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MCmC Hotaa for Froneee H. HEGARTI

Attached are tuo eoto of aterlle notes, one in English and the other in Spanish, for francos K. HEGARTI.

Inform HEGARTx that tho English language noteo ore to be studied by bin and destroyed as soon as posaiblo. Ho nay pass tho Spanlah languageo tho personnelis to

got thea back afterC a" uaed then ond io then to destroy then.

inform LHCQLH whon both sots of notes bare





aflQtngton-' ltCQLK ^ c

roswNO ri OR

Tou are aware of the need to change the name of tbe publication Tou ere alao aware of the need to eliminate the numerous slogano and the complicated, rather pointless drawing on the front page. Encourage the appropriate persona toood military sloganub-title below the new name of the publication.

Attached you will find an editorial entitled "lime tot is racomannded that tha publication use thia editorial, or an editorialar to it, in tho center two columns of the top half of ths front paga It can be continued on the inalde pages as appropriate, naturally, both you and the publication staff have liberty to change, shorten cn- add to theto reject it altogether if there is good and ouffident reason.

3. For your information and for tbe information of the publication staff If necessary, this editorial is to be followed by three others in the next three weeks. The second one will be entitled "line te Doubt" and will raise the cuoetloa of whether the Army had better not change its,presont approach to politics. The third editorial will be entitled "Tine to Think" and will predict that the Army willerrible fate If it continues on its present collaborationist path. The fourth editorial will be entitled "Time to Choose." Its aesoage will be that If the officers want to be on the right side, if they wish to share in tha trliwph over ComramlBa, thay must start now to break off their ties with the Communists and to declare their allegiance to tbe forces of freedoa.

4- In the next lssue.along with the editorial "nae toeries of articles, best prepared by the publication staff would be appropriate. eneral description of the article and soma auggestions as to how they should be placed in tho newspaper for eaxlmua visual offseti

a. In the first column of the first page there should be an artiole describing the general misery of the target country. This article night, for example, say that tha military standards of order, honesty, honor and loyalty were not being followed, or satisfied in the target country. That la,ilitary man's point of view, the country was in terrible condition. Each of the points or standarda not met should be illustratedpecific example. For example, when tho point le mods that the country is lnumber of ths irroDpoaalble riots and demonstrations and instances of organised vandollbe ahould bo cited. When it is pointed out that loyalty in the target country isow ebb, the allegianceumber of key figuresoreign power could cc specifically cited. Thle article could be continued on page throe In the center two columns of the page. Be sure to smphneise to the publication staff that when en article is continued from one page to another, the continuation should have at its top approximately tho same title as the original artiole. This is important, not only to help the reader find Irio way through the paper, but also in order to permit repetition of our principal thenoa of argument.


b. Another article at tho bottom of pego one ia the conter tuo coluans should describe specifically hov thelliance hoc hurt the country. Iho publication staff will undoubtedly tnlnk of many uxaaploj. "he mobl obrious ones, of course, are those where tbe Aray, at the bidding of thehas aoalstod ln the reprosalon of nove-aenta for liberation. An even aoro Important ooe is tho fact that the Any, by eupporLing tho ragiao, has given the Illegallonk of locality. This point should be hit vory hard. It is euggoBtod that this article bo continued in the conter tuo column at the top of page two. In that way ulU: page three, at the top, carrying an article about the General misery of the country and pego tuo, in the center tuo colunnti at the top, carrying on article about tho harm done by theib.nce, wo would have on two opposite, pages visually doaonatratod the link between misery and Coacmnlaa.

In tho fourth colica, on the extreae right aide, of page one there should be an article discussing Ua lack of eras to tho Aray, the high coat of orris tiat have lo bo procured by spurious deals, etc. lierea good opportunity to include stuat of the information on International eras deolu made by the present regine,

the inside pageo of the publication, lt would bostart at thloorios of feature articles on tho variounthe target oountry. Ihese artlcleo should be calculated to haveeffect on the government and on tho garrisons thonMlveaconaldernble insido Information, either directly or bybe in tha poasession of opposition foraoa. These featurebe carefully critical of tha state of tha garrison and shouldto point out, ln professional tense, the weaknesses of tho

Is attached, Inample colunn ofon nilltury Batters. It io suggested that the publicationuitholumn of sliort Items and that it alaoshort ll^tts, as fillor Material, liberally throughout oil Those short items alao aorvo the purpose of indlcutlnc tothai he lu penetrated by oppooitlon forcoo.

5. Toe aro avaro of tho tact and disc rot-Ion that you suetthe publication staff, At your oorliest convenience reportreaction of the staff to your suggestions and to hat yea present lo them in Spanish. It isat the eurlieot possible opporamitjf your

cjindidf th# personal and profoaaionol cbilitieu of UM wariooa publloatloa staff aeabcrs and their relationshipeader.


c. Tiieso English languago notos are for your study end destruction after such study. They are in no caae to be given to the publication staff. The Spanishaterial may be handed over to tha publication staff and studied by it. It pusy however, after ueourn ad to you and destroyed by you. Tou will advise us when the material hao boon destroyed.

7. This type of ^uldonca and text will be ccadnt' to youeekly bonis. Tour own comments on its usefulness are invited. In addition, be cure to Inform ua of any requests for facta and materials that you receive froa the publication ttuff. Such aaterlalc will be sent to you es soon as possible.

S. While all the foregoing deals with tho content of the publication, we cannot emphasise too strongly that it is just as ioportant for ycu to taake an exhaustive study of the distribution nethods and facilities of the publication. detailed report on this is requested at tho.oarlleat possible opportunity. Ycu are reminded" of our view that distribution in trie country of printing Io of very minor interest and that Ii*ountry ia the only area where distribution really counts. Tou aro further reminded that tho sliaping of public opinion ln ths country in which you ere located cUuld bo dons not by the publication direct, but by the influence that tho publication or the publication staff can have on the local newupopers. Sucourage liaison and exchange of ideas between the publication staff and local newspapers to the aaxiwuB consistent with security aod vita continuing concentration of the publication staff on tho primary target, seaexcer always that you ore dealing vith exiles end that ltarge Job to keop bxIIqg concentrating on theence they cone, sad to keep than froa falling into tbe conventional trap ofconfuslnr activityair present area of residence with activity against theirae.


Rboo aolemento unoa afioa, un tribunal, tal vet el masignificative de la hlatoria noderna, se convoco para reunlrae en Ku-remberga, Alemania, se tribunal se sentaron representantee de las cuatro potencies de la sogtuida guorra mundiali Prancia, la Gran Bretafla, la Onionos Estados Ohidos. Ante el tribunal, en loa asientos de los acusadoa, eomporecleron muehos de los mllitares prin-oipales de la Alemania Raslsta. El tribunal declareos militares princlpalealgunoa de ellos fueronual fue la razon de au oulpabilidad? El tribunal deolaro: que la lealtad de eatosn regimen ilogal, oonstituyfi un crimen nefando oontra la ley internaclonal y, en tlrminoa domostloos, una fria traioion.

Eae alto tribunal, en quo la conclenola moral de Is humanidad fue* representada, eetablecio aal un preoepto para guiar el prooedor de loa militarea por todna partes. Repetlmos el preCepto. Lan regimen ilegal ea orinen oontra la ley internaoional y, en el pais de uno, lan regimen ilegal es traioion,

Los generates naziatoe alegeron en vano, dlolendoo segulan ordenes. Se defendicron on vano, soateniendo'que ejecuteban los man-datos de la autoridad politica mas alta. El tribunal de Kuremberga re-cordoos gonerales nazlstas quo era su debar sor humanos que su deber do cludadanos, au debar de miembros integrantes de la fa.uUia humana, era anollzar las firdeneseterminer ai esos ordenas seas normas mas elemontales comunmente, decentemente ooeptedaa del comportamiento humane El tribunal deolaro que cuando las ordenes eatan on conflioto oon laauo nos re-


ferinos es un deber nilitar no acatarlas. Por cierto, unedicional puedeen ol fallo del tribunali El nil!tar confrontado poriraen ilegal tiene la obligacl6n,n su papel de soldado, de liacer cuanto pueda para echaruprioir ese regimen*

Este folio realza desmesuradainento la dignidad de lai-litar. Los Generates Hazlstas disputaban por un concepto deficiales como raeros aut6raatas, oiegaraonteualquier orden que sedlera. El tribunal expres6 una opinion mas olta delilitares. El tribunal dot6 al milltar de la plena dignidad delel ciudadano, euya concioncia debe ser slempre su gula, cu-yo deber primario os de servir al proveeho mas alto de sue laa convenlencia transitoria ni al capricho pasajero de un superior politico individual* tribunal dijoue el militar es primero unespuws un soldado.

A estos rocuordos no faltanuostrouestra situaci6n. Dosdo hace casi diez alios, los railitares de Guatemala slrven fielaente, tal vez aun ciogamente, una tal forma de gobierno. Sin duda,nicialmente ese gobiemoegal. Pero <lse puede afin sostener esta opinion ante nuohos aoontecinientos que nan pasado en arlos recientes? dSe pueden des car tar los asesinatos de los Jefesmis altos? e pueden olvidar el tonnento, ell exilio de los principales nllitares? dSe puede senclllamente ignorar la situacion general de nuestra gente? iin vista de los controles ri:?uro-sos ostablocidos por una ideologial gobierno sxtrarsjero quo foments esa Idaologla sobre nuostra gente por el medio de nuestro gobiorno actual, dse puede aun Socir quo ese gobierno reprosenta a Siierno nouc-teraala, er.toncos <fcfiao puede


ser legal, yo que rue" olegido ccno un gobierno cuotenalteco? {Ho es II* ga^J. fugaroo con la confianza pfiblica?

Ya hn la horn para que los quo loon estas linensollgrosa en la cuol han caido,en, ya haado la horo para que los quo lean estas llnoas reconozcantr* vldaaente quo olios, por ausor ou falta de actuar, se han colocado on un puosto sunanentc poligroso. Gcbenos de laseriaspiritual que acosauchos oflclalos del ejerclto. Gabe: lenterior que sufren. Cuanto poor para olios cs que seo solanonte en un pucato do sufrlnicnto individual', slno eo nogana oarga laaentable deue eoldado entre nuostros jefes desoa vivir con este estigma terrible sobreu6 soldndo enti nuestros Jefes desoa que susus hljos lo consideron difanado?

SI folio pronunciadoronberga se ha hocho unorma de Juicio mundlal. No podomos escapamos do oso. esplrltu deldo Kuromborga se sontara un dla en la America Central. Para que ese fallo terrible no los aloance, que todos los que lean estas llnoas mediten sobre sus accionesu responsabllidad actual*

Todavlo os tienpo. Todevta es ticapo do sacudir el sudario de trai cl6n, la tralclon que onana den reginen ilegal, Todav5 os tienpo do que nosotros nos pongamos en nuestra verdadera ostotura, sirviendo al provecho aas alto dele la nacl6n, aas bien que si guiando cicganonte los dictados de unalegal cuyo finoarcado.

Ho bajecioc con los naostroc ilegales. ivamoc con la gonto inporceodora. Sso os ol vordadero dobora vordadera gloria.


Se dice oon seguridad que seiaclentas astotra-lladoros, de faVrlcaolon belga^hon sido oomprodus por ol gobierno pnro ln Qjsrdla Civil. Aunque de febri-cocion bel^a, los arras so compraron por medio de Cheeoeslovoquia,


Her.os reolbldo notioias de que un oficlal im-portante del ojercito no entregara su puesto, aunque desprocla agrinn*nte al eomunismo, porque desea aslstlr "an sugoblorno actual.


Otro ofioial de altaestn oonspirendo, segun lo que diocn, con un oficlal lmportante de la policia pare apoderarse del poder. Hasta estael Presidents Arbonz no ha sebido del asunto.


Circulos del ?CT estfin considcrsndo lo solecclon delntceniero Carlos Paz Tejsda corcoo Presidencla. So he convenido enT en In -rnroru exaots por la euale hsrfi in-efloax una vo? elegido.


Yarlos altos oflcisles,nos dicen, seo sujerencla del PGT de que un destacado

- 2 -

embajador extranjero se declsre persona non grata.

Loa planes de un golpe milJtar simuledo,la connivenoia delel Presidents Arbenz,bion. El pnopfisito original del golpede tratar dea gente de que elera coraunlsta. Varies oficlales so han negado ay ol POT ha tenldo reservos sobre su propiopor lo que esta aoelerando sus planes para

Sa informs que en el Palaoio Naoional exlste deaa-ouerdo por el funcionamiento seoreto de una escuela del POT donde se estsn adlestrando oomunistas ya eonfirmados oomo comlsarios polltioos para el ejeroito guatemaltoco. Aotualmente hay cuarenta personas que se adlestran. Los planes del POT exigen laventual de un oomlsarloada compaflta. os comandantes de oompafila,eglmlento se les prohlblra entonoes que hagan declslonestras,sln la oprobaoion de los comlsarios pollticos.

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