Created: 3/8/1954

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KLHMAVDIM FOR: FAir Operationa

of CAT Air Crews

Suggest you contact VilD personnel concerned regarding their immediate approval of AMD proposal for payment of CAT air ere vs.

The AKD propoaal ia essentially as suOadtted in the attached ttsro of IJnderatirdlng.



of Underettrding re CAT pilots

AMD original draft re CAT pilots

Hono for Record re Insurance


C/P tts.

tt. (fl only) tfi/AO tt. (fl only)



memorandum OP UNKBSTAND1HC

subject: Reimbursement of cat PllotD

1. In connection with tho utilisation of cat pilots for the planned operation, it is agreed that the CAT pilots and air crew aieabors will receive the following reimbursements, benefits, and insurance underwritin guarantees:

Pay the normal CAT salary equivalent to base pay and longevityuarantee of ninety hours per aonth flying tine.

all travel ooats incident to the travel ofi.e. coat of firat claaa airline tickets.

each crew member the following per diea ratesliving expenses:

e. underwrite all life insurance policies now carried by each air crew member in event their insurance companies do not pay off due to lack of evidence of death caused by the security aspects of this operation.

would normally pay in the event of

g. Reimburse air crew members for any and all additional operational expenses incurrod in connection with this project upon presentation of Justifiable claim.

2. It is understood that the cat crew members are dowoav status from cat and in this status they will receive thoir rwrmal cat leave pay until such time as the cat accrued leave is used, and tbat this accrued leave pay has do connection with agreed reimbursement and payreceive while on this operation.


3- LINCOLN will assume responsibility, in event of capture of air crews, to take action to have erewo returned.

4. LINCOLN will assume responsibility for providing medical and hospitalization as required in accordance with CAT Co. standards.


if. Air Operations

Air Ops File



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