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of of Station, Guatemala^ V


Program for Guatemalan Communists^ Reference: LIHC 3U6

There are being transmitted'herewith two copies Of ourProgram for Guatemalan Communistself-explanatory. With' reference to tb> requestcable asking"for any" and' allsupport the ODYOKB'pbsItlonerencb'atenezuela, wa Invite' Specif lbpoints of the Program:0 and .

Wehave been'unable to obtain'documentary evidence which would" tend to "support those points and we afro also mlndful'-'of i'thestill^olassifIbd as ITieverli*nave submitted the" report, witb the hope It wlUTpronothing more than background material'

g'iagent" la unable'toTbelieTb t

"'and*"dr :the"fe'relterate"the> stfr

the coverf the

the"style"In whichandwritten report: Is -pre believed too Intellectual-to'De his


B. Burnett*

. Enclosurez, -




Guatemala City,

Cyrua E. ^

2-Kaeh distribution

rr ]


The original report, prepared in Source's own handwriting, ia being retailed ln the files of thla station for possible control purposes.

Source stated he obtained the information from several members of the Communist party including Victor Manuel GUTIERREZ and Carlos "Wei PKLLSCSR. Tfce information was given him orally

the style in whicheport was written would Indicate it

obeen source's own words. Toe possibility exists, therefpre, that source may have copied verbatim from someprepared by another person or may have written down word for word the speechhird person, it Say serve report* submitted for whatever purpose

questipned closely concerning the so-called

forCommunists. It was pointed out to him

t0 bft ono for ^Central America, source haa stated he did not question those Individuals from

thSybut simply wrote down what

Consideration la being given to elevating source from theto "C* and eventually

Program for Guatemalan Communists4


with contacts in the Communist Party.

1ewly-developed source of informationhas not been fully established waa requestedinformation pertaining to the program for thePartyk* Ten days after the request was made

of him the sourceeport which incorporates thirty-two separate points representing the program addition, the report closes with what the source alleges toarning usually given to members of the party who have access to written material which Is the property of the party.

io set forthranslation from the Spanishthe report in question. oint of interest to theshould be pointed out that points one through five arecarried out locally as well as various other pointsin the report.


Attack the Yankees constantly.

Intensify propaganda concerning viotories in Indo-China.

Intensify propaganda to the effect that. wants to renew hosltlllties Inores.

Jj.. Spread propaganda to the effect that Russia wants peaoe.

Intensify the fight to have Communist China admitted to.

Intensify propaganda toeaoe Pact signed by the following five powers: Russia, France, England, China and.

Intensify propaganda to the effect that it is the largeIn. that want war in order that they might profit


&. owerful campaign to ensure that the Communist Party

age 2

of. Is not declared illegal.

9* rogram asking that Latin American countries engage ln commerce with satellite oountries and with Rusala.

Attack Senator McCarthy and his "Fascist policy."

Attack the policy of racial discrimination in. using every possible incident as an illustration.

Work for an understanding with RussiaRussia) in the matter of atomic energy. At the same time lt will be necessary to beon the alert and ready to attack. if such anproves inconvenient to Russia, . must be held responsible for any failure.

Intensify propaganda pointing out the war-mongering policy of. Attack those pacts which provide for the construction. military bases In Spain and Pakistan.

ill* Try to extract every possible advantage from any loss of prestige

. may suffer in her relations with countries friendly to her.

Constantly praise the high quality of culture, economy and military preparedness of the Soviet Union.

Same praise to be given to same items pertaining to countries in the Russian orbit.

Accuse. ofrdtector of Latin American dictators.

Ask the Yankee leftist laborers to oppose the official Yankee policy as regards Communism and "progressive organisations."

Ask that florth American students, intellectuals and "progressive" people denounce the Yankee capitalistic maneuvers concerning the forthcoming Caracas Conference.

Protest against the detention of "progress!ve" leaders anywhere.

Solidify with those peoples who fight against the United States.

Attack the President of. for hia identification with the "admired class" in.

23- Create throughout Latin America a, consciousness of the threat. intervention in Guatemala.

24. Intensify propaganda activities in EI Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republio, Peru and Venezuela.

Juan Uanuel Galvez, President of Honduras; tha dictator Somoza or Nicaragua; watch out for Jose" Flgueres of Coata Rica, who, although Leftistood friend of Betancourt and Gallegos of Vonezuola and of Juan Joso* Arevalo, ex-I'rosidont of Guatemala who supplied him with arms and money, is very fickle andand it must not be forgotten attacked Caldoron Guardia, ex-President of Costa Jtlca. Extreme vigilance is required where Figueres Is concerned. Wait and see if he decides to attack tho United Fruit Company.

Order the Comaunlsts ln Honduras to infiltrate into both thoae factions of the Nationalist Party which back Galvoz and Cariaa respectively.

Secure all possible advantages which present themselvesesult of tho political campaign ln Honduras.

26. class consciousness" among laborers of the United Fruit Company In Honduras.

end instructor regularly to Honduras for purpose of fomentinr attacks against the United Fruit Company.

In the event of an occupation by troops of. in Nicaragua, send contacts from the party to provoke attacks by the Yankee troops.

Intensify efforts for formation of Society of Friends of Guatemala which will have its headquarters ln Mexico.

Stimulate and adulate the party and support it.

All members of the party must remembermply faithfully with Section B, Articlef the Statutes of the Party.

To all EI (dilace de prlmera)ho party will not tolerate treason or carelensnesa.

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