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Dear Jaoki

Tour letter ofh with lta pertinent suggestions la veryappreciated. An you know, ve have been dorotlruj considerable effort to putting thoao people on the defeoalvo, and hare for son* tine engagedemispheric and International propaganda er^pelgn toward thia end. We fool that it haa bad acaa good reaalte. Your suggestion aa to the bulla we propose to useood Internal propaganda themeut a* to tho other and wore drastic thought, we foal the dangers out-weigh tho poaaiblc henefits.'e shall havo tho story spread that, beoaese of thia MtUtUoRj tha government ia considering slaughtering all piga in tho roapoctivo provincesthat for local conomptionj and for hoailopherlc consumption, we shall spread tho story that PELLECSH baaigorous protest ro the piga in Csquintle and that ho haa accused the Mexicans of purposely sending ln diseased aninala. There will probably boartoons as well on tho subject at Caracas.

Concerning your question and your thought, as reflected Ir, the third paragraph of your latter, ve fully acre* that thiach can bo effcctlTely exploited. atter of fact wo havo alreadyood deil alcng jurt trie line and we are encouraged by your letter to fo farther. TTeedlotely upon my receipt of yourave Instructions for the preparation of acme ecrlpta which would bo suitable for use in tho manner which you have augfrestec. aa wall as elsewhere.

W* haveargo effort in preparation for Caracas and feel that we hav* node some useful contrlbotiono of ideas and themes to our delegation. Ve can, of course, wpect to witnees tho old gem warfarepotato bugs reappear in tho form of the White Paperand lt il in thia light that we ohall look upon it.

I would greatly appreciate your sending through our localany further ideas you may havo or reactions you may lave during tho course of tho Conference. You maty alao wish to ask hla to send your comments to Caracas where we shall beosition to take certain actions in coordination with tho proper people in the delegation.


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