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- Operational Letter of Instructions for Francis P. HBQAKTT

..The enclosure to tula dispatchetter of instructions for FraaolsARTTI it Is to be retained by the Station for possible future reference by Hr. HEJatttT


i AddresseettJ oci ttj tt)


of Instructions

1- mwto.fcrlvel

loa will depart uIBCCUl sucho pereltaacore, oautl?3u. On irrtrml la

ore, you will proceed to Isplanant jour content planattaen-ttent II) and, aj per previous arraageneat, cooacaoo your xlanlcn activity {eee

lou lrtjl notify Projsot fleadouarters of your arrlral In WSHQOre through oat-out. CovbT

rjauiirruful for your oover. In order properly to aalataln your cow you willi

all dutlae end aaslgxmeRts required of you ayoffice, Headquarters, Kite your cover role la a:

that year general appearance end conduot la etla aeoordanoe vita your cover poeltloa.

e. aarer earry tuy classified aateriel vlth you vhlla trevelllag outside the eontlaantel Lialtj of PBP2IHB.

d. KeTer reoognlee other caployesa of EJBUtl unlets errangeneBte tare been Bide ln advance, or union tbo altuatlon la auch tbat It clearly soma tho beat interests of EUBAJtl. 3. Duties and Tsrxsts

lour prlaary nlaalon le to plan and laplcmat uoasurea1 acaoapliahaanar which Insures the prevontloa of


de to oil on of PBTCDa; opoosoraMp.

u. Control

lou will act under the direction aad guidance of the Chief of Project, PBSOCCXaS, except to that extent authority to act Independentlybe delegated to you by foregoing Beedeuarters. Tou are reculred to keep the Chief of Project) fully infomed eoosarolng your activities. Xou are required to obtain apeolfla aathorlaetloB froa Project headquarter, before etteapting to recruit eny iadlrldaals preriouely spotted by you, or beforeia soy action not la accord with your regular oover*

STOJECTi lettar of2

Ion will be constantly on to* alort for additional opportuniUo* for

KORUU: exploitation ud will aeka detailed recoxeauidttiona to the Chief ofardlag

lhor Stspai.rf

6. StajdtT

tea ban bean fullyend cleared (or feral jn oporaUone. Ton ere apealflcaUx eberfttl vlth bothnd operetlooal BBcurlty In your aotlvltlea. Xouring to Uut attention of the Chief of Prcjost any axsul probleM. Ion willdo files.

written neterlals whloh yea paee te your eat-out aot contain trne oaaoaj nloknaaes, pasudonyoa, orwill be. Cgisrylcatloo Flap

During your etay ln WSisccfS, your cbmumla of oooHunloaUoo will befollow* I


Through STDtLDD B, haargenayt

ooplee of rwporte ar cahlee eant to or fron JUailiji utan willon hand by you at any Use. Buoh naterlala ae youauat neteatelde night.

SuajECTi letter ofj

10. Bbporta

Tou will submit cable report* aa directed by tola mssdrjisrt srs andfollow*i

por week an aasuanant of progress.



lou ara authorised to nova to any other middle Wrloan country or to rnPBlaX In tha event of an extreme emergency. In any ceee, you will ooxeanilcate with Project beadQuarters through the emergency coDsunlcatlon channel,eturn addreaa in order that Project beedcuarxere nay re-eatahllah coatant with yoo. Tour aaaeege will import only that information noceaaary to re-establish ooataot.

Tear aalary aad all iTInwannaa be paid into your personal

Checking account so lnatr-cted by yon.

Operational and travel funds will be advanced you. Tou will aooount for the expenditure of thee* funda in tbe aesner required by the Chief of Project. Tou will notify the CMef of Project well inwhen you anticipate the necessity of replenishing tbess funda. Payroll arrangements will be oonoleted prior to your departure to the field. Thaae way be amendedritten request to Project eeadouarter*.

Ten will baotal of Q_ ar swath for lnolda.fr* 1

connected with your covert duties each aa trevel withinand neighboring countries in oonneotlon with fulfilling your aUiUSX objectives. Payment of such travel expenses will not heve to tend will be paid to your bank account. Ion will, however, account for thoae expenses in the manner required by tbe Chief of Project. Plsoal aattara are the responsibility of th* Chief of Project and you will be guided by hia decision* on ell such setters.


are avara of tho need to change the nana of tbaare alao auare of tho need to eliminate tho noaeroua slogans andrather pointless drawing on tba front page. Encourageperaona toood nilitary sloganub-titlenew nana of tbe publication,ood, elnple sysbol.

you will find an editorial untitled "JUno to Regret.

It ia reooaneodod that tbe publication use tbla editorial, or aa editorial similar to lt, in tbe center two colinms of the top half of the front pago. It can be continued cn the lnelda pages aa appropriate, aaturelly, botb you and the publication ataff hare liberty to change, aborton or addoto rojoot It altogether If there la good and sufficient reason.

your lnfornatlon and for the info mat ion of tbeif necessary, thia editorial ia to be followed by three othersnoax threo weoka. The second one viH be entitled "Tina towill raise the question of whether tbe Amy had better aotpresent approach to politlos. fa* third editorial, will beto Think' and will predict tbat tbe Aran- willerribleit continues on ita present collaborationist path. The fourthbe entitled "rise to Choose.* Ita naasage will be that if theto bo on tbe right aide, if tbay viab to abare ln tbe trlunphthey nuat start now to break off their ties with tbato declare their allegiance to tbe forces of freedom,

ll. In the next lesue, along with tbe editorial 'Tine toerlao of artiolea, best prepared by the publication etaff wouldppropriate. eneral dascrlptlon of tbe article and ecoe suggestions oa to bow they should be placed in the newspaper for aaxaaaa visual effecti

a. In the first oelnasi of tbe first page there ehould be an article describing the general Bleary of tho target country. This article night, for example, say tbat tbe nilitary standards of order, bo nasty, honor and loyalty were not being followed or satisfied ln the target country. Tbat is,ilitary ma's point of view, tbe country was in terrible condition. Bach of tha points or etandarda not net ahould be illustratedpecific exaople. Tor exaaple, when tho point is ctade that the country is lnumber of tbe

s- I

irroaponalhle riots and dextonatretlons end lnstanoaa of organised vandalise ahould be dtsd. Vhen lt ls pointed out thst loyalty la the target country lsow sob, the allegiance* masher of Key figuresoreign power could be specifically cited. Tbls artlole Could be continued on pegs three la the center two colaans of the page. Be sure to mphaalto to the publication staff that when an article Is continued frca one page ta another, the continuation should bare at its top approximately the ease title ea the original artlole. tola la iapcrtsnt, not only to help the reader find bis way through the paper, but also in order to peradt repetition of our principalaf

artlole at tba botton of page one ia th* centershould describe specifically bow the irny-Coasunlatthe country. The publication staff will undoubtedly think ef The noat obvious ones, of course, aro those whsre the Aray,

at the bidding of the Ceasnnlsts, baa assisted ia tbe represalen of nove-nonte for liberation. An even sore Inportant one ls the feet that the Arsy, by supporting the reglne, haa given the illegalloak ef legality. This point should ba bit vary hard. It is suggested that thla artlole be continued ln the center two coluans et the top cf page two. In that way with page three, at ths top, cerrylng sn article about ths general ulecry of the country and page two, ln the canter two eoluane at the top, carrying an article about the harm done by the AraT-Coxaunlst alliance, we would have ea two opposite pages visually dcNOoatrated the link between aisery and Cooomniaa,

tbe fourth colusn, on tbe extreme right aide, of pageahould be an artlole discussing the leek of anas to the Ipftjicost of ana that have to be procured by apurlous deals, eto.ood opportunity to Include such of the laforuetion ondeals nade by the present regise.

the inside pagea of the publication, lt would bestart at thiseries of feature ertlelee on thethe target country. Tliese ertlclas should be calculated to haveeffect cn the government and oa the garrisons themselvesconsiderablenferaatlon, either directly orbe la tbe posseeslon of opposition foroes. These featurebe carefully critical of the etete of the garrlaco and should take

pains to point out, in professional tans, the weaknesses oi* tbaarrisons.

o, Thoro is attached, inanpla colann of abort itoca, on nllitary aattara. It ia an^gaatad that tba public*tloa begin inaodlately witholon of abort itcaa snd that lt also scatter aiaiilar abort Itsns, as filler Material, liberally throughout ell its pages, These short itens also serr* the purpoee of indicating to tha enoeo- that ha ia penetrated hr oppoeAtico forcee.

$. Tou.ere aware of tbe tact snd discretion tbat joa nust uso withoa staff. At your earliest convenience report ln detail tbe reaction of the staff to your suggest leas end to the written Material tbat you present to tbaa in Spanish. It la also desired tbat you subait at tbe earliest possible opportunity your candid estlnate of the personal and professional abilities of the various publication staff aanbars sad their ralatlcnablp vlth the leader.

These English language notes are for your atudy snd destruction after such study. They are In no oue to be given to ths publication staff. The Spanish language Material nay be banded over to the publieetloa staff sad studied by it. Il anst. however, after use be returned to you and destroyed by yon. lou will advise us whan the aetorlel has been destroyed.

Tbls type of guidance and text will be ceadng to youeekly basis. Tour own cemwats on its ueefulneea are invited. In addition, be sure to lnforn us of any requests for facts and Materials that you receive froa tba publication staff. Such Bateriale will be sent to you as soon

as possible.

a. Whole all tbe foregoing deals with the convent of the dunrioatleo, we cannot emphasise too agroagly that it Is Just as Important for you to nake an exhaustive study of tbs distribution Methods snd facilities of tbs publication. leu are reminded of our view that distribution la tha country of printing is of very Minor interest snd that tbs target country is tbe only area where dletriCution really counts. Ion are further realnded that the shaping of public opinion la the country in which you are located should be dons not by the publication direct, but by the lsl*laanoe that theion or the publication staff can bave on the local newspapers, encourage liaison and exchange of ideas between tbe publication staff and localto the aaalM consistent with security and with continuing cocceu-


tratapmo publication staff oo ths prlsary target. lwaysre dealing vlth tdlM aad thst itarge job to keep exiles concentrating oa the country whence tbey cane, and to keep them frosi falling into the conventional trap of confusing activity ln thoir preaent area of residence vltb activity against their fewer boas.

fl. la wall under aayVth its new allltary newspaper, yen will endeavor to extend ths type* of nedln used by the group, You ahould espsoUUy look into the possibility of handbills snd radio which will reach the target audience,

0. lour principal efforts should be placed on effeotive distribuUoc into the target country, urvey should be sade of every possible neens of getting your PXCwS nessage Into the target country. Secondly, you ahould set to work to use tha eoet efficient sesns consistent with good security. lou should repeatedly insist upon verifying distribution as oertslnly as possible.

B. Tea will endeavor toeliable radio haa who can be used to plant nacre with hams Inside the target. Bo planting of runors should begin until you/ are ao instructed.

AnACUMjaflouMct Plan

C 2

Too will be contacted, srobably et your office

vorklne. hours,ot tbe .

le aboutears old, epproxlataielyodiua bloodsworn

eyea, light clear skin, apeak* parteel Aaerlcaa_&gllab and email rut Spanlab learned froa childhood Idill rive yon detailed ooatoot plana.


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