Created: 3/12/1954

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Chief, Western Hemisphere Division

PSSUCCKSSj selection of clandestine radio site.

HenoM toarch, same subject.

Mr. Helmsave studied the reference memorandum and looked over the attachments thereto. Ton, yourself, haveout the dilemma, which is at the morient not capable of definitive resolution. eos to the operational need for the radio station and also tho urgency of getting construction under way. The possibility of exposure and conprcmise appears to be so great as to render the proposal unacceptable at the present tine and in its present form.

ould be glad to discuss this matter furthor at anyeel sure that the answer will cone out to tho same thing unless andore satisfactory solution of thoand cover problem is developed and until there has been an opportunity for the higb-lcvol review of the project in its entirety, which is scheduled for sonctlneeek following the conclusion of the Caracas Conference. During the intervening period of tine, several things can and should be dene, viz.:

communications people can be directedto proceed to put together theof the transmitting unit and toay as to permit its delivery to and useone of the two or three most likely locations. that this mayrovision forthan may be actually required, but thesedetails which should be referred to andby Commo.

work should be done in regard toof conceahnunt and cover plans. It isgood enough to propose that the station beon the particular Island which is aost recommended

the The successful DK-ing of the location


by the opposition would, os you have stated, lead to direct charges of US governmental responsibility for which there appears to be no "plausible denial" basis in contemplation. ealize that thisoser as regards the island, but lt is my best guess that in the absence of some sort of cover story which could be relied upon at least to confuse the issue, the peril of compromise and involvement will be considered too great.

One further effort should be made to prevail

/ upon r" 3to Rrant approval for the location of the radio hi some obscure and remote part of his country. It might be possible to got him to agree to theof the installationilitary communications or weather station, thereby affording the pretext for prohibiting entry to unauthorized persons. ealize that r has heretoforo disapproved the locationadio transmitting station anywhere on his preserve, but he may come around on this as tho result of tho high-level "bucking up" approach which we are mounting at the moment, plus the encouragement which he may derive from the possible adoption of tbe DS resolution at Caracas and the attendant mustering of Latin American official and public opinion.

Deputy Director (Plans)

cc:ith orig. of ref.oo atts.

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