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ProflisssBS0CCKS8 for the5k

I. ha relieving create of operational significance occurred during the reporting period:

A. Antborlsatlon vaa granted fcrto Mexico City to

participate ln pi arming for tha antl-Coammlat eongrasa to bo held there lnk. Aof the Office of Security van designated to acecapany o insure hla aafe arrlral ln that


B- Contact vaa established vltb Jacob B. SEKmUD* as planned. 8EDCFORO vin remain at his present location untilby hla ease officer and leaned further instructions. eeting held wlthf^.


,eturuayirm offer vaa reeerroaGEEETCSD'a futureto

1RD with an engineering position ln toe norxbveetiiu partof tbe united States. Tola employmant should aerre to keepout of tbe public eye until activela his emae haa dlauppoered.

C. At tbe meeting referred to lnecision vaathe future disposition ofthrough

Its Praaldant, had Indicated that RAZMARA's inordinate activityexpenses bad created undue Interest among hlaPresident otdispleasure at this

situation and herf-requested tne early removal of RAZMARA from the Company's payroll. It vaa the considered opinion off" and Chief,ovever, that RAZMARA ahould resign fromcompany on orhlch date vould generally coincide vlth the end of hla normal contract vlth the Company. RAZMARA will be Informed accordingly through Chief of Station, Lincoln.

nominated to be the distinguished


Aaerican visitor to key Central American countries in tbe Interest of PBSJKCBS3- Be received preliminary operation briefing at Headquarters by the appropriate people and departed for Central America via Lincoln,a. Arrangements have been made for dally ccnwunlcc


between and Headquarters during the time he la in Central


TCf fill

presented hia defection program to/Chief,higher staff for approval. Guatemala and other key countries and effect the defectionor acre key officials ln the encuaibeut government. Be hasimportance upon tha recruitmentigh-level figureGuatemalan goieruaent mho posseseaa current information reand capabilities of the Guatemalan armyon the garrlaon at Guatemala 'Jttm vas in principle after certain minor aodlfi cat Ions.

r6 ofHi 9'V

BSUCCESS support staff,

l8rt*1 Lincoln onk to flra

ap plans for tbe early departureolygraph team to Central America. It la Intended tbat this team will polygraph Euros, key manners of hia staff, and any other members of tbe organisation that time andallot*. Thia operation is of paramount importance in vie*ontinuing flow of Information indicating tbat tbe RD7U3 group ia dangerously penetrated at the highest level.

G- orderednroln4

to clarify tne natoi of tne ERRATIC operation. ERRATIC, although not importantBSUCCESS assert, ia Important ln that he could do considerably damage to the RUFUS organization If not properly controlled. It is Chief of Station, Lincoln's Intention to isolate ERRATIC from the PBSUCCESS operation in the Immediate future.

H. Tbe vote on tha United States resolution against communism ln tbe

Western Beadsphere occurred Saturday, Only QuatecnLa voted against the resolution, Mexico and Argentina abstained. The United States' position at the conference has improved considerably ea la reflected by voting on the resolution. Senor Torlello, chief delcg&te from Guatemala, although he had threatened to reveal documentary evidence. intervention ln Latin America, failed to produce each prior to tbe vote. It vould nov appear that he has waited too long to introduce ouch evidence and tbat even if he did, tbe chance for maximraa effect vould be lost.

I. The PP effort during the week vu intensified considerably In the area vith Panama, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Uruguay urging their delegates at tba OAS Conference toirm stand against Guatemala. Other pp programs initiated include!

the furnishing of radio scripts to Lincoln to be aimed at women In Guatemala;

Investigation acilities for utilization ln future PP operations;

3- three suggested IV operations Including labor



a. tbe fumij-Mv of "black aertorlals* to Lincoln for oan against Gxartsaaela.

II. Administrative

otal ofounds of operational

aapplies and equipment baa been alr-llfted to date froa Andrewsc-icargo plane vaa retumed to the Air Force last

week am the othervlU be returned thia week. The balance of teenage to be lifted will be carried by mailer aircraft.

The followingmoexsl breakdowndatw for rnSOCCZSS:

Salariesnd, detailed personnel)

Travel IlljilWiaepar dlen

Operatlooelquipment *. Solarle* b. eijieiiaea (sterile pUota for Phase v,

3 and a, air eapport plan) 5. Cost of airplanes (air freight, Phase. Cashperations

Total obligation toar.

III. Personnel

Headquarters has requested four (k) additional clericaleapport operational personnel recently added to the.

haa reooawted that several personnel presently assignedbe retained at tbat station for the duration of PBSUCCSS3.

preeantly detailed to FBSOCCESS from otherof tbe Agency were assigned with tbe understanding thatvould be for opproxlnatelyays. If the nolnthe project is to be put offonths, the TJDP shouldtoenr>mndua vhlch in substance vould state thaton loan or detailed to PBSUCCESS vlll remain vlthan Indefinite period. Such action will preclude aaaythe resulting misunderstand1 ngs.

of Station,been relieved, and

has been designated acting chief of statloh.

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