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Kooloeec' herewith le the project outline for project EBIOPHYLLOTS pertalnlnc to pbsuccess.


X - nels

nfo Headquarter* *' eaele


Project outline4 DlatrlbuUoni

mtarnn aroa ism1


project efioprtllcos


of Oparatlonai

Baeioelly Hloarmcua, with Central Amarloa and Maxleo affeotad ta thaleoal propaganda li ploked up and re-dlaaealnated.

TaootroLled aedlun far dleaeainatloa Of propaganda required by tba PBSUCCESS ETOOWB aperatloo.

8. Baokgroundt

The preaent outlets available teWOOmV purpoaei

previse facilities far plaooaent efmi at aatarlal la central and to mom* extant spaelTl* aatarlal pertaining to Ouataoalai bowever, the outlets are net auffloleotly eeatrelled to oakouatal&ed and ooaeentrated attaok oa apeolflo targete. Far this raaion. Itroup whlob la activated both ostensibly aad aotually by ideological reasone for at tao king oeaumlea end tha preaent govornaeot of Ouateaala. The group whloh la hareia oonteoplatad leroup.

** Rafaranoaai



ront whloh will inoriginate anddlreoted agalnat ooanunisn In Central Aaarloatheof Ouateaala.

'disseminate aueh aatarlal as la furnished to thaa by thathe out-out.

6. Targetsi

Present government of Ouateaala and aoamcmism ln Central Amarlea. ^immunlsm in general is not believed toegioel target, slnee thia la amply covered by HBDRILL.


4 /




a. Th* Prlneipalto recruit eubjeot n anonjaaoua bualeeea group composed or PBPRIUR ood KXFLUSH eltlgene whoInterested lo combatting tho spread of aosnunlca la Contra! Americai after th* formation of the required croup by aub>ot ofT toand oontrol th*f amid group ln the carrying out of the objeotlTea llatad In para 6. To eeeure perlodlo aaoountlnga from the group of funda expended. To aot aa out-out for paaalng propaganda material and funda to the group.

B< c--teront eompeaed ef Ouateulan altlaama In exile under the dim of "Ouateaaleoee Librea*lallar naa*. Te appoint Udlrlauala la the group to carry out group teaks andthat they are performed. To am In te In llalaoa with the prlnaipal agent and to ae* that teaks aaalgnod by hla are aarrlod out. To wake any neoea-aary arrangementa with tbe loaal government legalising th* group aad Ita aotl Htles.

C. Frontoriginate propaganda directed agalnat ooMaunlni In Central America and particularly egalnat th*t goTernment of Guatemala. To diaeeslnat* aueh propaganda together with that which la furnlahod to lt by means ofeatera, newspaper aad radio. In the un of the front group.

8. Coordinationi

Aialataao* ef*nd Llnooln will b*

required for ruralablng propaganda material to tho group.


a. RefiP IdentityIdentity

10. Co van

Operational er Security Clearanoei granted byi RU8TIC--PQC granted by.


C. Ceae offloer withaoclal relationships.

KYBA'ftfJ'flSaCCTSS H- Contnot and Communlaatloni

officer and principaltaot wienormal aoolftl relations.

t aadcoxmunloetlo.nito b* aat up aftor tha cub-agentrecruited by the principalprincipal egeot haa an offlae In the city which he may deaireor he nay deaire to ban the sub-agento hla the prograa will be planned in advance, it im aot fereeeeo thatthan enae weekly will be necessary.

apeelal problems ef oomwaralcatlen are fereeeeo.

view ef the faet that Meetings will beoutlne'naturepertiea available at places of businoes er at borne, ne alternateooanunloatlona are beliared neoeaaary.

12. Control and Motivation!

la baeloally financialiL

18* Equipment end other Supporti

He apeolal equlpnent will be required. Support froa headquartera end Llnooln In furoiablag appropriate propaganda and propaganda guidance will be required.

14. Oeneral Cownentm

At the preaent tlae It ia contemplated that upon th* completion of the Internal organisation of the group, lt will lasue,aid advertleement token In all localtatament of the fast of ita exletenoo, to gathertatesent of Its pellale* and ebjaotlT**. It L* believed that the latter ahould be prepared by Llnooln in order that lt will agree with, at least in easenoe, the stated objectives aad poMolea of SCOM8KR. This will aeooaplleh two purpoaeai (a) It will Immediately establish before the publio the faot of the exlatenoe ofroup so that lt will be knowneal Identity when future propaganda la published In Ita name, (b) It will establish good will oa th* part of the newspapers toward the group for having spent money on advertising| having spent money for advortlalng onee. It will presumably do oo aglen, making the newspapers






tlve to th*ublication* releasee from th* group. Following th* Identification of th* group in thepubllo mind, ltro-poaed that It shall hlr* radiorobably on* hour dally, which shall consistusiaol program with propaganda interaperoed at thatraight propaganda program would not bo llatenedto, and lt la believed that propaganda put forth ln terae statement* at th* breais would b* muoh mora In addition to tho radio program tha group will maken Ita nam* rolatlT* to ourrent events In Guatemala, dither real er fiotltiouaj it will aeoure the publloation In the leoal press of material furnished by headquarters and Llnoolniuataiaed oenpalgnarticular theme ia daaired, it will buy the neoaaaary apao* In the newspapora if It eannot obtain It free. Thla oan be don*ormat that does not appear as an adTortieementi howoTer, la som* Inatanoea lt lethat propaganda which isaid advertisement will be more effective than what appears totraight news atery, aa the format oan be arranged more effectivelyll attention, plua tha fact that It will be definitely Identifiedroup whlah la known to have ftrat hand aouraea of information.

Aa part of the paidcampaign. Itontemplated that in It* original ad, the group will atate that contributions from aympathlzera will be weloome. In later ads, names of hundred* of contributore, flotltioue If aeeeaaary and Including th* names of aom* known loftlat aympathltere, will b* Included together with the amounts contributed, again fiotltloua. For larger auna, the naaea anonymous will b* uaed. Thla ahould explain the aouree of funda of the group together with or*atlng friotion among the local Guatemalan sympathiser*. It will ala* demonatrate popular local aupport.

For oontrol purpoaes It la not oontemplated that the group will be oempoaed ef moreorking foroe, probably not to exceed ten persona; more than thla number la likely to reault in Internal frlotton and make th* group unwieldy for motion purpoaee.






project EBionnru,oi's



16. Estimated Coati

ar month far this project, provided tha projaot ia approved.. It la probable that on* salary not toar month will havo to b* paid ia order to assure one full-time persoo devoting hia entire effort! to the project. At the preaent time It la impossible to atate how nuah In additional ooats will ba inourred, as this is dependent upon the Intensity of the campaign deelred by headquarters. Ho waver, in view of aziatlng directives, it la believed that theill be adequate.

A. There are ao present oommitaieata. ERISTIC has been reoruited to aot as prlnolpal agent if the project is approved, but no commitments have been made to him.

S. There will be no agent diaposal problems.

eemaitmenta with regard to death benefits, eto. have been made.

ahang* in th*t government would probably requireof tha project provided the new government warothe preaent government of Guatemala* ftowavar.hangeforeseeable within tut passible Ufa ofJiVeet.


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