Created: 3/12/1954

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SUBJECT: Oil Shipraant to Guatemala

ftemoon of4 the undersigned ofoncerninr; Pr, Leddy'e telephone celli'.injr advisingunko- fuel oil shipment to Guatemala.

.dvised that it should be reL?tively easy to accomplish

the following:

determine whether the shiptasnt was trulyoil or some other type;

determine whether the shipment uas actuallythe Guatemalan Governrantj

contact the California office for additions!

^lso stated that .in attempt would be made to ascertain

the origin of the shipnent and whether there was any evidence of transshipment. Ke then stated, however, thet he wag rather hesitant about trying to talk tho sellers and/or shipnern out of iraking the ship-ent, stating that this uas a. retter for the Department of State.

For referoncease number to thisnd informea the undersizedould handle the details,

The meeting was terminated0 PM with Mr.stating that they should have some information for us on

Cn the morning oftelephoned the undersigned to determine definitely if anould be made to talk the shippors out of making; the shipment. In answer to this Hr. ^sterline telephoned Mr. Leddy of the Department of State who replied in tho affIrmatlve. Cm J iras in turn advised.

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