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I. Phyalcal Securityi

Certain necessary nodlficatlone were node with regard to the security of 1XHC0LS to in euro that every reaeonabla precaution ia takon to protect the true purpose of thia station. These modifications inoluded the complete oonpartmentalisation of vebiolao asolgnod to tho safe sites and vehiolea assigned to LINCOLN. Reserved parking eigne nearCLK office were restored as it la felt that suoh signs Barely drew attention to the building and are not essential. Ho serious breaches of physical security occurred during thia period.

II. Cjlearanpoa,.

otal of) ProvisionalSC) requested since the beginning of the projeot,have been received, all of then during the period covered by Of theending oasee, none can be considered delinquent.

one hundred androvisional Operationalrequested since the beginning of the projeot, ninety-eightbeen granted and) of those were granted duringoovered by this report. Of the nine pending cases, none candelinquent.

The excellent support and expeditious handling of cloaranceby Headquarters has naterially aided the project in precluding delays in utilising and contacting persons whose Lmm ediate operational use is often tha key to tha auocees of one or more phases of the project.

III. Operational Supporti

km SaXehoujes


During the period oovored by thia raport, Headquarterereport wbioh refleoted that tha FBI had furnished information tothat activities atad aroused tbe suspicions oftha information contained in the report, wbioh was furnisheddid not reflect any operational

information concerning the site or Its occupants. On the oontrary, the report did oontain tho basio elements of the oovsr story. Therefore, the planning and maximum precautions taken in the use of this safe site wore Dore than Justified, assite had served aa the waak-long meeting plane for CALLIGERIS anr*F ellonferenceill red by project personnel during thefr meetings with these two principals. Tho site alsoighly sensitive teohnioal installations,evelation of wbioh would have seriously embarrassed the project.

Nevertheless, the report from the FBI, who had previously been ad vised aa to the general use of this siterecautionary measure, servedarning or danger signal that could not go unheeded. Taking into consideration all of the security, technical, and operationalof thoites originally obtained for this projeot, lt was decided that immediate steps would be taken to aoquire newhich would better serve our needs and at tha sane time afford better security and operational faoillties. With the approaching end of the "winteroro suitable sites are available anduoh more eobnoaloal rate.


Thlfl latter fact, plua the near expiration of the varloua leases, prompted tbe acquisitionew safe site which will be referred toe D. Also, there are explicationb under way for the acquisition of another alte whloh will be referred to aa Site 5. Within the next couth, Sites A,ill be vacated andubstituted.

Aa outlined in the previous Interim Report^ JJocoupledhloh was actually managed by the Project Special Coordinator and hla wife. The Speoial Coordinator's wife must return to bar home on or4 for peraonal reasons. Taking into oonaideration the oloae proxtndty ofnd B, plua the acquisition of Site D, lt haa been decided to have tha persona atoved ton or aboutarch. TM- artloularly good ttae for the novo ia view of the abeenee of[_ _Jho ia out of the area in connection with tbe KXCWX program. UponTQe return, he will be taken directly to Sito D. It la contemplated that tho Special Coordinator's wife will remain ator the two uoaks prior to her departure from tho area.

With regard to Site B, all technical equipment and all tracea of the sensitive techniaal Installation ware removed and no operational octiritj took place at tbe site aubsequent to receipt of the abovo-aantloned FBI report. The bouse was returned to the owner and proper releases obtained on The technician assigned to the project, who acted aa manager offter tbe departure of tho original caseonaored totilizing ovary security aafo-guard to prevent linkingo Site D.

While no operational activity haa token place at Site C, it has been utilisedaee officer during the past month. Alao, lt was to Berve aa an eaergonoy safe alte during thio period. While thia site was originally Intended to house certain alienersonnel, it is deemedfeasible toew site (Site E) sore suitable to the needs of tbe project fromecurity and operational otandpoint.

aa aoquiredleared cub-out and tho cleared houaekeeper took over tha management of tho alto Thia alte oonaletsarge main house with threeo welletaobedbuilding located on the proporty. There are apaoioua grounds surrounding the site whioh is comparatively isolated, but leaa than ten minutes driving tine fron LIMCCUI. The Special Coordinator and hla wife will occupy tho practises on or aboutarch and onease officer has resided at the alte slnoaarch. The technician has installed hie equipment in one of the apartments and will realde in this apartment. There is still oufficient apaae to afford the housing of three or four cleared alien KIXICWH personnel. It is believed thatleared houaekeeper plus thesuitable location, tho ahanoea for compromise of this site are oonoidorably reduced.

as not been obtained at this date; however, several prospective sites have been checked and lt ia contemplated that this sito will be procured in tbe very near future. Thia site willase officer,alien persciuielleared housekeeper.

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- *all TehlolaB used In connection

B. Operational Vehlolea*

In aocordanoe with tha plana let forth In Paragraphl btIb Report datedabruar; ith tha projeot hare been procured

new of the fact that there will be only two safe sites in tbefuture? the rental transportation will consist of one vehiole assigned to each safe site and two rehiolea assigned to LINCOLN. ecessary precautionary measure, vehiolee aasigned to the safe sitae are not brought to LINCOLN nor ore UNOOLN rehioles taken to tha safe eltea. Arrangaments have been made for meeting personnel at appropriate points and transferring to another vehiole uaing all operational aeourity precautions. This ooapartnentallxatlcn of vehiolea further reduces the chances for coapromloe of LINCOLN.


^Jhe esUbliahedOtllirad ior aaaitiona_i

peases of tha projeot Including the handling of personalfor persons aa signed to FJHCFnTuT..

D. AQQUleiUon of Foreign Itow^^p

Aa indicated In tha previous Interim Report, the system ostabli hed for the secure and expeditious receipt of certain pertinent foreign nevpapers haa proved to be satisfactory. The excellent cooperation of the field stations in obtaining and promptly mailing these papers has resulted In the receipt of these paperseriod of approximately twenty-four houra after publication.

5. gUPPgrt of GTvraUona

During the period of thieover story waa written for the use of the pilots who are to be used In support of the KUHOCK operations. Thia story was coordinated with the Air Maritime Division and the Chief of FJHOPEFUL, and ths pilote briefed in the LINCOLN area. Secure cbannele of aammuniootlon were efltabliahed for emerganoy purposes to anablo the pilote to oontaot LIJCOLN during tha period covering their travel to FJHOPEFUL. Details concerning this aspect of the operation are covered elsewhere in the report.

A member of KU30DA too been aeleoted for assignment at FJHOPEFUL to Insure tha Beeurity of the air operations and aaaist In the coordination of the KUHOCK air support program. It is contemplated that thia nan will be in Life CIL3 far appropriate briefing during the week ofarch and the will be sent to FJEOFETUL to ccrcenee hla

Onarch the Chief of LCFLUTTEl will vlalt LINCOLN to discuss the implementation of tha use of LCFLUTTER peraonnel with appropriate language quallfloationsln support of operations In the field. The initial recuestB for such support were nada inA, and the dolay in implementing this program oould prove toerious security hazard to the operation. Although lt io not felt that Justification foream ia neoeeaary, the recentgado" revelations plua the compromise of oonsltlve material on the port of ono of tho persons previously assigned to the projoot, underaooraa the iiaportunoe of impleiaenting therogram at tha earlijst possible date. The need is recognised particularly when one ooneldero tha fact that many of the olearanoos of indigencus personnel are baaedinimus, amount of information thus multiplyingvulnerability to penetration. modiate implementation of theTTKP. program in the field is of primary importance to the securit/ of the projeot.

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F. General Seourltv Support

Soouro arrangements wore made for meeting one ield representativee and aubBoqusntly arrangingersonal meetingbetweenthis representative la 'Jfr-aa.

en with language qualifications to accompany

FaWiOETTrip outsideXhe country. Bothand the KUSODA

representative were completely briefed on the procediires to be usedli8 entire trip ae well ae alternate procedures In thefloulty waB encountered. Secure channelo of communication plus an emergency telephone code were oatabllehed. Contact plana wore arranged and details of transportation oorapletod. These procautlone have proven worth. UrJu hSB nou beonthat difficulty has been onoountered by FAWCLETT in obtaining an appropriate visaelay is unavoidable. However, it is contemplated that these difficulties will bo overcome and tho operation will continue on or aboutarch.

of oable traffic discovered by PIVAXL on

ebruary and reportec in detail onobruaryomplete debriefing of rTMLL in the LINCOLN area, was not only seriousecurity standpoint, but it effectively delayed implementation of the project until ell details could be assembled and an accurate analysis oampletod. As indicated in reports from

tnaceivabuy, sue,f not diocovered at the time, could have proven coot embarrassing if not actually disastrous to the project. It is impossible to calculate tho .number of man-hours consumed inomplete clarification of this cocproniaei however, it ia deemed incumbent upon LIHCOL'I to include mention of this unfortunate Incident in the Interim Report. Although irreparable damage to the project does not appear probably at this time, the incident did oerve to hamper operatlona and toeasonable amount of doubt aa to whether ell compromises have been discovered and properly reported.

H. Security Briefing

ll personnel at LINCOLN acre briefed on the necessity ofositive attitude toward the security of the project. This briefingeview of all of the major security aBpeota and particularly emphasised the absolute necessity ofersonal security oonooiousness not only while at work, but outside the offloe. All personnel were reminded that the security and success of the project can be Jeopardised by the ill-advised or indiscreet remarks of any one individual and appropriate examples were given to underscore this point. Group and individual reactions to the briefing refloct that It waa well received and all personnel expressed thoir desire to actively cooperate in implementing the seourity cfproject.

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