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PORi Chief,

FrogreesBSDCCESS far tbe

he following wwwote of operational eignlflcaBoe muuiwl coring tho reporting period!

wis developed that the Onateawlao Axbaeesdor to LZ

n financial difficulty. Flenn ere now beingecruitment

f! at Linooln via subjected to heavy surveillanceperiod. cbeequeot lnTwotlgatlon reroaled that thenot being performed by any known Anariean organlsatlone. haa bean dlecontinned and will be turned back toln the Iwnediate future. Of partieular intereat lathat this waa the eafahooae owed by Lincoln inand t

report waa reoelTed in Headouartere that President RCKffl ofreinstated Jcrge DELCADO, reputed Ocateaelan agent, andCALLIGERIS and hia gronp, Thia la particularlyit naves the way for One taenia to re-establish eontactto continue debriefing Ma re the CALMG5RIS grcop.

0. Anproval vaartrip to Kexico City "to co-ordin-

ate the aotlrltlee of tha aatl-Cawomist cosgrees tentativelyfor eerly Kay.


notified of thtdeairo that fiui^aao

OobuvI* in the laaadlftte


pleiouBhoars nnd largeaooount.

liana are being Bade toat

the earliest possible date,

. efinitive plan for laplenentatlon ofthp Sherwood 'rorranFa was auhndttedHe consideration. Thia

plan with attachmentr prepared In WHD will bo sabsittod

at the regular westing of PflSOCCETr.

H. Sincetation Linooln hoe requested KCb and ffOSOmar none; ln addition they hare requestedI cbeckaa total of IfiOo date LAS clearances hare boen received and forwarded to Lincoln.


I. A, CulUeroo TCRIELLO, Chief of theto the Tenth Inter Aaerloan Conferenoe at Caracaa,openly attacked tho On!tod states and aeonaed then ofln Qua taenia. Bis speech was received withonthusiaBm by the latin Aaerican bloc. Analysis of thethat Sr. TORIELLO did not reveal any infannat Ionthat vhleh had been nrerionsly pobliahed In the "Unite


to the OAS Conference,

advised Baadqnartero Buboequent to Fecretary of State DCLLE*Mr. DULLES did not Intend to engageattle ofwith Cuatennla, but rather he Intended toloy foraction by tho Latin Anerican bloc against Ccvrnaisn.

also advieod Readquartera tbatthe Secretary of State Infornod hln that he did not deaire to*^SRark on any Irrevocable coarse of action until be, the Secrotary, bad leturnod to Washington end bad reviewedHCCESS Operation with the appropriate Agency officials.

K. Tbe najor PP effort daring the period was direoted toward ridiculing the "white Paper". Different PP operations designed to call for the covert aupport of an anti-Ccannuniet stand1 at the Caracas Conferenoe were BKarated ln Mexico, Cuba, Parana, Ooloabta, Chile, TJroguay, and Additional euprort for PP operations was provided by who haa prepared antl-Ooatecalan propaganda material now ready for shinoent to Station Lincoln.

IL. Administrative

rtnf the reporting period twowere tjsed tofour air freight nights from Andrews fieldotalbs. of Material. TbeDealt baa been advised inforanlly by the Airtbat the total cost incurred to date on the airla atroroxlnmtelv t is ertlmted Watt throeto C re required, and coupled with the cost ofthe aircraft to Q. xpenses will ascent to ^

- At the request of Lincoln, an advance of C- aapouched to Llnoolnarch. This sad waa required tothe approved "on hand" balance of C or Statics Lincoln.

IIT. Personnel

A. Station Lincoln ho* re<jucrted that one ccrono clerk, one enlisted mn, end two additional local guardg now on duty with the Project FJHCPETOL be retained at FJRCPOTJL for on indefinite period totbe PSPDCCESS Cperotlon. The Chief, VH Adnln has stated tbat ho doos not have authority to extend the tours of duty on the above personnel. PBSUCCESS/Adndn is discussing with WH/Adnln tho,poss-ibillty of roinburalng VH budget froa PBSUCCESS allotaant, thereby eliadnatlng the need for obtaininglots anifother such routine administrative ratters.


tooraaarclal passport and credentials.

two days in Headquarters warring on the

PBSOCCESS PP prograa with Chief, PP,WED.

Lincoln advised laadquarters"athinned to the point that he waa no longer of value toare being nade to return " to Headquarters for y*-


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