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of Station, Huate-nala



Reference: 1

In compliance with the Inatructlona set forth in reference dls-natch, there ia being transmitted herewith in duplicate the firsteries of the "Weekly EU?IRE Operational Reports." In order to meet pouch deadlines and to keep the lsst-mlnute rush on the pouchesinimum, it has been decided locally to prepare this weekly operational report each Friday. Data set forth in each FT report will accordingly oover the period Friday morning through Thursday afternoon.

As will be noted, the name of the offioer responsible for each FT has been noted on each FT. As additional PTs come to our attention, cable advioe from your headquarters will be requested.

Cyrus b. Humetto



Weekly KUPIRT Report


i on:

tt (in dap-)

tt (in single copy)

tt (in single copy)


;'T/1 ESCOHSOM Project

Responsibleeorge L. Tranger

Tho principal nrentus been briefed regarding targets of interest and lt ia believed that he and his sub-amenta canthe desired coverage. It is noted, however,nd his sub-agents do not have access toeyol target Project agents are considered low and middle leveland by reason of educational and social background nre unlikely to develop high level contacts. Nonetheless, their contacts ln other than top level echelons are believed to be valuable and will probably produce desired information. Principal contributors to coverage of targets will, and 7. ill continue to provide operational background information relating to travel, biographic data, etc. Their contribution to theargets cited in reference will probably be nominal since they do not havo the mobility and required accessibility. There have been no operational changes Hue to tho reorientation of the oporatlon for FSSilCCESSsea. Security remains good; no contact/communications problems

presently exist. Effective 1

increasedper monthot sent tohis Increase will not cause operational ezpenaeaeod tho ostinate costs forited in reference.


Rvisj'onsi 'leyrusBurnetts

umerous contacts wit:.in Spanish and Guatemalan groups as well as within diplomatic and consular circles continue to. afford reporting station with timely information on personalities and groups. :iis information to date continues to be more KUFIRE In nature but hoeing briefed on the current necessity of providing information whichservouide In future policy planning. He is also bcim briefed on the necessity of concentrating his efforts w'thlnevel pro-Tovernment political circles although, as will bo noted fro:r. hia raat performance, he ls^fairly well entrenched in such groups at present. The security aspect of this Fr is believed good but efforts are being made to rrovide himore secure place of contact. Currently we areuthorization-tocnt who is Escrow's cut-out for his purchase of anwhich will bo used principally In contacts with iscrow for the present. Communicationso Case Officer an; -iscrow aro channeled through the cut-out and there is no present reasonhannel is not secure. .Iscrow's monthly salary continues ta bo lus an average ofC o cover oxjsonses incurrod by him during ills'or us.

iVeekly KUPIHS Honor


responsibleeorge L. Tran-.er

It is believed that the mission for this task as described in reference shouldconomic intelligence desired through SSOTKiilC." ur knowledge the cryptonywas never beon assignod andypographical error orisunderstanding regarding identities, ESOTERIC was formerly known asN and i3 OTROPSefore they both withdrew from the ESCOKSOh" operation in Julyot sent to Lincoln).

oted that both would continue to cooperate aith this stationoluntary basis as unpaid informants, and rsoTROrz would assist in the preparation of KL'noSN materials, translation work,nd would bo reimbursed at the rate of C onth from ?SPLANA!>I: project funds, Tho nswly assignedasks therefore represent increased activity on the part ofut she has agreed to undertake the desired coverage. ?or the tine bein? it is planned to continue her salary at tha rate of er month. If, as anticipated, her assignments require greateron her tirre, an upward adjustment will be made.

Except for auch prominent organizations as the communist-line Alianza Pemanina Guatemlatecaur coverage of women's activities and organizations has not been complete in the past. AsROPE will concentrate on the development of paych/lntolliganceto Major womon's groups. At the same time she willtudy of the entire target area to provide basic information essential to evaluating current reports and possibly to plan future action. She will, Tor example, attempt to answer such basic questions as the following (about which we presently have only limited) estir/!to the effectiveness and influence of wonon in political afnlrs; b) what factors contribute to effectiveness oror womon's groups? c) which soclal-econor,lc levels are most active? apathetic? d) etc.

It is doubtfulIC will make an appreciable contribution in the collection of oconomic intelligence. Since his withdrawal fron the E'r-ill' V. ore rati on he has heip fully servedhannel of con:nunieations with EE0TRGF1 and has occasionallyn'T economic matters. However, Vic appearsreoccupied with poraonal business matters an. does not aprear to beo expend extra effort ln the collection of information of interest. Nonetheless, relations between he ani TPASOrJF are very cordial and an effort will be made to extract pertinent informationon opportunities rerr.it,

n no currentnnl problems in connection with this task; conton7iuni cations are believed secure.



FT/1; .

For tho information of Lincoln, subject has beenfor

some time and currently Isandled by that station. Ke have no contactim and this FT will henceforth be disregarded.


Responsibleyrus E. 3urnette

Since news of the recent plot against this government was madeboth ESODIC and hia older brother,ave exhibited an attitude of extreve caution. eriod of approximately twoh were of the definite impression they werounder surveillance by tho local authorities. For that reason contact with them wasand carefully managed. At this writing both brothers are jointly workingroject for Case Officer which calls for evaluating an extensive liBt of KSBURNT Army Officers. It is planned that when they have completed the project, which may take another ton days, they will bo briefed on the necessity of carefully developing thoaowhom they consider beyond any doubt to be pro-US/anti-CP. The security of this FT is only fair at prosont; however, extreme caution continuea to bo exercisedystem of danger signals ondv.-alternat-neeting places Is being worked out. At present no communications in written form are passed between either brother and Case Officer. No money currently la involved but the older brotheras been told that he must feel free to accept reimbursement for any expenses incurred in obtaining information for ua. It is planned that eventua ho will betraight salary which, if accepted, will give us more control than we havo at prosont.


Responsibleenneth S. Olvloch

Aa yet the opportunity has not presontod itself for an attempt to develop the subject. It is planned that the approach will be made in the near futureeport submitted at thnt time.


Lincoln is advised that the subject of this VT is in Mexico and until further notice the FT will bo disregarded horo.



Provisional operational clearance hns been obtained for theof these individuals and they aro now being used to provido trave Information. Ho prosross hus yot been made in obtaining their aid for tho desired defection envisioned by this Field Task.


y?MT pox



above cryptonym was assigned subject at approximately the same time referenco dispatch was prepared. Lincoln now has the irect approachmade to subject on lLkjlcne agreed that for onth plus possible travel expenson when ary.no: to travel ror us he would furnish as much information or. the n? as cane to his attention, lie haa had no hesitancy ln furnishing us with reports ln his own handwriting. Has not hesitated toeceipts for money with nis true nomo and ir. ot.-ier ways has river, tho Impres-ion that he has full confidence in ann is forking exclusively for ua. hethor or not the latter is true will be seen In the future. lover individual whose native intelligence belies his appearance. Control over him atconsists of retention of thoso handwritten reports and signed receipts and control overmounts of money he receives from us, oecurity of the FT is believed Sood although stens arc boin^ takon to improve it. Corcnunicotlons betwoenlJSKR and the Case Officer consist solely of accepting written notes from him. in writin- is ever ;Iven hir by the Case OTicer. His roliabUitv has not as yet been established but If and when it is, subject will be brirfed and asked to furnish Information on details of thekru-military preparations within labor groups. He has been evaluated aa an f source in the post but current conslderntion islovatlnn himater.ory.

FT/10 . VAIVADft

Responsibleyrus ". i'urnette

Direct contact between theloor and VAIVADA has. ninesIVASA lias beenoct contact with "SCPOiV. The initial mooting *asarranged and was carried out without incident. Since that tircel*yi? andefit on anf twice each week in oroer to exploit ESCROW's potential to the fullest extent. The Caseleer and VAIVAfAon the average of twice each week especial! on tneollowing oach reetin^SCRCii. ond VAIVALA. ihu- far the security of the meetings between VAIVADA and Case Offlci la oellevod pood, mootrearranged placeged hour. n;er signals .between the two have been worked out satisfactorily ass "double talk" telennone conversations. Coriiiunications are passed between the Case Officer and Tim: far taoro iias been no indication that securltv Is in Innrer. VAlVA'yn Zlsg Officer "or adwl-lstrstivo sunport andhannel to nead uurter-s. ve have requested cable authorization to reimburse mm forhlch he has mirchased andsed .jrl.rr.rily in nis contactsw. 'io date no roj.lv to the cable nas been rocelvod.

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