Created: 2/25/1954

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SUBJECT: Suggested KuFIRE Approach J

*C" hould be briefed that SKL'-MER has approached KUBARK for


aid in the intelligence field. KUBARK feels that, since/hasob vhich cannot be undertaken by ODjOXE or KKFLUSH because of ocrpolicy, the ieast the governments of both countries can do tc combat Coimunism is to furnish SKIMKER and SY1JCARP all availableboth countries have in regard to WSBURNT. Since this is already being donsertain degree be tween CALLIGERIS and thembassador to

WS.-iOOFS, it vlll servo toassurance to continue and expand this

aid; also, ifan be inserted as the liaison officer, it will give r'jRARK some check and control on the information already being passed to CALLIGE-tIo andhich will bc passed in the future.

One thing whichC-ERIS mentioned to OKTftlCH and which is worthwhile cor.siicring at this time, since (i'JBA.'iX is aware of the same fact, is thct ail of the countries that are lending aid to his undertaking have beenIJiinf to co-epcrate, but they always have one difficulty, and thathortage of funds for operational use. ay bring up this question or, in fect, provided the Hteiosjjlierc is right, shouldent ion oi"in uses the cutout by mentioning that ShiiOi infemedthat they could and wouid be wiliiiijj toertain aiiojnt of funds for good intelligence on liSSU.-iftT provided they

ware certain of chat they were getting and from whom.

By using SKIHeKjtout lt will not necessitate KUBARK's

efinite amount of funds to C fc lrili alao Riveleeway in pushingC Joperational information in regardsources, which naturally^_ Jvill be hesitant to disclose. situation arises, KUIiAicK can ^that SKIMMER is demandinginformation but that StUHARK realizes thethe

security problems involved, and that. If KUBAfiXould get together on the operational information, it would be possible to assure and provide SKIK^ft. andhe Information they need and desire in sterileom to eliminate the security hazard.

By using this approach it will serve the following'

To UBARK is security-winded, something of vhich heave doubt since he saw the SEEKFOKD paptrs, (This lock of security could beult, not

a very interested in playing ball closely o give SKIKrkR good professional help. That

SK Jointly are providing this aid. Inflate hia ego.

3- pproves, this will provide KJBARK theinfon.-ition

li. Thisovldaan out in regard to funds, whichottomless pit in our liaison operations.

Thia an-roach should^provideith tlw intelligence



- 3

ver be willing to five and still keepK away from deep curnitaents. Hsturally ve want all information^ ^can produce on WSBDHST, bat still project-wiso one of the mosthings is for ^ Jtc lend full support to the KUHOOK training effort,which without his full support cannot survive.


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