Created: 3/10/1954

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Compromising Guardlo Civil Diary

1* HHDlGER'e report, dated ll(eads aa follows:

"(SSaERALDITE) has indicated that there is here the widow of the previous chief of tho Ouardla Judicial (name OHX) who committed suicide. Hehis man was "in very deep with the Rada and in govt "soandals" andersonal file with names, dates, data of all kinds. (ESMBRALDITH) saya he is "positive" this file is in the hands of the widow and has not fallen into hands of Reds or the Govt. Ho is not too fully informed on her political coloration, but is at least sure she does not fully realise the value of thee thinks alio might soil the file, or allow it to be "borrowed" long enough to photograph. He will, according to ny instructions,ore detailed report on thia possibility."

You will observe that the target organization should be the Guardia Judicial and not the Guardia Civil. The allogod possessor of the diary lo the widow of Ruben ROCA Colindres, former Chief of the Guardia Judicial who committed suicido on3 aftor being replaced on3 by Major Jaime ROSENBERG. At the timet was reportedCA was removed from hia post because he had protested the attachment of his property under the Agrarian Reform.

A subsequent report nas not submitted by RSMERALDIT. nor have we received any reports from other sources that would tond to confirm the existence of the allogod records. However, we will attempt to develop additional informationvailable sources. If anything of importance iaeport will be forwarded soonest.

Oeorge L. .ranger





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