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EL Plan de Tei, _ ublished In Pronto, Mexico City onu

The State

The special mission of tho Stats is toational spiritunified in ths spiritual fieldeople healthy and

Wb live in an epoch of social transformation snd we are aw.-j* cf tho aspirations of tho moment with glances to tha future, but with tho full conception of the reality of our country. We cannot return to the past, therefore ve should construct on solid foundations and that solidlt- alone can provide understanding of the realityation and its destiny.

By every re ana and with every resource we shall oonbat international communism. Laws ought to be passed imredlately aimed at eradicating it from our country and avoiding its becoming enthroned over again. An awareness should be oreated in the people of exactly what Marxism signifies and ths problem of misery must be resolved on the basis of Social Justice. The urgent necessity of instituting the familial salary is recognized.

The Individual

Human dignity, tha integrity of man and his liberty are eternal and intangible valuosj but the use of this liberty against the fortification and agrandizement of the country should be prohibited. Legal norms of rigorous obligations should impede every attempt directed at poisoning, at disuniting or changing the destinies of the Nation.

Justice and peace in the world, ss well as liberty, haveasia tho recognition of the intrinsic dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family. The lack of recognition and the depr nation of the rights of man have originated acts of barbarismto the conscience of humanity.

We recognise as an ambition of every human being the adventorld in which men may enjoy liberty of speech free from fear and misery as well as liberty of belief, liberty of public sssembly, liverty of movement and ths other liberties proclaimed by democracy and protectedst regime.

Human equality in dignity and rights will be protected. Vfe do not accept discrimination by reason of race, color, ssx, language,political opinion, or any other characteristic of national or social origin, of economic or some other condition.

The right to life, to liberty,and personal security, and theof slavery in any form, of Inhuman or degrading tortures, penalties or cruel treatments form the'-substance of our philosophy.

The right to be heard publicly and with Justice by independent and Impartial tribunals and the right that one's innocence may be presumed so long as guilt is unproven constitute guarantees which should have effective reality in practice. Ths right to indemnization Is recognized when the verdict in the behal;-branch absolves the! accused.

The prison program uiU be nodornizediewthe physical and moral betterment of the prisoners whose human dignity will be respected fully and to whom society will guarantee their rehabilitation.

Resect of private Ufa, of the family and the hone, of* repuUtlon ofremain

S! rlghtthe government dlrtotly or through inherent rights of cititena and thus we esteem and recognise them.

Capital and Labor

,fcl. ,Vork nustonsidered as an individual right andocial obligation. Parasitism should be punished in sccord with the laws which JTS&r* Purpoae, but it is sn obligation of ths Stats to employ its full resources in order to provids work for all who lack it and thus assure economic conditions necessaryroper existence.

to the laborers by social law. now in fores

e maintained and social security will bs Justly reorganised to the snd that it take into account certain loans vhich today fall passively on ths conscience of the people as well ss on enterprises, thereby exhausting

. -JH"? ust hs Stats, thereby bringing these factors of production into close and effsctivs harmony. Laws which regulate ths relationship between capitsl snd labor will take into eccount the social and economic conditions of tha country, the conditionsicular customs of each region, and the characteristics and potentialities of the different classes of activity.

icwnP**en of education will be initiated which will make

plain the fact that the class struggle is destructive, prejudloial to one's own economic and social interests and whioh will explain thewhich close collaboration between management and laborer represents lor both in the Interest of justice and stability.

a r8wi"UoM now functioning find themselves organised and directedingle central unitotalitarian nature and of an exclusively political character. In reforming this situation the Labor Cede mist proclaim an effective freedom for unions and must. In ths best possible manner, provide guarantees against that aupsr-labor organisation which enslaves unions and workers. Reforms nust bs channeled in accord with the principles of the International Labor Organisation which has drawn up mil tl late ral treaties for Just this purposs. It must prohibit all cosseonist influence in ths uninns and in the labor movement.

It la an obligation of the State to maks affective the right to social security, to medical assistance snd to ths necessary social. the right to insurance in the case of accident, unemployment, Illness, invalid-ism, widowhood, old ags, and in all instances of ths loss of independent moans of subsistence at one's disposal and the loss of protsction to the family, to mothers, to the family and to Infants. '

The State will undertake the construction of cheep living quarters and housing projects for laborers. The 1arming Council, which will be immediately created, will give special attention to thie administrative matter.

Tho Economy, Land, Cooperatives

We aspire to that economic sessH in vhich Guatemala willountry of great production. The best way to increase the rail-being of the country, raising the living standards of all social classes andof the laborers and the farmers, is to attract national and domestic capital and to make use of the technical direction of the United Nations in the development of new sources of wealth which will insure full employment to the populstion, remunerative jobs, and an active commerce.

Capital and technical aid must be the objoct of special guarantees which will be established in treaties that take into account the two extremes: one, tha avoidance of monopolistic action and its privileges; the other, the avoidance of the expropriation of enterprises or thoof its profits for politics! purposes or the like.

Specialized technicians must establish which industries deserve State protection and this will be the basis for the formulationew industrial law.

Immediately and in proper form we must proceed to the development of the total agricultural resources of tho country, to the creation of new fine as, to an agricultural industrialization aimed at the maximum yield and export of the products of the land. With the support of domestic and foreign capital, and with the assistance oflan for machinery and equipment must be prepared andtrong incentive must bo given in Immediate form to the development of the cattle industry, setting up great breeding places for cattle in differentos of the Republic snd if posslblo in the plains of Peten, takingof the experience of other countries in such cases. We will try to produce tho greatest quality of meat to improve the food supply of the people as well as for export.

A fundamental question is to devise an effective check on the erosion of our lands with its cultivated plots at the foothill of the mountains.

The modern capitalistic system, humanised, is advisable for our economic development. Marxism must be repudiated in so far as it provokes class struggle, nullifies private property and the incentive for work, and in as much as it leads in theo the absorption by the State of all the resources of production. ynamic cooperative orientation is desirable in order toecrease in the cost of livingigher level of existence. olicy which is firmly directed to tho creation of the greatest number of proprietors without falling into the danger of "minifundio" will be an object of special consideration.

S,lta* the improvement of tho conditions for all those who make up the population. It is not acceptable that tho great majority live miserablyew enjoy luxurS. The social

fran econJc realities of C

end nmst be applied Justly without favoritism and with full

is hateful and

ational economic improvement we will proceed

? 0 the instigation, exploration and exploita-

Kiesin ocularrocarSn tochatry and its allies. Failure to make use of this wealth now is

uneconomic for it is undeniable thathort timelS ^uslial

use of atomic energy will devaluate the fuels used now. In adminlsSa-

tive contracts of concessions, the technical direction will remain

under the direction of industry and the State will partSpaJe to lta

XVln&security and guarantees to Uioto-vestors of the indispensable capital.

Insofar as the Agrarian Reform affects the distribution of land

r wa9tehose enSrtuscs of

anykind which constitute well organized economic units, auch as coffee

i^^Uf^JT*'* bMana' flne WO0ds'oils, and so forth,ranches dairies. Consequently lands shouldroperty, notoan, to whoever aspiresn8tit"tlon.of Agrarian Reform will bo established

ufficient facilities to proceed with thebelonging to tho State, substituting for poliScslf specialized services andnf .hWhlCh Jnltialea new exploitations. The excessive holding of land and the usurious exploitation of campestoos will be prohibited?

of BO^0nfi?be carried out for the enrichment

b*d through the

inimum profitable price for agricultural products;

Returning to the land, in order to endow itarge part of that which today tho city absorbs to paying for bureaucratic services;

rue national agricultural credit which, by lending money to the laborer at low interest, will redeem him from usury and from Bossism.

Spreading agricultural and cattle education through the different sections of the Republic;

Regulating the distribution of lend to accord with its condition and tho potential placement of its products;

Regulating tariff policyanner which will protect agriculture and cattle industry; and,

Accelerating hydraulic works and rationalising the uses of cultivation.

The social reform of agriculture must be carried out,land to the State's possession to order to initiate famlJyto redeem from misery those families who live to sterile lands them with new arable

Plana for economic end social reform will bo developed, setttoe up agrarian legislation for tho country to accord with the ideas ox-pressedhis legislation will be substituted for the present Agrarian Reform Law and its offocts and consequences.

Tho reconstruction of tho ancestral communes of the people municipal property will be given preferential treatment.

The State must permit all private initiative compatible with the general interest and must encourage- those initiatives which are beneficial. With tho aid of foreign capital, areas of ba xward economic development must seek tho means of initiating and developing their own improvesolicy of popular conviction must be directed towards an Integral cooperative system in the use of nationalolicy which at the same time that it lowers tho cost of living will raise its living standard. The establishment of cooperatives for consumers, for production, credit and banking, must be free and voluntary} theof this economic-social system, aimed at eliminating the misery of the great majority, will constitute an effective barrier against copmun-ist action.

The Family. Culture. Social Assistance

Tho family, the mother, ard tho married couple must have theof the State which will seetrict compliance with the obligations wiich derive from that protection. Familial inheritance must be the cause of protective legislation. The organisation of the -ar.ily, legally based on marriage, must rest on the equality of rights for both husband and wifo.

By whatever means at its disposal the State will endeavor to see to it that marriage is the basis for the organisation of the family. In order to cedent morally and legally the relations which must exist between married pooplo.

Adoption, in order to benefit juveniles, must be maintained. Legal Inquslitias between children born in or out of wedlock must be avoided for both must have equal rights.

The State must guard the physical, mental and moral health of infants, creating the necessary and adequate institutions and accessories.

Tho fathers of families who have six or more children under age and who lack sufficient resources must receive the special protection of the State.

The promotion and spread of culture constitutes an obligation of tho State. This education must include tho protection of physical health, moral and civic formation, and instruction and initiation in activitiesractical nature. '

Tho magistrate must preserve and intensify the dignity natural to the personality of children and young people and the State must dignify the teachor economically, socially and culturally. Control ard supervision must be strict, and rigorous sanctions must be placed on those who ostablish school or scholarship in centers of parxist dissemination orribunal of political propaganda,

A irdJiimum of common compulsory knowledge must bo imparted and gratuitously sustained with^tne rosourcos of tho State. In general, knowledge mustocial function intimately related to social necessities and tendencies and to the aspirations of the society which it is designed to serve, and it mustowerful support for social unification, for social conscience, and for social progress.

The State will establish schools of arts and trades in eachcapital and will ostablish centers of rural education on tho very land whore the campesinos live.

Tho obligation of fines owners, of the owners of factories and other great enterprises, to support schools for the peasant and laborer population must be made effective, and the State must deterra no the

jonnol, selecting the lndivi_uals and ins roc ting its functioning. rural schools elementary courses of agriculture must bepractical agriculturists

The campaign for national literacy must be active and effectiva The personnel who make up tho campaign must be reorganised in order to eliminate tho comnuniat eleronts Wrich have filtrated into it.

The development of an integral policy for economic, social and cultural improvement of the indigenous groups must be carried out on the basis of the practices, the customs, conditions and needs of each

one cf these nucleus of population.

The right to education, to technical and professional lnetruc-.ion, and access to higher education on an equal basis must be made effective. Everyone must havo access to the centersudy snd talent must not be wasted through the lack of economic resources. a

hose persons who through their ability and achiovoment in thoir studies sre worthyuarantee from the State of that economic support necessary for the completion of the professional career which they have selected, and for broadening thoir knoiilcdgo through specialization abroad.

The autonomy of th0 Univorslty of San Carlos of Guatemala must bo maintained and tho State will contribute to insure and increase tho university's inheritance.

Public health and social assistance willeal concern of the government. rogressive campaign of sanitation will be instituted and developed in an active and effective form. Social assistance must be reorganised and developed throughout the Republic. The personnel must be carefully selected and tho hospital conters must be endowed with all that is necessary. Ths Roosevelt Hospital must be ccorploted ss soon as possible and duly equipped. The Planning Council must considerroblem of urgent resolution the health of the people and tha aid that this project must roceivo.

The Economic Rogims and Public Works

The goods which constitute the inheritance of tho State willand disposable with the exception of those which aroits existence and

PrJVai6 PrfPfrtytho legitimate means for the fulfillmentfamilial and social ends must be protected by the Steteagainst the abuses of groat financial capital, ofmoney

statf "HI aupply technical instruction,machinery and capital to agricultural collectives and

Freodcai of industry, of corvnerce and of work in generalrecognised and guaranteed. The author or inventor will enjoyownership of his wcrk or invention. Literary oris

Contracts to oxploit minerals or hydro-cerbonic depositsdrawn up not to excood fifty years and those relatingeriod no greater thanears. The depositsand their derivatives can be exploited by the Statecompanies of Guatemalan or foreign capital, the State toin the

One of the alas of ths government will be to makeich and prosperous nation. Initiating and developing the exploitation of its natural resources and giving full guarantees to national and foreign capital.

Honor In the management of public funds and probity In general must be the maximum realisation of tho government.

Economic and Cultural Aid to Municipalities

The backwardness of tho population, oven in departmental capitals, is lamentable and demands tho immediate attention of the central In order to correct this situation it is necessary:

To create committees of citizens who will actively interest themselves in local progress and mako thorasolvcs responsible for lt;

To establish the principle that the profits of tho productioniven locality must contribute to that progress, which means it must cede to theubstantial part of the taxes on coffee and on tho other taxablo articles which are produced in the

Toody of technical assistance to thowith mobile activities in order to actuate local progress;

To localise industries and artisan works which are typicalurely local interest;

To activate urbanismystem of protection to tho incroaso and improvement of the inhabitants.

The cultural function must consist principally of thef sports, the promotion of honost entertainments, tho foundation of vital libraries, aid to religious activities, tho establishment of banking agencies in the most important areas with savings departments, cultural examinations and debates, etc.

The generalisation and perfection of the communication systemsrailroads, airlines, radios, teletypes, telographs and telephonesaust be achieved and the price of these services must be lowered.

The State must set up and promote tho creation and functioning of public services for potable water, for light and electric energy, in these places where they do not new exist.


The technical reorganisation of the Army iental butis oven more dosirablo from the point of view of morale. There can be no soldier where thoro is no honor. Honor ls the llfooldier and without it all ths merit and technical values which might be roused disappear. Eithor one cultivates and practices honor or one cannotoldiar. Honor ls the symbol of military virtuo. To make theastion nf democracy in Guatemala and in Central America and to instruct the sojdlor bonoath the standards of honor and in the spirit of sacrifice and service te the Patrla will constitute one of the ends of this government.

International Policy

Respect to and faithful compliance with the treaties andsigned by Guatemala constitute an irrefutable pledge.

International policy will aim towards the tightening and harnon-liing of relations with all tho countrlos of tho Western Democracies, based on the principle of loyal and sincere cooperation.

Guatemala will establish itselftrong an tl-communist bastion in Central America and she will re-enter the inner hells of theof Central American States with sincere unionist proposalswith the reality of our pooples and will contribute toighting front against communism in Central America.

incere and effectivo manner, Guatemala will align Itself in the vanguard of democratic countries and will glvo its entireto continental solidarity and defense.

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