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Specific -tEPATIC/JUBILIGT-II Convureatione.

HET. .

0. Tbs following asset* of EBHATTC axe Hated on the basis that he haa In hla coittorelations oaaentlallv told the tenth aa he conceiToa the situation to (ji.'ut. Thel_ _Jla bandlcappod by not being roily apprised of oor oan precise place and in having to hastily ovalsata Information which cannot be cbecknd nor Touched for. de capability to eralnata with any degree of rolia-bj.llty the debriefed information In conerata teraa of potential operational aseets la honce denied aa. Bowo-rer, it weald appears on those promioofl, ERlfttlC potential aaaete arai

A. CDOChli

A political organisation within Oualanssla has pledged to itarters orof recognised and reapected actiTB political part'.

contlnplng contact with pertinentallltacr leaeVrn tothe

Coaosnti Thero aro no indications CAILIOBRIS Is considered locally otherwaahtockling entity who has little or no political or economic backf-xcond or training. Hla advent Into Onatonalan controls to aany local oboerre a, wouldistressing period of chaoewould eventually lead to another couprenonll gorei resent eoald be


On the other head, each le the experienceof EffliHC that local genoralthcT Jhas been able to ellicit,ho Inspires confidence tho deliveringbo well^daiBicdj ss bloodless and ouavocirexoastaocea paraitj and result inondhring regtraa vollMfxaltfiod topower and prepared to mot tba conplexof tho disfobed economyhird point of ii^rtancetho attttQde of There

la no orloence ho haa erer giren eren tacittho CflELEEET3 sarrenent to echelon forwardterritory. There are, on the other hand,he has not, and will not, porait each The roqaost of ERHixTC, due to longand .associations, night

any question of Shaving been granWTthen it ia clearly ccoential to sot EEHATIC to work to obtain it es tha logical and be si-placed entity.


Political OGQodatca and adherents in auatetapla representoot strength" not only to political aspects of thetrength bat as an intelligence potential. The external organisation Includes contacts and goodwill aaang the Salvadoran regime which not only are capable of HTCKHH political actionotential ED7IBS byproduct of Intelligence. Wrilo both ERRATIC and CALLIOSBIS without question hare aploa in each othora organi-aatton, the trath reaalne ESfitTXC haa aa yet to be known to hasa taken Into his organisation ln any position of confidence ond trust anyone of the DELQADO tarpe nor haa he un&jrtalcsndsised TOntare which haa readlted in falltriev Specific naiaes are lecorded in tho attached debrieflnga with position inAII0 organisation and places of residence/


EERATIC wikea no pretenae of having an external striking force. Be does* however, purport to bare leaders ln kar nilitary con tors who aro pledged to errpport hoe ornwwant with thoir ctuuauaie and friendsBy. He le alsoosttion toesired oafe^onduct for any echelon aorament of ncn and arae throogh Salvador* Be epodflcelly has no am and procedures to enable thoee items across tbo Ouateanalan-SalYadoran border. Vhile ODBOntislly he la without external propaganda macMiviB end armed aen aBTerthslees be has thoee eooontial capabilities noceseary to arrange tho iirrlrrterrspVd flow ofood aen through SalTarkrr end lneare their entry into target areas, while his external propaganda is nothing nttro ln reality than hie own reputation for honor and integrity, neTartheless be baa withinransroot organisation which can blanket the target ama by word of Booth snpport and helpful rumor.

9. It io pertinent to point oat that BBBtTIC hen et no tioe been told l a alao in support of CALLIOSETB nor is it belisred ho wren eoapocta thin to be true. It la ay definiteas lnstractod thia lnf or-nation could only be passed upon positive orders fron LIBCQL5 and couldreparatory promise baring been established with CALLIGEKIS. This in orintlonod toonfusion which otherwiao night oxlst fron the accomplishnent to advanced degree of Par* ID,whoroin EKRATIC has boon Indoctrinated with the necessity that conplote cooperation with cai.lioeris in essential to sacoossful removal of the preaent Qoateanlan regineu EBBATIC In now oo thoroughly court need of thin aspect that itood speculation he had by hieself previously reached the setae conclusion. It is now oar problen to keep Ms fron acting in accordance with that conviction and epproech-ing CALLmKrHS on bis own accord. Tide ha* been solved byight hotter do it for bin and, additionally, functioncdiatinp catalyst (Unco *ElEATie's past attempt^ at coortUnatod action reaobod by hie own nogo-tiatlona have always by hie own adminaion been brei&hod by calligeris.


rjcujsiHfSi _

x. L Jl**tter.

2. Endorsed expression of rlsae of KB est: C.

Hat potential provisional goTornoBnt personnel. Ciasauiaed Itaaa of provialonal coaaavot pOxtforo. I. Original copy', Quateaailan VMte Paper (nto enclosed, foraarded

UaXXBarlnotea of seven xaetlnsa.

1 ateblSSej


uOrlf. and oneone,fan copdea).

Debrleflnc of JUBILIST

In ro wettng Sunday,SecondffiATIC.

Tbe neettng bad been previously axrenged by ERBATIC for thoea the nesting ofebruary. However,asat tho baoe of tho Mil and hia car cent on with tho driverEm!BG+ aa takon into EHBATJCa car, which EHBATICand brought by back roadsKSBftCCo home, arriv-

ing too re at. Two andours were spent in ccurferoncav The following items ensued!

V: fi^ATIC willing in every last detail to cooperate with our (croup and with BWJS,

lyTIG likns BJFOS even though be considers HJFOS has brokenbin taicej. One occasion was right after0 election. Afterbad been coipJnted, bat within tho tab or throe daysUS tirssucceaaftiilyuartolor declaring nilitary govonoant and avoidingKffiATIC reepects HJFOSighting nan end sincere in Msstates be la hot^boaded end difficult bnt ho reus encrlXiced nacb intjo their natuel eneny and be tklntn he Is nnoeurstsnding oft-5;


3. EHHATIC is currently livinge^bis obtained fron saleroperty* JOBmsT-S; recolvedeooad inprossion ofe is nost intelligent and varyho has any falling lt would bo tbat he la too charitable and willing toreet deal. Ho has ability to charn and captivate an audience and would appear to be.

o> ERRATIC nede it eiddent ho has tho internal GuatemalanHTFUS has the external

EHBATIC seemed to accept the feet there can slwaysast minute double croea In any association with HOWS, bat bo is willing to risk Joint actionecessary clenent to rid Quatenela of its Conwonist governonnt.

It was agrood daily neotinge would be productive sad ehould be anticipatedontinuing basis (notoi ill need an operationalone spotted at* Bia wife is already suspicious of fact ho is doaanding the family car daily in order to attend the nee tings.

7* a convinced HTFUS and SBRftTXC must moot andact of egrocnont* He thinks he ia capable to negotiate it. JUBILIST also assures ua of tho capability and capacity ofo so perform provided he is adeqostoly apprised of our roouireaonts.

8. It appears tohat KBRAXtC la entirely amenable and the chief difficulty, if any. will lie in the attitude of ICFUS.

9r eels EHHATIC and HJFDS ohoold each aake of record precisely what they want,

10, Both JBBTUST andtalnato EHHATIC aa the bestnaterlal and BJJUSousihln Secretary of Defense and trusted Lico-tenent to BBHATIC- EfftATlC toldhat this had at one line been suggosted by BJBBS as an Bgreeawrat between than but BOTXIS had later abrogated the agroeaent,

The next noctdng was arranged for the afternoon of Tuesday,



Debriefing of JUBILIST

In re seeting Honday,Third aeoting).

Ta the neeting ofnd EHBAIIC the following items were ascertained!

1, oncluded from ERHATIC'b remarks that

2* BSSbTZC neither sncksa or drinka.

3V BEMTTC stated the aystea in the Guatemalan Eabassy in El Salvador la that whereby aoney is received for tho payaont of expenses. The perooo-neleceipt and received one north'stan months remainder ia then divided between the Consul, Wlitary Atache. and an unknown person. Thopy si thin that ^becane dioaf footed when ha ran out of aoney and the other two Months of his pay nao not forth-coning, whereupon hs offered hisATIC.

h* The border mnch near GOIJA belongs to ffnu) KAGAKA. ot it originally fromthe last election

haa-been ertreoolor kind and

to *lthoagi.C. Idoco not fear Ma, neverthe-leas^EaRAnC fears his help night becoae ain his relationships

to EfiBATIC, ga.i

nost of which hs passed on to DELQADO* He furtherj$ Aircraft was loaded in Bew Orleans with eras, grenades, ets, tor HJFUS, but it never arrived inTJ 3 It fell in the hands off "Jand HJFOS, for all practical purposes now considers the eenlpssant losTto Mm.

d. ERRATIC stated BSLOADO was the real figure of the double cross wMch proapted the WSBOEBT White Paper.

BplUes5>eraaBnt, wants to cooperate with

Oint *CUo?- Be fesla 0X1 hoBtllethe presentshould so cooperateuty. Be thinks highly of Colonel Barrios PEHA. He coneidora hla supportera, duo to lack of afOnent hacking, have been tooted by eircungteneas oo atrong thoy can now be considered entirely ideologically aotdvatad while tho HJFOS supporters, in aany cases, are adventurers and opportantsta only drawn to hla by his readye feels ROFOS has been.

Is, penetrated andami tent of loyalty on; ala IcOlowors.

8. Ba stated Barrios PBUrother la tha aSBTJSKT Ocvernamnt [notoi this brother isotennlet).

ERRATIC has tight loyal cells la every department of WSBOHNT bat he Is dubious of thoee Esouintla end Sen /one cells.

I* nanlfost tohat ERRATIC considers ha haa tho political organisation nhiloas the nilitary organisation end that be has the internal organ!eatlan, while HTFUS has the external striking force. ERRATIC apparently wakes no clsln of baring an external nilitary force.

ERRATIC considers the prims objective and first target that the present WSHJEST Oorernnont be put out of power.

onvinced ERRATIC bee capability to cbam and the sbilitr to lnflnence political associates. Ba gives every indication of being atter-ly without physical fear.

1J. eSBBTZC stated be permits events and followers to plan for soiree end be la not advancing his own personal position, and thatuggested the afrrreaorrtloned pact whan lt wan agreed ESUTXC would be President (rod HJFOS, Secretary of "Tfrnse.

locel eras to ccswjletely

aea or lightlyen ln OTFaM. Be-ooes not feel this Is* ^fW_ ehould ba In WSBUKST and not In OTROQ. Bin idea latest rolloworo In VBB0EBT can use their own arms or procure then by buying the police and ponetratelng the Anay sources,, Be sold silver bullets were the best for Ma purposes rather then load.

nal followerw and calls ln WSHJEHT never to ehow "heir bend or Join en uprising unless tbefron Guatemalan which case they are to present themselves te the key aen In Gnatenela Ci^ and proffer their services.

fg etetad sny outsideby Itself would not only fail but

actually strengthen the currant wSBJ!RT Government. By the eane token, laborers must be controlled or they will kill and loot without restraint.

Offline stated the greatest obstacle to success is0 exiled

CoanBmlBts In VSSJHBT, and the next greatest obstacle is the Indian Caspoainos wbo have all had military training*


the Arny itself Is lnsfXMtlTO sine* It is beccndng esnantdally s> group of efaopkeopora end traders. Ho said officers buy tha ftttrohaxa^xra to* Ar* Critari snarl asown peynest, and than aell^thB liens and default on rssa^rririfl'payarots.

Ha -said although PELLECBS ass th* man ano bad originallyMb la London and for whan he aanifsartly bad no love,bust sdeit be aaa not the real leader among tbe Campsalnos andrather tbe nan vas

m^' XL*.

Present WSMlbaT Const!tatton nekcs it impossible foroup d'etat to dispone


perlenns-lncaoattTe of Ue real reason for bin aillingness for HJFOS to lead th*nlllf*ry narsswrt). KBHATTC said he felt thisood bin but It nnst be cii^jentad. He said he thought thin could be acOceSjOJnbed by-toe foHoeJng three-phase soiu**cuUto procedure:

Inspoen of the pieaent gOTornenDt by nilitary action.

dlitary dictatorrovisionalte.

C* Frsptre for, and undertaking ^off* elnrhttons for a

dated an Economic Advisor esjt) necessary lomodlately tofor the restoration of legal right* and reahafflingostui table aannor. Be said tbe Canpesinosresist sny radical changes In the status quo of real property-

nrcrt nesting vs* set for li^QQ, Tuesday,Ji.

'. Debrief Lng of JQBTXIST

jgf- 2ft raebruary litfX) (FooxthsuriG.

iff^t MM

Bank of London, Quaityj


fuoda, enploypd aUT# fl-fti family

with JUBILIST'a wlXWt


to Oarris^ travel, Q

Liaeoo with[[ Tena,ent-

,. 2. KK5ATJC aald he aonld proildn him porpoeed perscamel for

rnyrrtelonal gu irarnoeut tot the next awetlng. Heaalejri^ty $jw*rd ecarrdeta

' ^- nrinainhe saa reliably Jnforwd BJFtrs right initiate actiontho Caracas Conference; and he consideredould be fatal aineoof Ciwtcoaia van not jet aatefiatelye eald hettrPfJS to delay and salt for Joint action end that he proposed, topoint/ to Bay that he had PBPHTXB aaoport (Cotei JTtnTLIST-?an attempt on KFfBAflC'a part to tooko dot an CBTOKB concoction eoEJ8BTJC and eald hla grocp ana not OBfOSB hotconsidered May mat be acne lira within the two nontba .

iu'/TlC raid he had on agent Would cross the line froa OoateaaOa endre tarn and that. It 'wan enrtreanly noceasary as an cavbrgencj that this ram to providedO0 Colonsato take beck intoiiu said it would take two weeks for this, money to actuallyhlo la regarded by bothand EEHBSJ. aseat of oor ascotoecnlreaent for proof of jrpod faith. The ooney was henceided nndor. authority', of EBRATIC said largo lump euas in KSBjrBOT woreaaelvoB Buspidoan and pTaferred to use aaall dribbles which couldbetter be controlled and dlatrlbnted-

EBE6TIC atatad be controls three political parties pledged to bin In GnatosaOat

The Dadanpttna Partyf

JKO. (thorn)artido Baldsnd

/nrotcd hattonalleta.


6.Bald be bed potential eentrol at fan nilitary bsrrscksi one of which la the Aurora Airport, where three of the tworrtj-firo Air officere ere irrevocably pledged to bin its well ua ten warn In the Infantry fraction.

.. 'He etatad fas police In th/mtitolwn nrd ft nonentity and that the

Ha says be bellovea tbe rank and file of the eoldiors, aa woll ee the career officers, will jean with bin bat ho fools the highest ranking nilitary aen bare too snob to loose end will not cooperateocoeaoful coop In acconpllshed dne to the political aspects of thoir position.

Ccerjontt .

The guidance ofarlnv; been erbansted as of this conferenceable nas cent to Headquarters eporlslng then of the rapid dsrelop-nonta and Siddng for ratification of action to date end farther additional Fuldance. It was Sgraed by JVSDJSt and BQQZELL that henceforthtrold prepare snjagends and take lt telth Un into the conforenceo, thuspportorrlty to rnka accurate notes. It was felt previously to nsko deUborate natations would harebad pyschologlcal off act on EHtATIC in Uin prelinirttry phases. It waa further agreed that today's agenda would inolade thnllxaplry refereneoaraf s well as of cos proposed pact between

ens on the agenda are to obtain the list of potential personnel for th* provisional rjovrn-nsnrtt enrrtttnrall key figures; an orer all ostinats of tha nrarpHa, recoirennxrts broken down,lato the three pbsse plan of action

coup, nmtnry; drfrtmtlon withHJSt siso stafcrd be eocld probably neet

night end bs nWl personallrcxnttrlttfta-fts-jertelh frosL Jwrertnex or not bo had Riven hie

r thle aooting also Inclndwb daliasry flf the 1

Debriefing of JOBTUST

In ra awetlng Wednesday, 2ftFifth seating).

la, Tha aeetlng aaa held la Edificlonewnear Casino Club

- 2. Tho next aeetlng la oat for Tbnrsday,U.i30.

iranFears hla arrest. If

"J* ta**ca and pbyaical condition would porelode hia Burriving. Acted as Vllason with ERRATIC KKH, bHRATIC very disturbed about hln and would aDoraciata anyof Tery worried.

.ather-in-law of T Ida laroat patriot

snd EBflUtC wouldto know if he la alive.

baareat help to

EHHATIC. Bollatty antl-Coaaiinlst.

6. Ed^ardo talfiJCDELA la not to bo trusted and wants to be president of Honduras.ldd by KRMTT?Tos "The tiger who Junta lying down".

7-aarried to EBBATIO'a daughter and they live in

i_ Saw Toa MAHH at State Dopartsent in Washington. Kann told hla before ae could drive Carnal no out of thlaoaplete chance would hare to bo wade in the state DepartaeirU

furnishf the struggle againstII Sixty -

- fflL^SB1l'^Wali City, aen are too reluctant totand. ..

a mFm elfiah, greedyvillain and he'll have to think over potential pact terasa (Botei Thla oatepokon evalnatlou HUMS can either he because of greater eonfldenca in JCBTLISW or by reallsaUon Believed tbe foraer).

10. will Bd-rlsu tcswrrow

A* whether he willaction whatwhere

Ca coat efttinate-ohort end long tern


Dibrlefinen tb mjttm Thursday, 2l*Sixth Meeting).

n^rpca-UUon dimculiieaj on tha part ofhe

BWtlnE WaS delayed two '

?-UTIC Bill definitely cooperate with BQFOS in any Banner rooulred for Eaccess ln aebiarlae their Joint real. However, he would like toaa observations regarding BJFOSi

* *hero aartoonded by unleashed, unatable

gelant ptudnnts who apend aoney on girls andT-^ What they will do in GaataaaU.

Every three or four aonths thay poll an abortive coup which fan a. Than they celebrate andor( Canaanti Therepeculation that HJTOS la an aubeidlaed entity to absorb external opposition funds and that tills position is responsible for his Miraculous escape froa prison)

3. the algntngact, he will be glad toact. Hoaeror, before actually drawing it up, he root talk to associates in Guateaala, because any agrooaent would need tbe following i

Bust lead all military preparations and operations

wants definite coordination of the outside with Inside action.

Inner nu resent is the aost iaportant and the octalaunt be coordinated to internaland action.

h. Hla reason for wanting to talk to hla feilowers ls he la reluctant to agree In the pact to anything which be and Ms followers cannot fulfill to tba letter*

S. Be etatea hla friendla seventy years eld but baa

a nephew of the etas nana who la only forty. Ha knows tbe older oneand know* bis tooyal, safe, reliable peraon who taCoaawmtaw* Be caweSery wealthy fawdly and ownain the Canales radon of Onateasla* Thla la an iaportant regionfroa toy ope rational viewpoint, groat influence in

this particular -*


The wain reason this is such ani*portant region isto tbo AEBEsZ Government, therearge militaryre eallQd tba Division Canjlos. ieicn Canales aaa faauusarpwrary loyal and haxdftghting son. The first thing ABBEJEentering office bob to destroy thla brack divisioneal andto hla tenure of office. Everyone In that division and everyoneentire region is anxious to restore" tho Division Canales.

reat; deal of influence andey* Ban ln that region who couxutha restoration. (Bote: ERRATIC would without doubt definitelya nedietor for anything),

?. nail fam on Lake Anatitlan with the

only authentic artesian eprxng in Ouatonal*'. EHRATTC has great faith in this nan, too,Jrat not the complete trust and' aaOQfldenco he has in tho oldo

4 =

G. ERRATIC will be agreeable to iaGot wilhnot yet. itan suchaB eo-between for all discus-

sions (CouManti ATIC received our faleo assurance SUFOS would not take pre-Caracaa action to pre&ndo further thought of contacting Ma) He would prefer the actualt does materialise, ba carried out wi%an chairwan and aadUtt^gj;.

9* KRHATlC'a oboorvatione eactions to any arms nova-issnts would be as followsi


Ait Such aovBtaonts are oxtrcniely dsngaroue and cast be donefully because fj asically and thoroughly an Indian:

.B* Ha la suspicious of anything and everyone j

C* It would bo alaost iiq>ossiblo';'to het uncontrolled arms would nothreat-to' bis own regime.

;;Jr*olation toattitude, ERRATIC

, feela clandestine air flights, be made but about th" ^ddlethroar'1 the orogrea. ERRATIC would tellfj bad enteretC, JJ approxlaately six to twelveand *ii the arras and eejoiJMent had boon taken outand are now in the proper bands in Guate-

mala, At that tlner ^wactlon could be neasured. If unfavorable, it would be too late for hla to do anything about it.

E. Actually EHHATIC can get arms out ol II "Dtmodiately. On short notice he can have several thousand Cnatcaalans cross and return with tba items by use of nany anobstrucivo points on border* He feels location of any airfield ahould be as close as possible to the Guatemalan' border.

BBHinC states tae Haciendabelongs to the

Jfamilleavailablu to Wa

oaa It Is Tsrj dost Q 3.

10- Government and population le riddlad itith CoonuniBta,

Slto Guatemala, andanything tbo Ouatenalan Cotaoinioto offer.

U. Aa uncle of he ia an

r "h0 hataa Coereinlan sad Bill do everything pocolble to

v_ ,ooes *ooat bO* of the national incoce to the Any in the rone o. bribes and pacification payments, sbilo AE3EKZf the national Incone to the Conmunli-tB.

U. ERRATIC cannot yet ootinata coats of the intermediate or lonr term operations but will derive figures after conferring with hia QusMmalan asaoeiateB.


weaU (abtei These hceso-

Ives and busixaaavmon of tbs middle sod low classes drcolate ancngbrothels, etc. nit, and do various work, arfer. is toia

zzt^lknit, and do various work. Their

,^ TZTS iBfWCurem acd build loyalties. -sej^

16. ERRATIC will inform then money will bo forthcoming tohl" ^ternsi^rgantsation toward

ftUiWta8the moat


situated here).

(fall of tough loyal patriots waitingtrong organisationfficers inplus many Sergeants and Hon-eommissioned men)*

18. He feels hie movement ia not too strong in Cnlquinula. That is important, because it is the easiest place to gain control of the railroad between Puerto Barrios and Guatemala City* (Rotet Be will give ue larger list and also an up-to-date liot of every key Communist in Guatemala- with functions etc.)

Debriefing of JUBH-IST

In ro meoting Friday,b, (Seventh meeting).

1* aa disaappointed that he waa notar for meeting' bat that he entered thia not for reward or companaatioD and he will centime. Ha said it waa not Ma own original suggestion to askar, but. when the awkwardneas of the situation became apparent. Ue said ho does not want salary or compensation unless tho tine from Ma business makes it nedessary later. (Hotoi JOBILIST was told by RERKHh to pendtoar elnce the security aspects in regard JUBILIST-2's wife and the isolation of mooting places osnandod iteceaaity).

says ha is confused on two pointei

to hie original instructions, time was of thebe was to proceed without delay. Now he is told he istoo fast.

wanted to be sure that JUBTLIST understood onewas not captured byharm. Be said heso thet JUBXLIST might see himtha intelligentporaon he la.

reemphaalaed to JUBILESf be had ma do every attompta fair evaluation of the manatter of duty. JU Hi LISTmade these remarks to him because of Ma constant admonitionpermit himself to be Motivated by ERRATIC's charm or to "fall labin. ERRATIC said^ "Jilstrusts and dialikas the Patria Hoava.prints the truth even when lt barter oretines hurts

1,. The following isoint of view ln re: BARRIOS Pens:

Pensescendant ofARRIOS, who lnthe classical latin American liberal movementln Government to separate the State from the Churcheliminate the influence of tho Church in Stateexpelled monks| built schools, roads, telegraphs, andand broughtolitical and economicGuatemala similar to those of France and theh Century and the Latin American countries ofCentury.

son, tbe fsthor of the present Colonel BARRZOB Pens,but bask 'n the glory of Ma father'snother of the present BARRIOS Porta came from thoclass of Guatemala. Ha waa graduated froa the Military


Academy in Guatemala and served under UBICO. He wasvery close to UBICO. However, as tine passed, he began to dislike the type of like and inevitable reputation to which he was exposed serving under UBICO's severe dictator-ahip. Among other things, UBICO prohibited public assenblies of more than throe people.

He therefore left the Oovernwent to disassociate his nana and reputation froa the dictatorship. He reentered the Amy and later became second in cerrand of the Military Junta which pat AREVALO in powor BARRIOS Pena then noticed in AfiBENZ gradual change of policy to what was Initially conceived of as socialism so he again left bin official office He went to Row Orleans andoy's school which he still operates.

Helthor KRBATIO nor BARRIOS Pena are strong parly partisans in tho sense they consider their followers demand their support or are infallible. They consider party nomcorship flexible and open. BARRIOS Pena feels there axe many worthy nan to fill each position so that he doesn't Insist on any particular nan. ERRATIC states he suggested BARRIOS Pena as Minister of Bofense because' be feels hln to be the best wan for the job. However, there are others who would bo adequate, so ERRATIC states he ls not adamant in regard to thd pruvialonal anointment* In his opinion BARRIOS Pena isrofessional politician butareer officer and has the confidence of aany officers and men in the Guatemalan Aray.

Curing tho past years of exile BARRIOS Pens has aent todifferent plans for louoting the Communists fromgood and sorae bad. BARRIOS Pena haa stronceventually become president of Onatesala, but it isSill achieve that ambition;ei*ce be isan-ofitdnnnxarious way ofto

PEBALTA ISan is is a' career

Of OttB'


HlUtexy Atacho in nti^CoBBtoniat, but detaata whd haa at least eece refused stated when ARBkkz Goronvsat, th put PEBALTA in the abating hla dal/ bo loyal to the came, into power ho



by tba'ftktsisose Luis ABEHAS*

puhiicity to

^inOnfltemal^astt plotter againstspy i


ebruaryilSSi had announced AEEHA3 '

for entry to Salvador will in the Salvadoran Embassy then bopoo to be aent to

end attempt to penetrate (Botoi The local press on sanctity in the Salvadoran

speciallyis giving us* an of ethiea.a^evor

what be thought', he did not;

on a

a check on ERRATIC to confirm cause EfiBATIC seensa etidencodby his past jnirArUy in hla country'sor can help tho Country* forced to concent regarding Accepts hln bo cause of hla Country and. its problems* lapsesiscussionalked about siort'BMn aspiring to office AbbIndians of mb

JM^'Coananyi the ISCA,-hat be would giveoat HBuUttoua candidates,istree econoay andBe ftaf&er stated Latin

as we


opinion, by givinglddle-of-ta8-

'tcialn waiting to is bad for any .countryitegotiated, would interested companies*

could be coped wi1

h fair bargaining'.;

6 of the laboroTaaxa not Cdaannists, Ifair ehahCQ^ tbey Bra appreciative of fair dealing. Be would propose to pat labor tofi^iitablo basis add hogood aa% to do thla job.

coco try labor. Tat city

thay earn their sonny t rent problem inlaborer. In tba City banksut tho noneyj no one to tarn toj

tory in bis savings prograa. aaaodatlons. He cannot eren laborer Just doesn't cars* bSTfl better clothes, feolsnd establish Goal neana of saving they

ne^NtraanaXiy tried through

however, enoeo ln feiluro vould ateal thaelishIs KEEATIC said this ia also fron their employees. Tbe get drank.

feeri When he wase resalnod in hiding QoTernEent were then exerted to force hiai to Baying for hisatenalan baomination of the

ploy snd tho High test counter* y: right in'Ms policies.

. reMdent of Guatemala ahould ba reorganisation ofhe fashion of the Hoover

could not be openlynited Hations Conodsslan. oould have tonited

bad for both the OuAtenalan growing Ccersunist

r Central Ans-ican


Ho thenMiri and pro die todesult, he is nov on yssrs of living in Salvador Consunists have aot yet

liberal spirit, which la now being ballj-hooed lo Cost* lacs,exactly of anaspirited society of ARRSVLO inaxis tod only to camouflsgo the Ccanaoxlat Oorernmont. ERRATICla on out-and-out Communist. He says tha framowork of tbeOorernaentarry-over fron the old Spenlsh OoTemment and ltand lnadoooata to today's problems* The list bs proposed ofcabinet la subjoct to tho following jovial one i The list shownrabajo.

realises oven the ruins which will be left after tho Connunlota

leave will roGuIro two men. Por Eeenosdn. only,

Jesus Hnda MIKIJJX). NJSHXO now practices' lev in Gostemals and hasrief career as Judge snd Justice of the nigh Court in Guexaltenango. He is -? respected by all claesdo. Hs was in ABB&ltO's cabinet but, aa soon aa be perceived ln cabinet moo tings the definite Conmnnlat turn, he resigned and declared hie loyalty to the opposition, .

ERRATIC found hia very loyal snd very versatile. Ho understands parliamentary pro coda re and could be an excellent President of the Assembly.

13. For tha Minister ofJTIC

who was originally listed as Asisteociaenldad. C

A- Ho has itedled labor problesa'iln. Onivorsitlea.

is fas one of tbe ablest. If not tho ablest, lawyer In Guatemala^

Jorgo resigned fron tho ARREVALO Government, where ho served as Consul in Hew Tork, when AHRHTLO began porsocutlnc sntt-<knnBinists. Ue rdtumed to Guatemala snd announced openly that hebecauno the Oovornmont was backing an opprooivo dictatorship. ao>stated be had ro col rod ordorn to lnnede trevnl In and outnatanala of all nan-CcOTunloti. C.

He has had excellent

discussions with ERRATIC rogardlng problems of the Csmpeainoe which revolved about eolations to increasing their incentive snd how to achlove it.

Doha Las CastlUlo do 7ILLAGEABell known political loader In Onesaitananiw where she practices Is* with her tasband. f

D it

was the birthplace of AfiBKVx. However, when they saw ;dm arrive on one of bin trips with her In an open convertible; andesult of herspeaking, she won the whole of Ouexaltenaago for bin. (He carried this State InP election). Sheynamic personality. He has seen her sway and control mobs of people. Quesnltenango is particularly Important

becjmw it Is the capital cf tho old 6th State of aartralana flSWilant nlohltsr of loetun.

HBATIC stated he belongs to fotaxy snd subscribes to their prograa snd ains* -



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