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W CCeffTX-JE KFJJ) iT*LrfCOLN . lj hose in attendance were:

firsta complete assessment

to determine factually the resources and capability of RUFUS to fulfill Ifadre class of nilitary leaders will befor raln lng; if warranted, assets developed for*' .

j force; if warranted, equipmeot will be morod to training site;eek training program iaplenented.

on to say

file, andase officerana through to be cleared, they -should thereafter report every time that oame cropped up^be on the alert for any information or activities of tbat person. briefing the group as to what RDTUS is suppose*

to hate gathered byebruary:

The names ef key civilian personnel which^RUFUS considers pledged to himself in each major area of resistance.

Tbe naff oa of all personnel to be connected in any way with logistical movements tbat are expected to occurin late Marchbat means truck drivers, the people who unload the plane, those who vill be coming into the truck partanyone who is going to be connected with the logistical part.

names of all personnel now Infor commo and The names of all persons connectedsites in

administrative and labor capacities. 5. The ums of all personnel to be trained in the second ^_ io class, to commencearch.

6. The nine of the key mar. of each military garrison that ve plan to

upof particular interest to Chief of Station, Guatemala,

because this^man will be the first to know the details. Weknow when these names will be Mailable.

tnen asked if Lincoln would be able to tell him these names, and

eplied that Chief of Station, Guatemala, wouldheck list

on wnich would be indicated the intended use for each of these menthe 9

ilitary personalities that come out of Guatemala.

A discussion ensued, in whichrequested that lateral .

cables be sent to him regarding such names, so that be could alsoatch

speaking for FM activities, said that oo lateral

cables will be seat on garrison personnel. RL/FUS has been assured that we would

contfine very strictly this information, j

t 1.

discussed the Leadership Class:

Onanuary,O.eek training course designedstaff specialists for return to RUTUS1 staff:

rganizershock troopaboteurssassination specialists. HUFUS had been asked by the Case Officer to produceow-level saboteurs. RbTOSesire to sand his key men to tbe course. The present training class was converted immediately to retrainecruited saboteurs, the retraining toarch. The remainder of the present class will be used for courier services, logistical functions, etc.

stated thst^ ^bad been right about the caliber of th*

people but he does haveualified persons. lass is being assembled now

by EDTOS and will begin Movementabout 1to

keepj^ ^Juformed. The parent class is due to graouitepril. Under

toe present plan, tbat should clear us outR'- activities. About

ay will be graduation of the radio operators. That complete;

t 1

^theri definedSites. stated

we were to reco-molter the borderselect

suitable sites for basing FH teams. esult ofwith

ugestec* uhica

agreed upon: Site A,ndo get the information e

on the man at Sitend send it up for clearance;

the word, he Is tothe


that the man fors cleared, bat ve do not have t.

his name. It may

cultivate^ Joot not u> make

any commitments until headquarters gives the greea light. When thend fl, then we will ask thea toover ould do that.

there would be no recruiting until P'jTUS returns to

confermd discloses what he finds out. If headquarters sends

thebo prod

who is tne nan with whom SDTUS will negotiate.

hea suted that ^Jdoes not have the full confidence of

^directed that, in working be

simply an advisor and contact, to furnish headc.uarters with advice.^ do the work in the FMld,to keep hiraelf out of it.

a cut-out has been selected --

and ex-Air Force pilot.

instructed to get all data available oa him at once, but to make noto hira prior toto give him a

good security lecture.

Jvent on to describe an air stripa0

feet long now owned by ^ and


Deen ^oj^sted to arrange, by suitable cut-out, to extend the

fieldeet. Expected maximum expenditure,

The new air strip relegates to secondaryieldrt

Vj o

usedpossibly blown. The new field is also nearer toX

intermediate Staging Area presently owned by RLTUS.

r I?

J Utilise

facilities ^Jthrough RUFUS, establish andovertfortudents; prepare training agenda, secure maneuver areatraining site, prepare toradio Operator training classstudents, providing full assistance

tbat, following the recent disclosure of the

interest in PXTTJS' activities, the FH training siten moved at tbe aon one

fincas. ield crypto of een assigned to this location. For

M ^





reasons previously stated, the Training Site war changed to graduate tbe

present class and receive the new class. otal of only six radioobtained for the coano training, dueisunderstanding on the partu to tha caliber that he was to produce. His attempt to produceexperienced radio operators in order to snorten the training jeconduct an operation in late February* bad reduced the availableconsiderably under the esult of theadio operators are being recruited and will move


out that the above is an evaluation of things we have

done, and short-term plans we have made. Now we should go into anybody'slong-terra

would probably continue toroblem; ^replied that he has eery

then stated that one long-term development was as follows:

* point will join the forces who are to utiliie this

mannd FI hive determined his usefulness and clearanceafterwill come into the field andan to be hired

It was agreed that the responsibility ofall

_jcontactsat of spotter when assigned, producer of clearancewhere practicable discreet preparation forbrought out that we should be prepared for the refugee

problem which would result if the project blowsagreed, stating

that we are trying to getthrow up border controls

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