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KJHOC* Approach ^Conference

KUaARK/KUltOOK Staff has known about -KIMMLR andwith SYBCARP for soae Use. In fact onlyuna ej>jroaohed for ad-rice andtudy for SUMMERaiMMER'e end SXHCARP's sins closely tie in with those KUliARKif nonintervention were not essential. The result ofr. outline In which SKlMHER/KVHQOl was advised alongthe deviation froa which KOBARK/hUHOOK feels could This prograa calls for certain training, steeing,funotions that oust be basedecure area.

has already obtained secure areasand EUHOO training. In addition, during the stagingthe forthcoming operations it is probable the aid ofthan KMFLOSfl will be employed If tbe KUBARX tola to be followed. STKCARP amy be forced to extendtofT f developDonta dictate, fnr inatanoe,areas fcr nateriel and cooparetion of Itoto aad across borders of DTPPCOS andight latereven though &IHMEF. indicated the kUiiAjti. advice couldalong other lines. Certainly L r sent cooperationpassing of trainete into KHFLUSH baa been aost essoctial

tc the success tios far and will continue to be essential through the coming weoka,

observers ln the arte of KUHCCR.

IU. knowing the valueountry'slta own eoveroignty, might wiah to fora hie own staff of lnUlUgonce

IV. KOMREAUKOK night ccnalder an advlsary prograa. on KUHOOK aeHWrs with f It Is everoaibly in th< guioeilltary attache assistant or other sinilar method.

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