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I Chief of Station,



Oodevaloped Recruitment Lead ,


X. Eubjeot'a current statue mod nnswlhUltlaw ofa controlled source of information were the subjectonversation between youtaff Beater of UtfSGLH Baso during the recent Gtation Chiefs' Conferenoe.

the purpose of sappingracticable oourao of action lt sayhenaflnial to retrace the orlgia and aubeecuant development ofTbe basic docuasota on file bare oonalstopy oflatter sent forward as aa attachment to

and tha firstarins of memoranda prepared by an ODACID official forwarded under cover.

Subject'* full onae und oddroaz alao appcered ln notebook of anoTulio MSWaTi, apprehended and expelled by the Biearagoan anthoriUea on HKfflrrETA'e baokgrouod suggeata that be nay be close to tba ornanniot novwaent ln Guatemala.

As far aa we oon Judge, tba above-emotioned ODACID correspondurnishes all the background data availebla to us aa of thia writing. ngnasv.loaa study of aillUry personnel with govaraasflt oconeotioas ouch as subject, proauoably reflects Information conveyedthus atauds out aa the basic document from vMah further operetlonal moveo should evolve.

The information contained Intemssecheighbor Of subject's, end rooobod Cp^tD thru tun independent channels, an unidentified "local person" so/ m

There is some reason for believing that subject's curaoat poaltico is atinecure which does not afford bin genuine aocese to power. The paucity of biographical Information available bare, makes it exceedingly difficult to offer more than ocnjecturas. Wo would therefore like you to aaaeahlo all reodily available data cn subject and any pertinent information upon wMoh an aasseaaoat of bio capabilities in the field ofan be based.


Tha fact that auhjoat'a oppoaitloaal views appaar to ha widely known, of course bodaa ill for tha future security of tho operation, we are thereby proooediag froa the assumption that the inforaatloo aa reported to OTuCID la basdaaUy oorreot and that wa are not facedeoepUon attempt, wittingly or unwittingly lnvolvinfi subject. In thia oonoeotloo we wish to place on record that CALLMSHIS in talking to CffTRICR isfoared to subject aa

6. utile lt strikes us aa lamartant toore thorough oaalng Job on subject, we do not wish to delay the initial contact, any laager than absolutely necessary. Tbe logical approach vould son* to be to ascertain tha relatjxnshlp between ODACID'aperson" and eubjeot'a Csech neighbor. Va ebellodioun of biographical background on both. While it nay not be poeaible to developotullfledged source through tha lnUroesslon ofe say in the further development of this oasaaluable Una in our ooaaunioaUons chain, once an iindora landing on principle baa been reached.

see no objection in your dlaoossingralaUvs toof subject's exploitation with Informed ODACIDaaalstanoe Is likely to be indlapanaahle anyhow.

abould like to anphaslEe that UICOLH atUobas thaucoeaaful development of thia lead. While youconsider yourself restricted at all ln drawing up your ownwe vinh to have an opportunity to go over it prior to lapleaeutetlnn.

11* anst ansuae that subject laloud aa far aa hla oollwguefl to tba left are concerned) most likely hla actions and aascolatlena are being kept under closest and sustained surveillance. In order to sakeurable penetration we may have to go to sobs lengths in setting up secure communications, which say entail wakinghird country operation.

12. We are awaiting your comments at the earliest convenient tine.

C. ttJfiEAf.

eb 54


2-Chlef, WH >LIX0U


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