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Western Hemisphere

Chief of Mission, Lincoln

SUBJECT General - KOGOWK Operations

arch ig^ JiHFO: Guatemala

- labor Matters

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Herewith 'rorwarded-f ESHESALDITE's report in answer to reference requests.

Should approval be given to the support suggested in refer once (a) and requested by ESMERALDITB, the Mission requests advice on the typo and octant of accounting procedures and receipts required, as well as suggestions for candidates which could be passed on to ESMERAIDITE lhe relationship mentioned ln Paragraph six of refcrenco(a) is of neces-

SJf36SiDC0 toth Han wrk on the somo problems ln the same small offioe.

ls not felt that the Information furnished by ESMERALDITEto reference (b) is exactly the typo desired byutit will be of some assistanco. Perhaps Station Guatemala hasto add to Paragraph one of the attached report.

information requested in references (c) and (d) will beos soon as it is received.

referencee request advice from Headquarters on

tho extent to which KOGOWH operations such ae that discussed undertwo above should be implemented through ESKERALDITE.



of Information:

of Report:



The following-named persona, listed by the labor id loo or political party to which tbey belong, are the ones moat likely to agreo to be principal agents in operations ln tho labor field in Guatemala:

PRCi Marco Antonio VTLLAMAR, who is in bed financial otraits. Tbo Guatemalan Government has not employed him because the Coanunlctc don't want him. He la tho man moat responsible for tho Agrarian Reform Law in theand hean of high ambitions. Bo now wants to control the PfiG. Free the Secretariat of Organization of the PRC be works to accomplish two aims: o bo Secretary General,o launch Colonel J. Carlos DIAZresidential Candida to. If an attempt were made to recruit him, he should be offered aid for the control of tho PRC, and it should bo pointed out to him thatneuguato CHAHNAUD McDonald (who la friendly to tbe Conmuniets to further hie ambition of becoming President of Guatemala) provides funds for his followers, but that he, VILLAMAR, cannotovo without the consent of CHARNAUD or his Secretariat. VILLAMAR should be made to see that If be had available funds he could also mobilize the youth and the workers of Guatemala; that DIAZ is indeed the man who could reaffirm the economlc-social-polltical vietorios of Guatemala and that with DIAZ tbo Communists could bo deposed so that the old members of tlie FRENTE POPULAR oould como book into power; tbat these members of the FP would be sensible people who would stop the corruption and banalities of tbe Guatemalan Revolution. In short, ho should be spoken to In idealistic terms but be should be supplied with ample funds.

PAR: Licenciado A. RECINOS Sandoval, present head of the DEPART1KENTG ADKQUSTHATIVO DEL TRABAJO. He should be uskedJto organize the PAR workers In one groat bloc and try to gain control of tbe strong unions, to organize theE EMPLEADOS PuBLICOS, independently of the CGTG. He should bes a'future Minister of Labor of Guatemalainistryof tho Ministry of Economy".

CGTC; The person most likely to accept bribes is Carlos K. PELLECEK, Secretary of Conflictseputy. PELLECKK knows bow to spend coney; be has introduced,ee, Jews, Arabs, and Spaniards into Guatemala, and hemonoy from tbe Guatemalan Embassy In Peris.

Lyu took hi- outSSef *

th- w> ^, , ala^ootheepuetzales come from the funds of thoE HACIENDA.

When the farm workers becajBo Inportant bocanse of the Agrarian Rcfo:

law. Captain Alfonso MARTINEZbelonged to thoswitched toJand took witThim the

It might be wise to talk first with Clodoreo TORRES hbsa, who

Jand who is not averse to money either.too much now and

has designs on his female employees (bo tried Ho rape

uhDJuo*ecretary). Aside from money, TORRES ahould bewie post oi Head of the DAN.


The method of selecting Guatemalan worker-students to tho Monterrey school has not yet been made.

There has been talk of bringing two Guatemalan union. pretext of having been invited by some

labor union to stuoy uieir covement. Their true names and nationalities would bo kept secret, and pseudonyms and false nationalities would bo assigned to them. Both persons would bo used to undermino the CGTGertain group of unions.

The plan had boon to bring two antl-Cceaaunist workers here throughbut now that anti-Communists arc being exiled the plan is to bring all(the exiled labor loaders) to tbe school. Undoubtedly KUBARK would footthrough deviousnot foot the bill.

In respect to the two Guatemalan young men who are now inandis here: if work could be found for them in Mexico

lt would be convenient to bring them here, train them (Mote: ESMERAIDITE offers to train themndime send them back legally to Guatemala where they could work serenely in tho union field.

ESMERAiniTE claims that he suggested to his friends In KUBARK,throegroups be organized: CRUPOBUC1AI. within theGRUPO FERROVIARIO headed byGROPC DEREC1QSTA

In charge of the anti-Communist workers. The three"groups would be merged to fight Ccenomian only when they mature. Any attempt made without taking such pro-cautions would suffer the same fate as the UJJTX.

3. THEtrKKAi, 1ST AS

At the conference hold fromoanuaryfj

esolutionOMITE DE EX1-LIADOS SIHDICALISTAS DEMOCRATICCS. The aim of the COMITE is U, counterattack the advances mode by Communism in couctrios such as Peru, Venozuol'. and the Dominican Republic. The Communists, feigning friendship for the dictatorship, have taken over Important posts, while the democratic union movement, affiliated to the CIOSL, is prosecuted relentlessly.


DIENTES) to publish their paper which combats

as helped CCflFEDERACIOH DE TrUBAJ ADORES DE COLOMBIA against the dictator Lauroano GOMEZ who prosecuted members of the CTC.

however, it is felt that it is not enough. It is necessary to help democratic union movement In each individual country controlledictator, and there is no one better qualified to coordinate plans than exiled workers.

The Germans, properly financed by CI03L, have caused Russia manyin the Eastern Zone.

Independent union members might not be able to fight tho dictatorsbut they do have moans of denouncing tho Cocnnunists who havo taken over key posts of many strong unions and the independent union members might even be able to oust these Communists.

Thef" nows that Russia helps her Fifth Columnists inside the unions, that the dictators help to keep these Fifth Columnists in the unions; that the United States helps the dictators without demanding of them an effectiveof Communism and perhaps tho United States Is happy with the dictators'that ore somewhat lyrical.

On the other hand, no one helps the democratic union members. Theseexposed to Ccennunist fire and to dictator fire. Unfortunately,ave, at least this year, the necessary fundsreat anti-Coenunlstfor union freedom. Idoee not have the funds to holdof exiled union members. 3instood would have to resort toby mail, as it woro. This has two disadvantages: ne cannotall one's feelingsetter,ome countries havo mail The Congress woulda sum of money that1 doesat this time.

he above-mentioned cum of money wero forUicamong, tbe COMITE DE


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