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ntentions and Objeotlveo in Ralatlonabip to

General Tdigoraa Fuentea

1. Id tha dlacuaaloaa which Hr. Smith bold wlthC liawas node that tho Group dealred to utiliao tho aerviceaAlfonso in order to eatablish contact with and oxploro thoiaproTicg tho rolatlonahlp betwaan Tdigoraa Fuantoa and thawas Nr.mpression at that timeno

objection to thlo activity. It la therefore requested that youreview tho purpoee of this activity in order to ensure that wentom or ohot un keep Ydisorao Fuentea in atep with theahould review brieflyfoots of tha case as they

appear to the Croup> primarily that Idlgoras Funntoe doesaotor to consider ln forthcoming evoats. Secondly, that the relaUonahlp between haa'JS, although signed in an agreement and on tho ourfoce appear* to be cordial mey not be entirely ao. Thirdly, in order to ensure ultimate aucoouo of actlvltiee pertaining to Salvador it is believed aaseatlal that Tdigoraa Fuentea1 services bo assured throughout tho operation.

2. It is desired that you disc uaa tho foregoing at randonorder to establish an. understanding making certain that

it lo clear to him the Group has pledged Its support to tbe Juntainterest in Idlgoras Fuentea io only that which isto enaura ultimata vlotory. Although it say ba expectedfeel assured that Rufus la capable of handling Ydigoras

Fuentea and this mayifficult problem for ua, endeavorlt lnanner that lt flta in with our concept ofall operations. You might oven go ao far as to saywill endeavor to koopC ully Informed of our operationswith Ydigoras Fuantoa end that wo sore than welcome hissuggestions. this regard you ahould Inform him that Alfonsooatoblishod contact with Ydigoras and that tho first meetingvery oatlsfoctorily with the mentioningertainwhich Alfonao repreaentod As being interested in backlncthat Ydigoras' reaction appears to la re boon very cooperative. such oammeate that the movement oust cone from withinthat outalde help ahould only bo supplementary, that they bothpresent in order to ensure success. Ydigoras claims that ho ben of President Oeorio. Apropos of thia Initial contact, Alfonao


hos beoa requested to ascertain Just what Idlgoroa aspects to gat out of thishis Idoooow goraraaont, sod his attitudes toward oooporatloD with others. In particular, Alfonso has boon requested to obtain Ydlgoraa' asoots- define then ouch in the aane sooner aa did Rufua. Tou aa* asauroT* Ttfcat in order to oaks the moat use of thia information that it wlG bo chocked with hla and Rufus aad that the only thing tho Group asks la that Rufus not admit knowledge at thlo tine of this approeoh unless he ia epeoifioally requested for confirmation by Tdigoraa. The reason for this at this particular tine is that the Group feele that Idlgoras Fuootos ia aore apt to come forward to the Group with what ho has, what his aspirations are, what his oapahtlltles are sad his general attitudes which should bo fully ascertained before the step la takea to ensure hlalace In the Junta's plus. In this wanner, Rufus will bo able to keep aloof frow these negotiations although fully cognisant of what Is going on until ouch tlao aa tho Croup might be obla to effeat ebargaining position for tho Junta. This point will require considerable discussion but lt lo desired froa Ihe standpoint of the Group that during the prolladnary Dtage of this probing ofthat lt aot becaaa involved with paat relationships dot cosplicatlona with Rufus lnfield. Tha Group bellevea that by affording Tdigoras this opportunity to express himself, demonstrate his sincerity, and to give thehance to chock and verify his olaina that tbe Junta will boetter position toirm underatanding with Tdigorse.

3. Endeavor to assure C. Jfthal we will not only keep bin lafoneod but will request his edrice and guidanceoo to tlao ln order that we nay arriveutualend lug ae soon es possible of tbe status and relationship of Tdigoraa to tho Junta. However, for the accent wo prefer to proceed la the aanner indicated above In order to be more certain before attempting to negotiate the question in ita final stages.

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