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DISCUSSION i DlncuBslon Toptoi

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accordance with Instructionsadent over Id detail the Demorendm regarding tho possible use, or exploitation, of( ttitude was completely negative. enad finlabed-the ccaa-plote discussion of the pointe contained in tbe memorandum, he had attooptod to Interrupt aa vith strong objections. The conpleta list of objection* la to bo found in attached nemorandun typovritten.

Tho raoel outstanding thinga tho rod free this diacugalon wasintense dislike ofC nd any poesible collaboration with hln on tho part of the JUNTA or the GROUP to"appearedrave error. Be aumiiariBed this attitude instating that eron if we discover that it ie necessary to place

a position of use* tbat la to secure his help in having

ase of operations, or In ocoo manner to assist us in that country-part ho plays will not be worth the trouble-which will bo created laterIncorporating hln into the movement. He pointed out that, in weighingwould be t= hlo opinion, and he was certain that RUFUS would share thisthat na use could he made

explained several points which had been oade in the Initialion, affMr'o, of the written monoranduai which had been given to rac. not give in an inchpfiared to be adamant regarding thoof doing any bueinesa at all with

U. dvleed hln that, of course, they would be kept in constant knowledgewaa taking placefurthernore, the results of tho conver-

sations whicht ensue.

5. hiseturnedafter conveying tho initial reaction

i6ed that possibly this attitude should bo changed

slightly to tho one that/it would bo posfiiblts to utilize him after his trueJuia been obtained and reviewed by SJi'-JS andC n isolation proceeeto taiie piece;houldtiiat this consideration

cartainly would be thought of, if Ilia assets did not appear actually toad not brought this natter up beoauoe it had not been in

tlie meiv>randuo, although^*" ^adviaodch lnfornuition had boon ^Taak. I, in brief, outlined the information and reaction andhln and then advised hlnould return with thla additional

informationbenofit. dvisedished to clarify the

matteron approval of approach XoC ^And ea



what reaction there had been at the time.

again with( hort bitdvised hlaadabout this matterad been gone andas aatreaolyIn finding out further his reaction oa this thing.said thathad absolutely no confidence inC that RUFUS sharedalso. hen sdviBod^1 )tliat, actually, If we diecoTored that noto or real .nee- could be Bade of ertainly we wiehed to get

him out of the way, either by neutralisation, isolation, or, at last risk or cost, ellninatlon. ald ve could not allow thie can to continue in his present state, Ln as each as he was actually doing harm: to the JUNTA, and that vu oust find some way to fit him in or take bin out of the picture.

stated his rieua as to the risks of taking himt thieist of objections which he had verbally toldin tho afternoon. Be sgain counselled ertreae caution on anyPt*tinc thet, at any tine and at any place,

would be willing to betray anyone for hie own personal interests. Ibin that, the utnost discretion would be used and that imaediotely after ve had obtained frcejfj ist of his aseete, ve would aake these facts known to KUFUS )rdr their private invoatigatlon or survey

of them.

I askedtf )lf this whole subject of( )nad not been C J>dvised that, it had been and that

ROTO gold that If the GROUP olotated that*C ^should be the loader of this, if it success for the DKiveaect, be, HUFdS, wouldoldier in the renhs to comply. C ysaid if this evtmtuotion should corae to pass, he, althcrrch he voul'i continue along with the movement, would be the first one to oppose hla ones he war established as the DOW loader of






* Addressee cci



notror of any use ofhe can't be trusted.

The following points ore set forth to prove ale ergumentui

1.dinregardad entirely


denounced hefae to Trujillopy in Arbenz (This woeby Arena*. Trujillo showedcopy ofstatingspy.)

J. Eufusproof ( aa authoreaflet distributed widely in Oust.,Salv* and hdnd. vfltcj defamedwas for sole purpose, ofoutolde aid for hlai and not foif** f.

It. In Ouat. C ^haa lost allis now aligned to Rufue.

$.( )ia personally arabltloua and wants nothing leas than presidency. cause completely Beeondary. Does not, rpt not, have support of the array or people.

6.( Jeent letter to certain OS Senators attacking tho rOroup* forSufue instead of(Group has copy of this letter. J

7.^ ried to get Rufus to sign an agreement guaranteeing that Rufus would ficlal backingfrW election to be holdevolution. iiefiiFC )vis furious.

frlaftfls aeo^" lcoo than allit&ry

a lenient s.

ufus youncimm in exile want no part oiC tneo he would bene-fact only older, high rankingwould be out in the cold after the big day.

conservative eleucnt* andart of tho new govt.,

would give Jonznies chance for cone-bock, elncc lieve little real desireositive program.

ittle regardoace tlxuto kick

hi* out off )

ufue andC )thomselve3 hove no, rpt oo, pemanfil confidencohoc nothing to oifor. "hoy can prove It, they

Anyone talkingsoon loamhe 5get down

to FACTS recording hie actiota.

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