Created: 3/11/1954

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FOR, Chief, Western Hemisphere Division SUBJECT J i Draft of Proposed Message to LINCOLN.

JSf"bfltk-en ODACID representative

Y*4 v and especiallyaource pressed more

. Msthat COTOKE la. making eerious aiatake in mth-jojdln' wiilitary assistance froaftnay which is only significant

i at** ake-<Ser and only eourcc

Source was told as follows by ODACID representative:

a. This was old line which had been heard baton and would bare no chance succeeding ender present circumstances.

b.- If .army haa atrenpth, ard detamnhation ftshave kthay not There are some peopleand determinatlbn ;ami others who claim to have

stroh^t- but thus far tfcestf'two capacities not combined

d. (WOKE not interested in wordsenly deeds will count. Only when and if there are tangible demonstrations by deeds would ODYOKE be receptive to request for asaiatance.

"3. ODACID representative nop/convinced that aourcerun Interference for (hore inaert

pseudonym for^ r lacldig this send separate identity cable). We consider it likely; that this would prov. good channel back to military fcr anyigles we wish come to attention those (Tiartf.rs. Hence have urgent need for additional idea* and "chicken feed." Source has been urge! stay ln place end continue contact with ODACID representative."

FRANKISNER Deputy Diroctor (Plans)

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