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States end Progress Report 4. WH Progress Raport

WH progress raport and LINCOLN weekly eitrap vera not praaentad bacauaa of lack of tin...

II. Review of action call ad for In previous Meetings


It Has reportad that action had baan taken towardopy ofeach to Ambassador Paerlfoy.

for Sherwood

noted varloua factors which presently precluded au.ijo^etatioi

neot Latin Americanthe naceaelty

oftation being under oar coatrol. It waa concludedSanta Fa should be pushod sod should for planningleast, be regarded not as an alternativa/aeargancyae the aaln station in the ebaeoce of firervcojesendatioa as to leasing ara to be


QHjHaajwali Coffee Prohlaai

c 3

called attention to the report already given to to tha effect that an Aaerlcan business group or the Chan bar of Comoarce had been requested tc execute the basic Line proposed In

'a paper on thiahis expecting

confirmation withinnext few days, dube-rf

of Trade foloo School by CaiT In Monterrey

briefly noted that subject which had been broughtin the prerioushad upon subsequent Investi-

gation turned out toeninar ratharchool as aueh.

agreed that this reduced the immediate value of the

i- 7

eodeavor to PBSXGESS. Ithow*Tar, concluded that headquarters should continue to addrass Itself to tha problem of tbeofchoolart of the agency's labor activitiesia Guatemala.

H -

III. Haw Boaloeaa


auemarixad tha results of tbe most recantregard to his own security violations andby Ma In connection with tha Black Plightthe subject of th* disposalconcern

, ascontlnoed cooperation. It was reported to

W EnatWH la^cAat this momentosition categorically tocontinue to cooperate toward hia dlspoaal bat

that the officer in charge of the interrogation was handldnirdtobjective Into

be polygraphed indicated an laprovaaent in spirits at thlawas concluded that fall attention would be given to thalong tara security problem WH,

coapletion of current interrogation end vhatevar atadicalbe necessary, will endeavor to work out

ong tern occupation for hiaecure and reaote partan engineering assignment in Alaska,suggestedconnection it was understood that

will be changed. It was then racoon ended that

bo removed froa his current exposed condition in

Washingtonafe area at tha earliest possible monont. (ACnOMi


to Caracas Conference

a the groaptha question of

the asslgnaent of,an.indlvidua! with the purpose ofat Caracas and to serve as consultant to

the appropriate aeobers to the delegation in the event ofinvolving agency activities and in general as athe "Cow*union" phase of tha conference. umber ofassignment were discussed) lt was concluded

shouldenorfmdumthe assignment of



Measures for Caracas

Id addition to current agency eupport giventhe preparation of background infomation forrequested boaper on suggestions ha made

* daring the coarse af theeating having to do with tha analysis of the forgery snd documentation ae pacta of the white paperalso recomaended counter esasures each as emphasis on Delgado's role and the unseemly activity of acre than one member of the Coneular and dloloaiatlc aarvicee.

of Arbens

The Intentions of Arbens in light of various reports that he night possibly be not irrevocably wedded to his present course of action were discussed.

The question was raised as to whether it might be useful toemissary to Arbens for the purpose or returning hiaattitude or on the other hand/fan the purpose oftothat Figuerea had made

euch an attempt at an approach without success. It was concluded that insufficient infomation axlats at this time on which toecision but that both LINCOLN and headquarters would continue to keep the natter lo mind.

B. Inadequacy in

pointed out thet present intelligence available tonot adequate to the project needs. It was recognized by all Jformer intelligence-net leader could not be for thedepended on. The idea of an approach tcC o bringinto contact with the project in order to increase ourtake was discussed in general terms. It wasthm Haa bad sufficient validity to nerit study and thatC- fjjfitgys should be

undertakeission himself.

(ACflOW: WH| Cable to

F. Antl-Communist Congress in Mexico

reflected jfcajLUICUJfplan lo this regard hadihe point thatongress would be

at least equally desirable In tha event tbet Caracas developthan had been predicated at the time theisappointing

Caracas could be deflected byongress taking the line**diplomats have again confused thethe people now in America in the(ACTION: WH review of plan)




G. Action re Air and Qround Mission In Guatemala

Ihe Chief of the Air Mission and the Chief of the Militarybeen instructed by their superiors to pass on toand to our Chief of Station all Infonaatlon availableIn the performance of their normal dutieaand Air officials with whom they ware In contact. As farknow, in spite of their Instructions, neither Mission ChiefAmbassador Puerlfoy. Thla was discussed verballyAabsssador on his recent visit to Washington and be in teato await any longer the approach from tha Chiefs oflike this followed npable from us to our

Chief of Station with the reminder and suggestion to ths Ambassador that no information has so far been received and that he would appreciate his nsiting the Initial approach.


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