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The Honorobla

Aibaami lor of The Republic of rannaa Managua, Nicaragua

Most Esteemed


the furtherance of anitual understanding and cooperation betveen the Republic of Panaaa and tho Republic ofove the honor to call certain developments to your excellency's attention. In doing so, ay ;'. Government wishes to assure your Government that it attaches noignificance to these developments, and merely wishes to ccanunicate them or whatever benefit they say be to the Republic of Panama.

The developments referred to above have to do with the activities

ertain Jorge Isaac

t appears that this Delgado, for reasons -inknoun by this Government,'

recently furnlohed certain information to ths Government of Guatemala, relative

to^an alleged "plot" against the Covennaeat of Guatemala. As has already boon

stated by my Gover-meat, this inforsatlon does not concern the Republic of

Nicaragua; however, the Banner in which this Delgado furnlohed the Information

may be of interest to theof Panaaa.

1. UMtUW/rWmHmitMUtM Among the

by Defccado to the Government of Guatenala were papers allegedly signed by

one "Carlosaa" and by one"Centenb." AccordhS to allegations

sade in the Guatemalan White Paper, "Carlosas" and "Centeno"

were said to hove been one and the came individual. However, scrutiny of

the Delgado documents shows that the purported signatures of "Carlosos"

and "Centenb" are not identical and arejindeed^greatly diosladlar. It wouddL

therefore appoor that tho docuaonte supplied by Delgado to the Guatemalan

Governoeot and thus signed were not genuine.

document supplied by this Eelgado to the Governmenturported toetter from the H. F. Cordes Company, of Hamburg,^an alleged "A. Soaoza and Cia." As the H. F. Cordeo Company itselfthe international press on ej>as never supplied any weapons

to anyone in Nicaragua, but ties supplied submachineCguna to the present Governsel of Guatemala. In addition, tfJi/iMteii the alleged letter from the H. F.ompany to "A. Socoso and Cia" purported to offer forubstance known ea "napalm." According to the document, the H. F. Cordes Coopany, Inhe qajllity of the nspaln, merely notod^ "according to tho specifications^ofnited States." This description of napalm is/of course, technically too imprecise and propagandlotically too crude ever to have emanatedirm engaged in the sale of arms. In fact, thia description is ratherccmunist propaganda, which eonstantly attempts to associate the United States with the nse ofe that oa it may, the inference appears warranted that thio Delgadocopy of the U. F. Cordes-letterhead, presumably in the possession of^tteGoyernment.of^ Guatemalaesult of its arms transactions with H. F. Cordes .Company, and on that letterhead typed the spurious offer of napalm to tho "A. Sceoza and Cia."

among the documents supplied by Delgado to thewere several "letters" allegedly sent by Colonel

' ,' V-

ertain "Carlos Castillo Armas." Atourshe Acbassaddr of Nicaragua to Guatemala had tbe honor to bo received by the Foreing Minister of Guatemala, Licenciado Gulllermo Toriello. During that interview the Ambassador of Nicaragua pointed out to the Foreign Minister that the alleged signatures of Col. fji^iii Anastaclo Soraoza,n these documents supplid by Delgado could not possibly be gonulno.

k. In apparent agreement with the remarks t> the Klca Amba, the Govt of Guatemala at0 hoursebruary made an energetic attempt to withdraw from circulation all copies of the documents that it had received from Delgado and that it had published in support of its so-called Ophite Paper,"

It is apparent froa the above that the Genuineness of, and documents attributable to this Delgado is open to the gravestv

upri iifl't uMih fghrTrnMmig uniha4pere"^aTsteduujoa-tr-

Of course cy Government is not directly concerned in such matters where forgeries and fabrications aro foisted by cltisens of one nationality npon the Government of anothery Government only considers It* roponslbillty to use its good offices to apprise tha patties involved of tho facts of the case and to safeguard ttwn, whoro possible, against disruption' of international harmony by such devious

With the foregoing as backgroundish now to call your Excellency's attentionatter, involving the same Delgado, which doesmore directly impinge on the mutual concerns of both the Rep of Pan and tho


In recent weeks, the same Delgado has apparently been engaged in the -manufacture of crypUcySbasagSs anc^Tuaours/ . las purpose, as before, appears to be to create tho impression of some kind of "plotting" going on in Central America. Those messages, mysterious and complex in content, aro obviously designed to create friction between friondly governments.

These messages concern my Government only because this Delgado deliberately planted them in Managua inay that thoy would be brogght to the attention of my Government and might give my Government cause for concern as to activities being conducted within Nicaragua by foreieja^ nationals. ull study of this second group of Delgedo documents has been made byemment and has revealed than to be, aa in the caso or the documents wldch Delgado planted on the Guatemalan Government, vain and senseless fabrications. From the standpoint of tho documents, tho Incident is therefore closed.

However, it it believed necessary for my Government to call to your attention

a vch -by

the seriousness of U* actionsanamanian citizen. Such actions.

were it not for the cola judgment end considerableovernment has brought to bear in tho study of$

favorable circumstences mar the harmony of tho family of Central Amerioen^


In the sincere hope that tne foregoing information.will;prove..'to.

be of some assistance to your Excellency, I

YUurs most respectfully,

Original document.

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