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ixlBJKOTi olitical Action, ERBATIC /CALLXOERLSobrioflngn rox FT/ll

SO": DC-7n -

Thoeetings have been recncod In) and tbe trend directed acre to debriefing of capebU-itioa^and ausete, Para andhla ban been accpapliBhed in regard personnel aapetita byging hin to dincuoo the potential eppointeonam goromaont and enlarging cc thoir beck-ground* qualifications, and truetwortiil nana. Physical capabllltteo hare boon elicited by questioning how he would propose ante rials and nan to overthrow tho government could be introduced into Oaateasla.

la thoroughly convinced the only chance forlies ln cooperation with CALLTUERTS no the aiaslon ofhaa been acccnpllshed.

haa not been icforoed the LAS laupportinginforaatlan will be imparted only upon aptwlfle iratroctlons

U- EROTIC previously asked The aaallnoBS of thla auai and the aanocUtod cirpuafltancea of the operation canoed it to bo regardedoot of goodnd valid backing, Sinco-it waa seemingly within tho guidance ofa well aa the authority and it tea SnnmHntwiy rurnlabod on tho premieojtnodiatoiy produced vst tantatateatarger ems edvanced after delay* UHCOLB wan inmdlitely tjovlead 03 ara fa and ratification rooueirt-od. was also told, at the tine of delivery, that any other sums advanced would havs to bo cleared byhrough hia group.

S. Some eaeuxity apeculatlooa occur tcreoult of

the debriefing, which are idvancod for consideration in regard the otatua Of CALUCEHTEl

Also he la tor inopccted ooeapa tunnel of CALUCERIS and it was largo enough for BARBELL to stand eroct therein

B, ERRATIC debrioftngs imply said Putsch robbed ERRATIC of

election victory and gave ABBESS an excuse to void elect loestablish militaryeem


C C. JJVIA states ooae local speculation whether CAILIGERTS not ARBEBZ ctoogo to absorb oxtornal boatiljo fundn. , Sixth mootdng)

aluable contrlbutloa olT ERBITIC ic too ntt^iad list, ofCoamnLsts In Goatoaala. (Sao Kichth sooting,-Sana 6) .


Plwtoatats-CoBsrjnlst lists

8i CFB/ods


ncl as noted above inncl as noted above inncl as noted above In single copy*

Deb reefing of JUVTA

In re mootingHflATIC onU, evanlng (Eighth Hoetlng).

la EBS&TTC ototed LAHOZA left Guatamha January lUSalvador on Uio Gaa? day. Ho loft Salvador onh forPU, ERRATIC caw bin both days. LARUZ* le J'/Ji centime tnra tallbrown eyes; and, when ERRATIC last sof hia, he vas in vary poorand count vlth cvollonand cheeks, and suffer-

ing froa high blood pressure. Se isoars old* LABQZAlnos, la QoataoaOa near tbo border of Mexico. ERRATIC sends registered nail to Tapachala, Hoxieo,BDZA picks it up, and than xocroooos the border Into OmtonO* where ho distrlhutoa It.


ffsoororal people loft Guatemala and passed

throng!They were drank and bragged to ERRATIC

that CALLI0EEI8 needed then lnrsdiatoTy bocauao ho was going to startthing big* ERRATICis nan wall. MTj.Tfntnrfi only euffioiontly pays bis top wan but not tbo underlings. Ho bos tho underlings practically on otarring wages, and coasec/umtly ESBATIC Boat loss than soney vbanever be than. Those nen asked for and roeoivodroa Mb,

Last Sunday Item Black of the world Bankloft fcaflVBdor for PBPHLbB and with Mb wont hls'Secrctary,mRRASTE. Tfcoy will bo In VaaMngtoa onEBRARTBEE4TIC Re 1stontacta^pM&fP ho epont mtch tana with In oustingntnUnt

lea vu of Sbsonoo to bocono Minister of Eooncsdoo Cof xbkaxic.t the acasit recruiting loyal, able young ana of enti^CccromUit oonf-iaenU nov studying, or who hove in the past etedind, in PBPSTME. Hia plano use those won, or to obtain froa tbea,iK^Trstlonj for tbe pro-posafl Govornueni. Thoy can bs used In subordinate posta alneo the higher poete ehould, of coerce, bo filled by more aaturo, loyal, able aen whosupport tho novezent and ^eopardisn their lives and fartuma ooabatdng CoociinlBsU,Lopes REBEAflTPs brother. Dr. harUno L. BERSAIffX. bow Inkovioo fibliciUng assistance of oisdlarly vellum! lfiod young ma ln that'cotmtry,.

be The following incidental facto say be pertinent:

A. Dr, Lopes nEBRARTE told ERRATIC that Gallic nao TORIEUfl, now Minister of Exterior Belstlons for Guatoneia, spread the runcr in Washington,prior to hlo departure to 'inmw the poat,tint tho CoBsuulste would stop thoir propaganda against the United States when ho, TORTELLo; aasamod office*

B. nBcently, Dr. Lopes IJUiflUGT said itnown fact tho Guatemalan Enfaaaay in .auhiagton conferred privately vlth Pretddent Eioonhowor and that lt Mas agreed In exchange for removing John Cabot the Guatenalans would cease their campaign agadnat tba United Statea and cooperate at Caracas.

0. Dr. hones HEHBAHTE also stated in his opinion Captainho ia tno(bead of DoparUnento Agrarlo National},bad raallisd all too la to what waa taking place in theV on and although he wan tod to torn froa the CcHsnrlote* be waa in too deep and Is now unable to do so. (Hotei might be defector prospect).

escendant of an Italian soldier of fortuneto Cuatomala. & be contracted to deliverractora. Tbe Oovonzaorrt paiddollars rash. ActnaUy tbe tractora axe purportedbeen pilfered from aa CDlTjrg dump ls Berth Africa,Oeneral Clark'a old equipment* Thay- were purchased bygroup at tbe ridiculously low price of thirty Hla ftally and henchman redeved this profit. Hereportedly mil king tho preaent Government forcan.

regard to the provisional cabinet personnel

ar Sinister of Foraign Rolatians, EHSATJC haa mentioned (lie-rothar of (Gnateaalaa Military Attache to ktaardsgtaa, rrflj Enzisoa^BALlA. Ha ia very pro-Amoricanighly^ auccaaflTul lawyer ln nualiaaala (Botai He la also attorney tot rbaronon Parm^T, which la can ef tbeamjilee Inie Is oolf-oade and of tba middle class aa ia Ma brother. He la popular with all olementa and classes. He haa workedong time underground against tba Coaiuniata but tea always refuood publicity and party affiliation ao be could remain acceptable to everyone* Ho cooflnsntially advised ERRATIC during bin IpSto campaign for the presidency*

2. AS an alternate Miniotor of Foreign Relations there la ^Lici Lois' BiXT TtftHKWA Bi>>. ERBHTIC thinks highly of the son;-but not of the father. The fatherery intelligent aen but heoose talker and aaauaae many airs* Be is from the old colonial aristocracy and this fact occaal anally overcomes him. Ho simply la not


cautious. Too eon, however, is nodoat, able, and an excellent public speaker. He has the confidence and backing of the old families of Guatemala.

olonel* Auturq BAHIHfcZ is the best choice for MinLatar ofreSto" Bopobllco. He waa educated In the United States* In Guatemala in tbe past he has hold the post of Minister of Agriculture and later Ministercfonae. He left office when OBI CO took control because he disliked his stem dictatorship. He predicted the CoaaaanisTt trend of theovera-nant and took part in tho first plot against AHSVALO. after which he waa exiled to Coata Rica* He la nowears old and has an intimate knowledge of the sources of revenue and financial aspeote of Guatemala.

ERRATIC never fails to mention in any eorioaa conversation hie appreciation of the problem jmt the canpeainos. He stated, this time, the worst social problem in Guatemala is the drinking of the canpeainos. He does not believe complete prohibitionolation bananas he does not think it could be successfully accomplished. However, he believes It worthy of thought to contemplate shifting the campesino taste from Guaro or Aguardiente to Wine. Guaro is almply poison but the Indian will seise any excuse to drink it. Tbe drinking of Gnaro aapa the essential energy of the country and podaoha the people. EHBATIC nadd if atLno were made available to them through Government measures, then thereemote chance the canm<wrino night bo prevailed upon to change his bahita* ERRATIC foala tha change wouldood one since he has noted tho difference betaeon the people who drink wine and thet The Chileans, Argentines* and others drink wine and profit from tbe vitamin and groat food value. It builds than np rather than tears people down* it could be imported ln bulk end ddatribated Cheaply duty free- KSRATXC states the natives think Aguardiente Is tatmOM or nector from the gods. Hany times he boaamily walking through tha woods* The father loads tbe procession and then comes tba wife, slater, and cMldrwi. Afterong drink from tbe bottle be will then pass it down the line to the other members of the family until everyone hasaste* Evan the smalt children areittle and babies' lips are wetted. He eays it la possible to evaluatehange to wine might Bake in tola example alone. He feels omntuaUyhift could well change the entire characterowerful element In Guatemalan eoelety and economy.

6. ERRATIC gave toix pagesotal of approximately fiffcy-five names of Coitaunista in Ouatemala which are attached bore-to.

7. For the Minif Agriculture BBtMTC would prefer Don^Meauel RAUtf . Heelf-taught agronomist and ERRATIC has observed tbo past Ministers of Agriculture bar* always been divorced froa reality and operated in theoretic eonfnstonl The Ministry has never boon of real help to tha agricaltorlsts because of tha political hacks and theoretical atodents who have iisaiowsil. the Ministry and it has accordingly aeesaplisbed nothing* ERRATIC lo vary Impressed with what Salvador has accompli abed for itsand would Ilka to do the sens for Gustssala. Tbs prosont Agrleultoro School in ChAtawala passes Its tins la football, target practice, etc.ough example tothe ImfTeeidvwnoas of that Ministry waa indicated when ERRATIC was Governor of San Hareoe. Ho was invited by tho local Ramd of tha Agricultural Station to asks an Inspection of spas Crops. fiERaSC arrived en hnTaahentt at'clock In tbs saralag near tha spentnteri sawrUBg place. He atopped at astore and aaksd precisely where ha could find the wan ha was to east* The wosan told hia to go through the fields until ba to the Boat stated dleoaaed aUpe crop be tbs one belonging to the nchool, He did so and foold that epokon thenother exsnpls is illustrated ln thaitbs al school to proTide training In coffee growing is located alUtade. whereas coffee only grows effectively up to anfeat* a the bsbb type as Roberto (JUlUlunEB of Salvador, ERRATIC desires outelde torfrniral sjf end Infonmtion* Prsoootly the Agriculturalas no central Information Roman. Such a

reat help. Thorn baa never been continuity in the crop ioog& staple food must be la coBstaut eopply and oast ba aobjoct to meet fwtnra ifnder present conditions,xenandous cropow prise, followedear withonsoonontly axtitsaalyprlos, Eo advicoivwn endpltarra Klnic-Vy la not even mm ofaach loss the cstinated yield, ood exsmplo Isho wore growing wtttntn crops for several years withou* RiniBtry even being aware of It* when tbsy finally food itely livied vorytaxes which proclcdod that crop Bt all. Vbaa ZRSATIC was Coventor of Sen aareos hs es tho proveilanco of hsad end body lice in various areas. DDT bad not; rada ita appearance on tho uarkat. Ha boowma apprisedrop eal plrotro which could be used In pulverised end liquid fora to conbat

for lnfonaMaon and started planting tale crop as well to cultivate it sleo* Cnoovernaa&t/ Lwd to know air about tho crop end told hia beeease It would ruin the Boil. ERRATIC laee dia te ly which had been growing it for Infonaaticn regarding Its end received repltea stating it had no advice of adversewhatsoever. However, by that tlaa, the planters were so discouraged by agent that all cultivation of It hod stopped ana,esult, tho body line returned In force, there being no deterrent^


A good prospect for tbe position ef Minister of Public Education iaKariano I, opes*rother of Snrloae LopcsgABAHTA. Thin nanroaLaont surgeon and well-fitted and qualified for the office, however, ERRATIC vould not insist on any particular nan becauae tho re are nany able "profeaaores" (tfonen teachers)perbapa night bo ersn better Qualified and would accept without dcaurring about the low salary involved.


tbe Riaiater of Social Help and isal stance, Effitnc nerely thinkfl Dr. Mariano Lopes AffiBZA well-onalifiad for this offJ.ce>

r the Office of Chief Justice ha would roeaanand Jbsue Undft


, Ua.,iuwjtjBr big prohloa ino gain the oiaawat to reunite toe country* and to raunite tba tOnsBee.naro dons great osTsatttkm la brfngiae class strife totry. Hen of intalligance axe in need who can osnonatrate Co allthay understand particular probleaa anddoing tvawthing aboutwealthy olaaahole baa 1st all prestige and authority slipbands and display little or no lntfirast, Thay are apathetic. goranawmt, of course, encourages tola njatttiaa and gloats thatclass does nothing Sor the wnnitry* SlBaSrc feels wealthy Banencouraged to accept sppointaeate* tbar* are aany intelligent,lathis class who haveasdcouateT^bToad. Thay are. tfflt^naljy

and understand tho thinking abroad} the OoToraasnt now calls too classand claia* they bare no ettlo.ould prevail upon tbaag^WffflWPrand sttupaaV and tbat theydo aacb foru^Teznaant and *or tbs prestige of their


handxlcanW atayloff at ths 'tan Mmdo Hotel whof ships operating in toois naaa ia aafanl fftrtnW asfro* SaiTador elao. Becaornackeasing for Tapesbola. fflnaaS was lidfexsjsda) BORTU^atinaragofl to cslvade? (Bote* re^ntMtaejs^ractmtly werA to toe Dnitod Etaiaa and cbtatnsd acresono flouroa to continue tiicliun^lWateaala*odfather of BRBATIC. mxfX and KBHATTC stent to solitary school together and ERUATTC ia very close to both father andOZHAH also said EUFOfl continually offers to do great deeds bat never parfaras.

13. ERRATIC said one of his key raon in the Quaternion City Orgsnlsa-tlon was 0rbano*MAHTIHEZ. He originates policy and also iapliraents It, Re my be reaches'Girough Karco_ To. llo^OlfiAS at the Inpranta El Loparcinl.

ltu ERRflTIC dlocussed in more detail the plan of Jose Lais' ^RSSAS. BARBER/ stated the plan of ARENAS to pose as an antl-Conamnlst and take refuge in the Salvadoran Kmbassy in Ouatenala uas well-Jawvn to the ERRATIC underground prior to the date the plan uas put into action {Notoi ABEHAS took refugeh while ERRATIC reported tohat thlB woe his intention onebruary). ERRATIC reiterated his fonaar charge that tho emu,flrfllod, clever, Coanunist agent who was seeking to enter Solvado?ifihstfle to the^irrent Guatemalan Governnent. ERRATIC further pointed out the nanumber of too Rational Asasahly and had no need for the sanctity of an Embassy. Ue said it has been well known to his tmder-groand for sons tine that not only, waa ARENASccrainjst but also that (fcolonea) AIberto*FDNES, fialvadoran Aafcaasador to Oostenela^ in whose Ef&aasy ARE5A5 would take earjrf&fcv, was syapathetic and cooperative with


Vfctor Manuel Gutierrez Juan Joofi Arevaloo Alfredo. Guana Borges Manual Pinto Oeaga Max Ricardo Cuenca Gullierrno Ovando Arrlola Mario Sllva Jonama Rodolfo Tuentea AlvaradoMarco Antonio Villamsx Contreras

Gonzalez Juarez Abel Cuenca

Joa6 Manuel fortune'

Carloc Manuel JeHecer

Alfonso v


Julio Rstrada Ce la Hoz*- w


Augusto Cbarnaud Macdonald

Jaime Diaz Rozzotto

Dr. De Buen Lozano (espaflol)

Dora /franco

Tranclso Fernandez Foncoa


Lic* Alfonso Garcia Bauer LlO* Otto Raulie. Alfonco Orantaearlos Gonzalez Orellana Ho* aoberto Glrtfnie. Jose* Humberto Hernandez Coboa 'Lie. Alvaro Hugo Salguexo Dr. Raul Osegueda Lie, Julio Gonozlia

:ga Garafa,-

arrie*lfonaovsi^jullo Uur^ Kendaa. tontenaeye I. foia Uconaw i

Lie. Antonio CruzMedardoJorge LuiaErnesto CapuaLeopoldo Casteliacoo CarrilioAbel RecinosGulllerao NoriegaJulio GomezBalllo Zea GonzalesEl car do Asturlae ValenauelaAu^ustoTort alio L,

Lie. Ricardo Chaves Backnann Juan Angel FrfResAlfonso <bMdOesJulio cfiMi lendeza. Constantino DuartoJuan aayorgafluiuanso'

Kaffllro OiaoBam Paniagua

ifM^UdM aVtfdaaa -




Silvo Falle Lie. David Vela "OB$.lAiis Caceroa

da Alvarado Jerez Darin -OUo Pales Oscar Vargas Romero Lta^Fedro Guillen Coataftoh Lie* Zeldro Leous limb Manuel Lonus Dinea Lie. Heralnio 0arcIn Aaturiaa lose Agullar Co tero (Locutor) Oacar Jimenez de Ledn

Alfonso Alurlc Bannet

Lie. Miguel Angol Floruzc

Arturo Horaloo Cubas

rancisco Sllva Falia

Lie. Arcadio Chavez

Consuelo perelra

Enrique Juarez Toledo

Dr. vomer Ovalle Ldpez

Antonio Alxorzn

Horecio Ozaeta Mendoz

Lie. Hector Morgan Garcia

Juan Job6 Tejada

Mariano Arevolo Bormojo


Mayor Bracamonto Mayor Alfonso Martinez Mayor Octavio Salguero

Raul Igleeiee Capitan Francisco Horazdn Rafael Santieateban Enrique Viteri Justo Bufino Cabrera Cnel, Rogello Cruz rferioa Rosenberg

Lic. Miguel Antonio Alv&rado(Honour.adilla Iriarte Castro Conde (HeraianosJ



siivo fails

EicarfloCarmenTerencioMaria Tarssadeapatto 1)

Henda rntaatux .Sarrien'<%

rondo do


Sra. Guadalupe porras


Jaime Pineda S,

Juana Drrutia

Prof. Oscar Ely Gordllio

Alirlo Heclnoa

Sra, Kscoilna Qarrldo Guillermo Marquez Sra. Adrians Ronero Era. Hilda Perez JiUia Alberto Car dona Jaime Barriosntonio Yaldes R. ClodoToo Torres tfoz Br. Rlcardo Remixes Jesda Soles H. Bend Rubin

Rr. Carlos Alarcon U.

Mario, Toledo :

Kanuel Sanchez;.i .;


fief ino jayarado' Sra. apoiiaikifiiruentea fluiliexBO Ruano Lucero .

Basandd Donadd -

Lois Arxoafifl

f5lls Gandaxa 0, .

redro Feiiia^dBS

Jorge Sierydv,

Maardo del >YaUe bijo _

Jorge Lois SLas

Otto Yulle -

lama el Mactrain del Abulia Q.

aaxael poianeo

Victor tx*&n

tz Moraloe


Uaandro Tax


anue^Banoa^Bej {a

Ana-el Pais Beife

Oscar Diaz hijo Daniel Vanegas Rolando Calderdn Carmen Castafleda Roberto Medina H. Lisandro Marin Batrocinlo CariasGarcia Celeetlnd Blanco AUgusto Soldrzano Carlos Morales

Alfredo Humberto Cabrera Reclnoa Rafael Gonzales Carlos Ovalld o. Prof. Oacar Koranrinidad iXftUfd-Fernando Ouzaan Abigail Valvar* Prof. Clprlano Tellez h. Josua Vasquez Zoila de Saso Bugenlo Llna

Ester Sandoval Bocanegra erSt

Valentin Paniagua ' .'ft&ftfEy Jpee Antonio Monroy JonfiLanfur Faentra Felipe Saxddn Mttufr Zola da Corzo Oacaruia del Cid lie; Oacaraljangos

ontaza MtiuanlcHoriaiVde awralaa tlllo Marrocuts Buano ., Brries^ Carrllla

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V-if:ttfiWnai;" :

: ..

Rafil Ldpez gueta Augusto Cazaii Fidel de la Rosa Mdxiao Ortega Raalro Obregdn Oscar Kecinarr era Braullo A* Figueroa Enrique Molina G. Arturo Morales hijo Manual Trejo Narciao Sarda palencla Julio Ndjera Alejandro Falla Juan MoXan Higinlo Martinez Prof. J. Andres Samayoa Alberto Jimenez

JOS5 GUEfflili

narciao Jiaanez LaopoldO Saso Manuel Marroqufn Gerdnioo Rojae Oavaldo- ToledorddBea Fornando de Lctfn poxraa Enrique Adolfo Rodriguez Juarez Obdulio Cabrera David Mazarlogoo Obando-Alfonso Molina Florea Ottp PeHatc


Sftendo; Menu ol MidalxaXoboa arcia Bacollna Gnrrido ,Xelva de RooltsAntoniooaeo. /lYarado ralanco


SWes^to ttaxia torale*;yialjnan

Xannel ^ncbta."

flaudib lOrand* (Cubano) XuiB aosBOtb

Ide^Jto%DM>jMa' Duran.

CO'!;MSTAS iiJ liUAi.'i'ALA


Turiuuan Cueiior Lorenzona Gilbor to GoLoranis Marin Jerez dolsa Gonzalez Ticac Oscar Bautir>tn Gonzalez ManueL Monroy Florae Arturo HernandezTernanod Valdez Df aa Joaquin fialdonado jMaztmina Va Ida'sernardoduargodxiand' Moronoi uaberto.

Abruliao Hun6 Vigueroi.

Pedro Otto Cabrora

Iraa de Aivarcdo

aorta Cautiilo de rflojfo

onrlf>ue Aco:Co Rodrf^uuz

Irof. Carlos Avendailo (StavkCforaffQ)

ncos 'Jojta

Oonaalo SancoVul


Eisa deorge3 Josfi Luij Herrera Juan Antonio Rodriguezastillo.


Carrilio Oscar Bautintn Rodolfo Galiotl Torres Francisco Ptnrtfn da lofln porflxio Agullarorge Hedlnllla jeaaa Soils Boanerges Kopada Vlctoriano Ramirez Junto IturrloaBanlxo; ponce Xonrpy Julio' Sotooberto DiazBernardo Garcia' Zapata Alalde Poppa te Solorzano

Joofi Enrique Torres Juan Antonio Prdnco.

Juana 'larta Cores Rurnoi Rivera Gutilomio Grajodu .'iona Juliolia Jose1 Rufino Ronero Rocet tLouterlo Alvarez Hulaailn Antontaro ^uezada Marco Antonio Blancov&rado Jacobo Rodriguez ladSniiquo Torres 1

Alejandrouto Albarto Lavandorolra


j^j'tAQtdnlo Fernande^^

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