch the text to HCS.

tpcbtcal aspects of tho letter will be produced by HQS.

letter will be pouchec

i.willthe letter to President HEART, Baking

sure ASEVALO is in Santiago that day. J. It ia believed that KEANY will make the letter public since it will be embarrassing to the Guatemalan government. If this is not ths case E ontacts will be utilized to ask whether MEANT had received any answer to his open letter. K. Proper heaispheric exploitation will be given the letter.

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