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froucting Chief of

Operational Report (Supplsnent)

Referenca -


following coapletloa of referenced operational report for tbe period endingk wa received additional Information fron Eliot P. RAZLARA which we deened sufficiently Important toupplementaryon developments relating to EUUCeN TaskEssence).

Enclosed are eight Informal anooranda preparod by RAZMIRA on the basis ofaobaitted by ESSENCE. The first inolosureummary of thobetween RAZUARA and ESSENCE; the remaining seven incloeurea deal with spaeific problems aa follows i

The "Salaaa" prob Ion and its influence on opposition aoralo.

Radio programs and related problems. (We are attempting to confirm tba claim that religious radio programs have been forblaMon. Will follow up by cable.)

U. Supportrticles prepared by Lincoln for ESSENCE use.

5- Recruitaent of ESSENCE staff personnel (Note: the natter discussed infas cabled to Lincoln for deed Bios.)

Routine expenses (paid by station; copies sent to Lincoln,

Proposed safe house-office expenses (wo have tentatively approved the total amount requested, but wo are reserving final dodelontudy cf security factors relating to the proposed safe house.$

6. Rumored antl-governmont Howplot* charges (cabled to Lincolnarch

Comments! It will be noted that opposition no rale appears to be ofconcern. We aro doing everything poseible to sustain interest, but we feel that Lincoln1 a_ comaente and guldanco would be helpful to us in view of greater kRcWledeo regarding the^lotal" "PBSUCCESS pTcturo.

Regarding tho "flalama" problen, wo fool it night be wise to channel acne funds to the prisoners for food and medicine. Please cable your reaction.

Reply required onf inclosure Ho. Ii

Vlth regard to Inclosureelating to the possibility of new "ooaplot" charges by the government, in view of the remark that the government allegedly had the "coaplotiatas" on the string (presumably under surveillance ande are taking every possible security precaution, particularly with regard to protection of ESSENCE and RA2MARA. (Notet the matter of now "ocnplot" charges was previously reported by cable. Sao


Encl. as noted


Distribution i



XJT| Meeting Between Oscar H. CAHTiat and ALli&iTO

A meeting took place betweennd ALBXITO on ^edneBday

CATtTKH told ALBTPiTO that the most pressing problem he had to discuss was the "Problema Salsee attachment from The altuatlon apparently is becominf ever more serious, ani CASTxK states that it seems to bt the government's intention to shoot savcml of thehnt inirection, "Tether to instill more terror intc the prisoners, or

to brrnk them down, one dayl of the nri goners were marched out into the patio, rifles were cocked, allhough the prisoners vcre to be shot, wren nt the last minute soise one announced that there hodeprieve for the moment due to someuestion, or other,

0 asked CAITIZi if he had heard any rumors concerning tho rovcrnnent's anouncorientew days,ow coranlot. CARTER said that such information had indeed arrived at the group, and hasarticularly unce tho question of thea prisoners still hangs in* the balance.

CARTER states that the combination of the above two items mokes it ever nore difficult to securehose who are alrt-ady helpine wish to quit because they say they will just be left to the torture of the covernnent'she opposition will forpet aboutnd who knows rihcn, if ever, help is ccminr from the outside.

5* ishes it to.outside attcnti pnT^and tfta^es'that it cannot be overemphasized, that thecontinuing delay, the complete silence about any positive action from outside isery,very negative effect on those people who are still willing to work actively. receives such complaints as why should so and so risk his life and face possible and probablemprisonment for who knows how long -maybe forever for all the assurance they have that any action will take place to free them.

states he has sounded out at leastas possible replacements for him (insuggestion inletters) in the eventremoved from the scone, Hot one of these personsthe slightest desire to accept suchas regards effort and time involved. that even the person whose name was submittedpast will not consent to act much more thanfcr placing ALBERTO in touch with otherthe event ofhis person has hisattend to, etc.

points out the difficulty inven after


J wrote letteij, uj itrs were made to provide for the family and for the addressee, and he was to be removedfrom all possible danger to self. If this man, wath such guarantees hesitates toittle responsibility in ridding his country of Communists, how much more difficult is it to secure collaborators to whom no guarantees are -nor canade.

8- CARTER said that within the past couple ofcomplained that he was sick and tired

of alltnis propaganda work whichhas been doing for the past fivehat he has been losing out on his universityhe government is crackingrt who knows when and how it will all end.

9. CARTER states that reportsto be given one year of imprisonment,

are discussing the possibility of going on strike in thisut as of yet have reached no conclusion.

in connection withthat the group has heard that theressureJto make declarations against

J and CARTKh. CARTA* stutes he does notin wnat direction such declarations would go since it is some time since he has had any direct dealings with P ARTER says also thatT eportedly sickJ in prison and that they areto c'o what thpy can^

stateB that tho rumor or reporta forthcoming government chargeew complotfounded in view of the stepped up pressureanti-Communist activities. The pressure againstso great that almost all the group'salt, for the time being. Theent_ to.handle ^any more TBlxe..signed.jfor by responsible somewhat For this reason"El Rebelde" is being delayed. Hor cananyone willing to collaborate in puttingcontent together presently. Everyone has excuses

of too busy, etc.

top of the above, the father of C

Jdiod this past week, and CARTER HAS had to tAKc overr tne tasks done usually byCJ- further adding to the delay in "El Rebelde" appearance,

states that in any stepped up plansmight have forexpanding "El Rebelde" or thepropaganda output, it is alrrays the same ones whoshoulder the increased responsibilities. Evenpeople receive the propaganda and are mentallyaction from outside, this doeja^not mean that iteasier or even possible to encounter personsaccept tho responsibilities of mixing actively in

the group's work. CARTER has met with such responses as "so and so on your paper has liberal tendenciesm not going to work with that typeI don't really care to workot ofon'ttc.

wishes all the above to be kept inthose on the outside write that the newspaperexpended, that titles and sub-titles should be placed

ore eye catching manner, that the group ahould eecure the services of more people, that it should seek the advice and collaboration of newopapcr personel, etc. The group Is trying to adopt tho suggestions as best they can, but it is not always possible to do so, al least quickly.

IS. Themooting between CARTER and ALBERTO is scheduled for Thursday IS March,

Problcma Salnma

One of the problems, certainly one of the most painful, which hange conatnntly over our heads, is the problem or situation of our fellow companions in prison in Salama.

Thisroblom whi ch, to my thinking, has not been given enough attention, nor have the advantages been taken of tho many faooto which it offers us for good propaganda,

I know that the situation, morale-wise (moral) as well as physical and occnomlc, of the boys orisoned in is extremely difficult.

Eany persons who previously collaborated with us have abandoned the struggle because of their fear of falling into like circum3trr.cee, and then being forgotten by these on the cut&idc, on't mean bv this that nothing is being done for the prisoners of Salama, but that to my thinking thin is an item in our work to which more attention should be given. ndicate in the note relative tof wo can succeed in makingof nsch pass which occurs in thishe people and our collaborators would see that our companions are not abandoned once they are rendered useless^ and atame time it wouldeneficial pre page nda for our crane in view of the naturalhy aroused in the people by political prisoners.

These prisoners, furthermore, barely succeed in paying for the food they are given, and rarely are they vicited by their relative due to the distance, scarcity and bad condition of tbe morns of Transport.

A prson nho couldrect choree of this matter, incitingf trying to hurry up the'eouse, would be very valuable.

Thisad news thrt in recent Jrys the notice vfs pssced anong the Salrma prisoners that they were going to be shot, e.-r lrter theyyen into tho nntio, faced against the wall, nnd all preparations were nr'ie, in their presence end hearing, for the execution, iTora.le punishmentshis are constantly applied,


The propaganda by -wane ofograusasic problem In the scarcity of radiollinr; to lend tht-.selves tc cci:.aborftion sfter the series of throats tc which they have been, ant" ere, submitted openly by the Guardle Civil.

A'most the only radio station of any ootency in transniesion which we con count on is the Rwiio Inter-nr-cional. This is the strtion broadcasting the CiflJA progrnm at nightuarter of anrogram which is well-listened to and commented on through-out the Republic.

Several Arya aro the director of Radio Intornrtional looked me up to tell em* that through the radio technician of the Guardi* Civilrninoso) he had been told to stop bra-dcr.ptinr anti-Comr-unistioect the results.

ch .has been verified,everal

At rid-dey ve hrvc oorrtth this sneenlf ^cur,c bean thinking roouti an hour ccrr-leUly free of political Chart ctci iitice, in er-cr tc be -W'. to use it in or in order tcr lo rndnc cur different pTOupe*

The Covdtd Obrf-ro (fffili-tet"i'A] rn*"fiw'ent tcui herded byh-

ne .'or timesar srjy"os prw le radio". CI; is Iftudio,

i'or the errrnizaticnelicve that it'.;e,s;r, oi obloia then the publication1no time it is aof c'if fusion at the rerch of many nore rerrtn.r,eoj use it boinr.ills itsre with white h'n the ot'rrr rtrens used.

Icinr back tc the :rch?en of ooaotion tov- rr-ir Civil, itoft thr at- tier,' ctce cn rurt tVn thesiichinrtlon ofra. rne lot-tlon

of this interference Vino been determined to beef the QvhtCIitarthemcre, tr.etec>.Mcicn cf the CC hts ccnfcescdcrc.ofrcfessicn. Tills interferenceourunintelligible in tho center of the o solve thisof

th? r- 'io station sent letters of protest toofto crnfuseomplaininginterference, JTrturnlly,by this.

trsonrj, sufficient nr-tcrial,ould he phlo to have ir.tcrczting progrfcrac. reviving themes that have not beenown by the Guatemalan public nnd rhich rovld be infges feed- for ej-atnle, the cf Srlrnf.

f the radio brondcost for the ni;cr;,i'ur,b.OO.

ht halfat uid-dny, JvO.CC.

Tcref the Cexit4urrtcrur it>rj It vycIe! be preferable to ;lrce It onieionot top ir'Mnk rculi be the sins re theO,


MTctE fori att-there to have t'-eirrrp-ma.

t cc-nr.otbe- office fcricn ofio not hoverrrcnnel of confic^nce selectee!



ropaganda por medio de procreniss de radio encuentra un pro-blemr. bftaico en la corestio do radio tres-rdsoros que ouleranolaborar dospues de la seric deue henon sone-tldas abiertociente por la Quardla clviJ.

Caal la unica radio dlfuaora de clerta potencla de tranasiisldn con que contamos es la Radio Interneclonol. tn esta radio difusoro eatamos pasendo el programs del CbUA en la nocho durante un cuarto de hora, programs que ye es muyomentedo por toda la

En dies passdos me buac6 ol director de lo Radio Internaclonol pars declrme que por medio dol Radio tecnlco de lo Ouerdis Civil, run senor do apellldo Reinoso) lo hobion mandado decir que delsrs de pasar progrnmnse lo controrio seaa consecCenclaa.

Otra noticla cue ae be logrado constetar su vericidad por vsrlas fuentea es la de que: se ha prohibido ia tronemialfln de todo proarorca concctado con la religion.

A medio die teneuvos controtedo en ests misino diluaors media horo de la cuol ho penaado dejar un cuarto do horo conpletsmenteualquler progronis de ceractor politico, ptru poder aer usado cn un coso rleera psssrvisos ertre nuestros rUferentes nucleos.

-rrt Cosdte Qbrero (ai'lliarlo elna aRruoociOnbor. sollcitado tiempo para oaser

serdosadio. hatTn en estudlo.

para Iso un proprrM de radio de fondo, creo que habrio, on la parte litororis, cr-enos problems que para lae hi Kebelde, el mi3mo tiempo es un medio rieli &Acar,cedsue por aer diurio, de horo file, etc.ucho mas suo con proaogondd blanca que los otros raedios usertos.

volviendo el problems de louo oawmoo sos^tldosarte de la ouerdis Civil hay que hacer notar, un oito de inter-ferenclo oucestacidn de ta qc pone sobre nuestroa bora en nunto deo retire el termlnar el prop;rs"iBf el punto dondonstoiado este InterceDtor ba sldo exactarr.ente loce-li?.ado en los graces dc lo qUnrdU Civil, odeens cl missio radio tecnico de la OC lo hs confesndo snte Pinlpos do In misma orofeal6n. Este0 hnco incnteoriible nuostro programs on an ol perittetro dnl ccntro rtw la eluded, conuestro so curssron cartas do protests del director del la dlfuaora si director do laoro dcapistsr) hublendole curios por lo interferencia que sus clients* lo rcclatasoan, ys que ei tiempo porerdldo calo coapleta..ento bojo la resoonaab!hided de lo entldad que rsblfl contrstsdo Micho tiempo, en este coso dl CKUA. Naturalmente nndr. se ho consocido.

mos pssar interesentea prORrsnsa revlviendo te-nos que no bsr aido totalmente cor.ocinos por el pueblo deiue serian, en muchos coaos una buena propapandaie;nplo el Caso do soloing.

El preaupuesto de la radio dlfusore esC por elde le noche, un cuerto de hore ciiorio.

por la media nora de medio.

poro los progromos del CoraltS Obrero bsstsrfs con un cuarto dereferirie pasarlo en otrs rsdlo nifusoro oara no recaraar una sola. El presupueato creo se podrlo cenisloa anteriores.-)

Enn laoy heciendo erreerloa para que laa entidodes anticomunistas de esos lunares xsKdK&Kx puedan pnsar un programs propio.

El prcsupuesLO de oficino pars lae 6stos prof*ramss no pucdo odjuntario por no tener aun el personal de confisnza odecuedo.



In questionings to the use,and desirability of the Spanish language materials (clippings, etc) which is passed along -CARTER stated that the material is very desirabile, but that to date the group has not been able to take AHvantage of it as it deserves, because of lack of personnel, place to work, etc.

This is the main reasonnd AXn&iTO hope that inner; iatc approval will be forthcoming on the apartment sa.fe-houee expenditures and the secretoryhat the grcup may be able to start adapting some cf the suggestions end materials received from outside.

Conc-srninr the editorials andittcnrish rrt. sent totates that as of t' Ha.tevc been used because they wish to save tvemnover the nersp"per can begin incorporating so"ie of the surgeetiens received. so at present the" difficulty iteme one to accept responsibility for them for the Gu; rdiand even getting theenta to nrint them. ime of pressure exerted by the government, even though someone has acceptedthe inprenta will not print anything that is too harsh. Therefore, some of the articles should be suave to be used under pressure.


states that one feature whichnd which they can use to greatthe radio programs anr- the revisedebelde"

cantemotional neve service be secured for him,, ITF, or on* of the others? This can not cotoe to him directly, he states, becauce of government interferenceundle of these news can be passed toouple of times a. week in the sane manner clippings,re presently given him.

would want the news dealing with international

Communist and anti-Com"*ini st matters. CARTER says such neng, which the inSencndent press willint because of fear of the government, will servetimulant for circulation and radio listeners. The news canth such itemsanessa speech attacking Communism, Communists' activities orin various parts of the world,tc. -none of which is presently given enough (if any) space in the press.

6. This will also servo to enliven the "El Rebeld since presently it isotal editorialand with lack of collaborators the editorial writing hasremendous time- and effort-consumer. Also, the newspaper will have items of current interest not obtained in the other papers.


SUSLaeTs Office Staff for

CAUTSR states thatsroat deal of difficulty in his searchrly p. secretary for typing,

He hpsroes one firle seens tothe reo.rireryurts re encernscvevor, the firl isioyed, rr* CViT^ says he tfoee not wishk her to quit herork for him, end. then find that becruerlioe cr*vn, irr-.risonnient,r rcrtr.-'l circuit Ticcr, the firl be out of vork inisonth.

Jsayix monthofto this rirl (and otherenbers ifs have been "one inserecruits? Since thisbe, go tri rjum involved should not ben"1'. to stcrterk sooner, re?z ns-iro nore lcyalty and security en the pc-rt of the

you send me anaver this noon, as

is noet anxious to st.trt setting un some sort of office


SUBJECT: ARTER Operational

1. Following; axe current exncnses beins raet


Two deska, one for the

con-itsl, one for lucrto

Hndiothe Co:.iite

has net p. pert of this



couldn't scrape



."Expenses for

(,ntcr, etc) rec'Mfiores El "Vrbel^e

Trips outside thenterr.i: cicnal



FinanciallT-ZR Operation

he following ex cncee are in connection with the setting upafe-house office fcr the group


j - r)

iters (used, hut in gocd- ono forhe ct'ier for the Ti'uis-tc filiU) vUO.OC ench

Two usedfcrrtn.cnt)

rvc rmrk trblec (fcrirr, ec.-ylnc, etc.

CV-.irs, ccuch-fltfa,c supply cabinets Tye ritinr trblerk c'irirs


sm- ii-.onrvi- not occr. cc; Ittcd r,

< " "5 in rirx:rficulty in -

the need for obtaining r. pl-.ce where COT.IS ci-.r> work outsturbed andt?ff, to Aitis the suggestiens receiv-i" from outside, it is urgently euggestffd that he be given permission to begin Isais-di vcrk ch thr- rbove.

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