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DATEi iO hrs. PUCBi War Room


first, indicating this would beuick rerlaw

einoe thereelseon being sat up for.iscussion of allto ba taken op at the meeting.

On arrival at EQS he was briefed by J. Esterllne that evening on situation as JZ sav It. oll orIncluded two repreBontalTeseddy and L. Barry) froain addition! to the normal coordinating ooamlttee. Bethe State Dept. haa bo com apprehensive over PBSOCCSSS and thatwas aade In official language at thla mating that theof the State Dept. vould be that they vould not under anysupport PBSUCCESS If it as ant thateveronentInvolved in any vay| that the State Dept. was/willingf non-lntarvantloD for the Quateaalanra lo ted that lt be read In the record tbat the atateaont, govemaont would not be involved beyond notional orbio reelings on the subject and hla attitude

toward the prohlea eince lt was laid on by IOC. Be said that ve had made no coaadtaDnts that. could not be pulled out of and If ve do pull out now ve loee face among theand ve would never be able to aount an operation of this kind ln Ouateaala again,Jjtatad that In approximatelyays the altuatlon would be such that whereas ve rwy desire to pull out, lt vould not alter the oourae of evantai ve Could not pull out. Inays tho movement vould be bo rood recall.

una asked if ve felt that va vould bo able to carry: thla

offoatlsfactoiily. Ho answered "yes" and ha gave the first part of Juno as thi date of readiness at which they aeansd surprised.

He Insisted that he had toote ofonee, that there vould be no change In PBSUCCESS. Mr, WISNER said that all discussionsolicy level wore to be beardbut aa faroncerned ve vera to continue vlth tha operation and as far as CIA was concerned there was not any thought whatever of pulling back. Wo ware to pull for the earllost date of readiness.

Mr. Lsddy was infornodWan being ssds available

to exploit all defection possibilities. at HQS now working

with personnel thoreefection plan.


Pessimism exhibited by State Dept. mads tbe nooting mostfroa that angle.

J, C. King is going to bring Loddy end Barry to LINCOLN infuture, perhape the oarly part of next woe* and we mat bea critical attitude froa the

eked the Oaa. CABSLL bo requested to modify'his order olosing and thia la being extended for tha duration of PBSUCCESS.

The queetion of aoraeone to apoalc to SOMOZA cans up. JfeJ.tOen* Charles MULLEN, who haa had extensivo experience ln Latin American and who founded the Military Academy in Nicaragua, vaa named but he had not been approached./" authorised to go talk to Oan. WLtHT and Itvas planned that the general vould go to Tie it SOMOZA and utilise Pres. QALVEZ Id Honduras and to Salvador to acquire unofficial assurance from then of cooperation. Exact plans for Oan. KJLLKB have not bean formulated, r jpnt to Arisona and talked to Oen. MULLEN who was fully alert to tbs ^problem andery abort tiro Has abla to disouss the problemrom We point of view, with suggestions which vera vary rnneh in line, Oan. MTLLEK agreed to undertake tha job.

Oen,as to try to proceed to Washington onarch or, if not able to goh would go on Sunday.hono call from. JCKLng daring tbo meeting provided the information that Oan. MULLEN had arrived in Washington onh.) Ho.will be in Washington on Monday and vllX then proceed to LINCOLN. Be will spend one day or evening j

Jake ESTERLINE hadaper pointing out the maximum danger for SHERWOOD. Tracey BARNES nov haa tbe paper and is going to try to get Buteconcurrence on this establlstaont. SliEHWOOD re pre cents tha maximum danger, the closest that thay can corns to proof. participation. We must pushicaraguan site for SHERWOOD. It must be tested, ready to go, oo it can be used for black broadcasts. icaraguan site for SHERWOOD is vital.

eturn vas arranged end he will be discharged uponto Washington. Tharecommended is to be acquired.

a not be to cut in on anything wise.

It was requested thatbe expedited.

- Ro tbe OAS conference, the Dullos speech vas moderate and support vas obtained.

C Jjald that WISNER told him that the long cable vhlch we sent on the 9th was sent directly fter being read at HQS.

JCKLng phoned at this point


JCXlngJ, jphono massage contained following items ofwu .aadela in charge at Guatemala

Station andi/" ooraldg oct*

Can, HuLlKH arrirsd la Washington Tuesday night and Is now being

briefed, Rio passport and visas won't be ready till Monday. Qen**

HJLLRV<la seeing Allan DULLES tbls morning at. j

State Dept. still has not endorsed the reoonoondation. HDLLBB

go to vlaitountries, .

C id that at present Washington ls forced to obtain approvalcent they spend for PBSUCCESS, Until otherwise informed, wo'to charge expenditures to spedlflo tasks. Wa have noexpenditures other than those against specific tasks. There isofficer eaeigned to the PBSUCCESS support staff at HQS innameJand ho ls ooaing down early next week* We oust

anticipate our task requlreaonts for the nextays so tbat we will have no problema financially.

Tho noxt portion of the meeting ls covored by Contact Bo portsl7o) .

testing adjotaaea0 hrs. PrlorloBe ofwas another phone call froa Washlngton(froan las Informedia Chief, FED, had withdrawn approval onwas told that the boss said to have

the best moo andjlv^ the best so they were requestedthequalified and ls needed right away.

A cable will bo> on that after the aaotlng. There arecapable oandldatos to



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