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Mamorandun for the Record

Subjeoti InetroctioQi forDuring Mexico Trip in PrepareUon

of Concrete

The following paragraphs will be translated Into Spanishof pseudonyms or cryptcnyns and presented te C" Mr. Ford. It will probably ba necessary forto make a

fsw notes which ahould be aa sterile aa possible.

Tou are requested -to go to Moxloo City on or aboutarch. lou should proceed fron Miami to Brownsville, Tens, by air where you will arrange tba necessary Mexican visa or tourist card and from Brownsville to Mexico City you abould travel byb will keep your name off international air manifests.)

Open arriving in Mexico City yourr-firat task ahould beost office box preferably in the oentral post office. Then you ahould telephone your home icand give tha nBae and number of tbe post office box. Tbla pooae cell ahould be aiadoublic phone, possibly in an office of the telephone company, since there are not many public pav phones in Mexico City. Tou ehould also advise your family lz. C here you are ataylng in Mexico City- end you should give me numberhone uhero you may bo reached.

A. Operational Detaili When an lnBjQmJag phone call for you arrives from the united States, you ahould never accept the call. lou ahould take tha number of the Moxloo City operator and than coublic phone and return the call.

B. Operational Detail! Mr. Ford will provide you with half card, the other half of which probably- will be presented to you aa identification by one of our aides in Mexico. When youetter in your poet office boxelephone communlaatloa from Palaoio Valdea, you will respond by meeting bin ln the lobby of tbe Hotel Reform* on the date specified, but pao, hour earlier than specified. ralacio Valdea will then meet you bearing the half card and he will betrawed Ua, and sun glaasaB, aad

In Kexico you will conaidar your ee IX thoofflolalof CEUA, riGE, end CEUAGE.

lour first official visit should bs to Colonel Raadres. lou are requested to Inform bin tbat if yon can achieve harmony and unity among the sorer al Gwatenelan refugee groups in Kexico, your Group will be abla to0 to helpeal sphere Congress st which tbaoanse will be discussed and substantially aided. Tha nana of tha Congress will probably be Cop/re, bqlow Cc^tlgatyB ft-crrgplvoa Contra bX Conunlsao. Tba Congress will be

held ln cooperation with Sr. Prleto Isnreos. It should bo stressed

that unless unity can be achieved among the Gusteaalan groups, no Congress

will be held.

you feel assured that everything has bean donean underatsndint with Colonel Bamirsa, you are requestedSr. rrlato Laurens. (Operational Da talli HotsSanor Prleto Lain*ana ahould not be visited until afterreached an understanding with Colonel Ramirea.) loudiscuss Sr. Prleto Laurens1 general plansongreaaif you are convinced that lt is worth while enlisting hiscooperation, you ahould inform bin that your Group wouldto support hie Congreaa to tba extent0 ifagree toroup of Guatemalan refugeea participate in

the Congress and If ba will agree that tbe GusteBwOsa issue be examined during the last two days of the Congress.

If Sr. Psieto Laurens agreee, you ahojld explain to bin that you believe lt necessary to advertise the Congreaa ln other countries aad to preaent invitations by mamas of sending four emisssriea, each of whom would visit about four countrlea aad would carry soma peraoaal invitations, advertising materials, and funds and instructions for placing ads in the press of the capital cities where they visit. If Sr. Prleto Laurens agrees, you ahould choose the four eolssorles, at least one ofulduatemalan whoature responsible person with the ability to make.public addresses.

you have returned to the United States aad bave received the

These emissaries should not depart froa Kexico


approval of the Group on your progress thus far. +

a e

concurrence has boon received, you would than advise Prleto Laurens iD/ by telephone orre-arranged telegraphic message tbat tbo emis- f* series may depart if Prieto Laurens is satisfied tbat they bave full instruct!one regarding invitees, propaganda, and their itinerary. Tho Guatemalan eai8sary,who haa been chosen because of his maturity and oratorical ability, should make Brazil the final country of his In Rio de Janeiro he ahould telegraph Prioto Taurens giving

the ruuee of his botsl. After Utta tbs QuateswOan eodnsery will probably be contacted with an offerwo-week lecture tour which he ehould scoapt.

6. Operational Detaili For jour telephone aad wellwith Mr. Ford you are requested to use the following paeononyasi


Coralta ProC^tenaja,

Sr. Prleto



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