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CONTACT REPORT BATE: Week of li-ll March loft PLACE: Honduras

PERSONS CONTACTED. CALLIOERIS and others named bolow by d 3


went to Tegucigalpa and net with CALLIOERIS. he spent aost there oorering c. full detailed plans, fact cansthe big thing that xa no la me everything back ls the overtureaado to the Salvadoren and honduran governments.

* big buddy of CALLIOESIIS, Be

says, *Ne believoutai jrwu aro trying to do the right thing but ve need proof froa another source that you have support that la necessary to do this." They aro waiting for the indication froa another IttJependen*


In Salvador the situation developed fast. The saaein ialose

friend of CALLIGERIS ana is wonting closely with him. Be said thatcome to Tegucigalpa to do twooook and toin the presidency of Guatemala. CALUOKRIS eald if wasee what the altuatlon ln Salvador waa he wouldettor to^ Salvador who was viaitlng there at the tins. The question

was: is tne President willing V> help?

We want toant with one of UUJUSIS' sen by carwith no trouble. The letter was deUvared at. andnight -ont to the President'e house and showed the

letter to hln. ad Indicated that he wanted an answerpassed to histacte. The President said that heto bo hla personal contact but he would see the tun nan ifto see hba. eafd he wanted to talk with C 3 so

that they could formal lae the situation but they evaded that so ha took that to be an attitudeidn't want to deal through IntoraedUri

ooting vlth the Chief of Staff and with thet was so desired. Ceclined for reasons of security.

ent and talked to c_ re waa nothey wanted to help GALLIC JOS but CALLIGEfUS didn't toll whathelp he wanted. C3 said they wanted permission to land airplanescountry with equipment for CAUIOTXIS. did not have

OA 'so

that information so he passed tbie information on to the President. That night he passed this on. Word was sent that Col. ESQULM2LA was available at any tiiw, any place to talk lo fT- anted proof that thia wasn't just another flurry. Por tms reasonith XS&TJGLk^

aa tastily the govs rams ot ia against intervention> said that this was why it had to be done lo an unofficial wanner.

BSi'JIXJLA Mid be would have an answer to CALLIGKRiSays. Tftay wouldepresentative at that tine to deal with him.

3. Withent over aeveral tnings including coapartnanU-tion. C- a tho nead wan for everything in Ouateaala at thistalkefl to ttaJJIX, too. SSQOIN feels that an stay lnn hiding and can run things from there. Aw will be hard fornd fatal to pull hia out. He has alreadyecond in easo be does have to lea vet thisawyer who can take hia place. The division bottraon bin and C 3 een agreed upon by CALLIQERIS.

our contact In Ouatenala will handle all propaganda and

radio stuii in Guatemala since this situation is already there) matters we will*pas8*ThrougbC- ^ and c illfor radio and propaganda la awn uhe overseer.

With regard to C ALUDBRIS hadersonal letter from him. C as tortured out they didn't got anything out of him that would compromise our operations ln Guatemala. Thay have taken thaoff at the pro-ant time. s going ahead and organising the colls inifferent target areas, he is alsoecond aenake over in case bo has to leave, he la organisingnote for making contacts inarget areas.

They feel that It is not wise toat since he knows what

is going on in the country.

Also we discussed the fact that CALLIuUOS is willing to do anything tlw OuHSEJO sends to liim. Pressureim to do something. We agreed that be would seed bis stuff up hero and give ua atays. Wo will have to extend our tins limit on when wo can get stuff down to him. With better communications, this will be ironed oat.

Discussed also the.poaple that wafsent down from hereery good nan In that fiold according to CALLIGERIS

anotherh- could eend.wjio would be helpful in organising is SKQOrJi, whoconeswms*res*aseticulous organiser as far os office work goes. C s in training in the leader class in Nicaragua, he could bo pulled out.Cn all those people CALLIGI3IS said it looks like we ape not organised. Ho lias to have time to act on this atuff.

CALLIOfcRlS is willing to take orders but we neod to get thou to


CALLIGERIS thinkB thatwould add men ax weight to

his co-vdttoc going to Caracas ttnais leaving today,

On toeook, CALLIGERIS is willing to accept guidance, no realizes there matoad somewhere to give guidance so It winoordinated effort.

Any Inkling we givw to ERRATIC. ERRATIC will exploit to the aan politiealwise.

CALUOiWS also aald that OSORIO, throughhad

taxedlan that oould be put Into effect aoout ittcKangOF Salvador if CALLIGERIS wanted bin out. Thisthe Salvadoran government. That plan,imilar one, couldinto effect

Ko bave plana ono aregolng in- The last mission of tbs men taking the arms in will be to takem In. Finances were discussed


The excesses in finanoosi take. After CALLIGERIS'bs knocked downO on tba figure given.

J3 be with lt sU tines to

C s in Tegucigalpa awaiting instructions, vjorx way, and we probably can, we bave to have someone with aim st all times because baondoocv to go off half-cocked. CALLIGERIS suggested that c_ control him.


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