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Chief of Station,Chief, :

Transmittal of Curront Information to Lincoln Running fcVaorandumeference:

fordquarters is one copy ofin the series o running -neoxirandainformation beropered by the membersstation.

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ebruary lP5k

9U Identityrlvor/guide employed by two local tourist companies, stated thut he had boen ordered6 by Oulllermo PALMIKRI, head of the Guatemalan Rational Touriat ilureau, toarty of five persons, in an official NTB car, to Lake Atltlan, Sololaezaltenango Tne five passengers were:

Carlofl Manuel PELLECER, Guatemalan Communist.

CesarPaniagua, Guatemalan Comrouniit.

Rafael AVI LA, Cuban delegate of tho Fedoracion Sindlcai Hundial (FSM) to the second notionalf the Confo.leraoion "oneral de Trnbajadores de 1uate:aala (COM).

tl, Antonio CABRERA, Argentine delegate of the Confederacies General do Trsbajadores de America Latina (CTAL) to the OOTQ congress.

5. Giuseppe CASADEI, Italian delegate of theo thoongress.

Althoughar warned by PALMI::RI not to repeat any-thing that he had overboard during the trip.ade the following statements tolj-i

CASADEI was obviously the spokesman of the group andacted aa though ho were instructing the others as to objectives, methods, otc.

The main topic of conversation was the need to create trouble for. at the 0A3 meeting at Caracas, Venezuela ink. Regarding methods to bo used to create suchransportation strike la beingand was discussed by the passengers.

stated tha*ontinuing basis it iscreate and austain. sentimentsAmerica. Guatemalan campesinoa must be arousodtoward tho Spanishandowners, andof Guatemala and the people and government of The following means to achieve this end wore convince tho camposlnoa that the Spanish andand particularly. are trying to forcediecontlnue land distribution undor tho AgrarianU.S. is planning to invado Guatemala, uslnr atomnecessary to subdue the peoplo; arouse thethreats and call on them to defend their homeland, etc.congress of tho ConfederacIon Hacionalh will bo utilized tohostility and organize and. ^hibapsy.

I*. It waa atatcd that CASaDEI, AVILA and CABRERA planned to travel to other Litin American countries to discuss (with unidentified contacts) plana far disrupt!vo activities at Caracas andtechniques for creating antl-'J.S. feeling. CAUADKI said he expected to confer (with unidentified contacts) at Santia-o, Chile for these purposes (Comment: CASADEI depnrtodH PAAn route Tocumen, Pan ana)

The five persons listed above and source stayed overnight at Lake Atitlank- Tho following dayebruary) they drove to Solola where CARREPA0 remained toocal labor meeting. Ihe others continued on tooabor mooting addressed by(who received guidance on the contents of his speech from CASAPZI). PSLLICSR, AVILA, CASADEI and source rs turned to Guatemala City the ovenlngt is not known when orT1JJE3R0 and CABRERA returned to the capital fror- Solola.

^Comment: Drivor/guldes are lloansed by the NTB and can be "orderod" to accept s'ich assignments or have their licenses aanoelled

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