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official dispatch

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Their discussions, aoaoi_ wide variety of subjects,. and Guatemala, Ouatemala1 United Fruit Company and to which Ouatemala is subjected/by thVU

Tbe employee sta approximatoly two years as to. Sub report personally,

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that he had LI of the has been under with PALKIERI, stated that

oyoe, havelned relations betweenart of tho U.he a, the insulting treatment s, etc.

subjeot has served for isentatlve and is not accredited air every month or six weekehat he was to depart on

ecember lpfl

uatemalan (possiblyJor,

lALraERI^tauatemalan^and JaAme^IEDLER, ^iluatonalan^ departed for. The latter three^rTnoi^identified'by xtatauon.


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HUL-W-age 2

n . ias' Cub*n' uas Previously reported as entering Guatemala on1 with BufemiofrBRNAKDEZ.


later of President Arber^.JflndiCflirVEjKAK,(Guateaalan Military Attaoha inrrived in Koxioo City from Guatemala en route to Washington. PALMIER! stated to source that ho van previously stationed in Washington and "reallyor the Guatemalan Oovemment in the U. He further stated that he haden in Weefalngtonotal ofhroughout tha U. s. He also stated that the Ouatomalan government was going to Increase its tourist information bureau in the U. S. This bureau would bo under the direction of fnu Ai'ARICIO. The purpose of thie organization was to improve relations between the U.nd Guatenala.

PALHIEHI further stated that the Guatemalan government leterms with the Hew tork Times, which haa viewed with approvalof Ouatemala. He said, also, that Drew Pearson "can boalthough Pearson oritioiio. the Guatemalan government from time toia merely part of a

PALMIER! also mentioned thet he had been requoated to return to Guatemala to aid in tha organisation of the Partldo Hevolucionarlo

ot propaganda. Ho said

AHBEHZ was fully aware of the Communist influence in Guatemala and that at the present timeost influential members of the Communiat Party are being followed, and that ARBERZ oan dispose of them at any tine.

... . The oouroe of this report stated that during their acquaintance while in Mexico, PALHIERZ had furnished him numerous confidential letters and copies of offiolal Guatemalan messages in code as well as plainhe source said tho PALMIER I would be easy to develop, and believed if the right person were designated to handle PALMIER! while in Washington, he would make available Ouatomalan intelligence information.

5. It waa noted on thecopy of laat dlspatah that no action waa taken In regard to tho sources suggestions lnawordanceaterbetween the Chief of Miaslon Mexico and persona at Hqs. It ia believed that the reason for thia decision dealt with the sensitivity of thle eouroe whoasual informant end his relationship with KUUAHK.

p..wriero"Ptin8acquire additional biograonlc information on PALMIER! fron other sources.

For your information, the staff employee has been instructed by appropriate office to discontinue his relationship with subject.

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