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following information was received fromf his recent visit in Miami. The object of his visitbring documontsirect form ttc o that thesewhich were reportedly to bo documentary proof to bethe Caracas Conference, could be sent Immediately tofor use aa they saw fit. Rogardlng the documents, LT the following questions to ask tho Group:

a* Would it be possible to present any of these documents at tho Conference?

1 . Would it be possible that any of these could bo made into leaflets or pamphlets to be used at the Conferenco? Particularly to be used would be the photographs which are considered to be nost effective methods of showing the criminal actions which have boon taken by the Communists against Guatemalans.

c. Would it be necessary to send one or two delegates of the JUNTA to the Caracas Conference to defend themselves against any denunciation which the Guatemalanmight make there?

What possible aid would our delegates receive thore from other delegations, such as countries as Venezuela, Dominican Hepftbllc and others? In case that theseshould be printed, thoy should be made available to all oombors of delegations who aro going to participate in the Conference, and particularly to members of the press who would bo inhis conference.


jat this point, requested an Immediate reply to him in Ls respect. FORD advised him that it would be necessary to check with tho principals in Hew York before replying to him in this matter.

Jthat tho JUNTA was finishingwhich would be presenteuater date to the United The work in this case consists of the infractions ofand violations of personal liberties bv thP Guatemalanto free individuals in that country. "Jasked thethe GROUP regarding tho importance of this work. FORDthat the GROUP considered tho work quite valuable, if the

allegations could be documented with affidavits and withand made, whenever possible, absolutely legal so thatdocuments could be Drovedourt anywhore in thedvisod thatmight be the Individual indi-

cated toeries of articles regarding these documents, which might oven be published at the Caracas Conference before being given to, Jsald that it is entirely possible that tho Guatemalan delegation to the Caracas Conference willosition of accusing the anti-Communists, and in this case, an attack by the free Guatemalans would be absolutely fundamental,

3. President Remon has decided that Jorge Isaac DELGADO has been betrayed because of treachery by Somozo and RUFUS. RUFUS wants tho GROUP through its own moans to convince Presidentthat the actual responsability for thl3 treachery rests solely on DELGADO.

**. In discussing the political and economic featureGuatemala with- - uggested that certain general

objectives, both political and administrative, shouldreparatory manner in the very near future. Hethat tho following items should bo vory seriously considered:

developmentommission of lawyers andin Guatemala tourvey of all agrarian matters

and problems, specifically regarding the situation of land reform in Guatemala.

obtain et alltudy which is beingengineer Pedro DEarmer and an economist,written an extremely valuable agricultural program

organize inommission of threo people who,

leal, economicand social themes to be incorporatedentioned that possiblethis commission, or possible peoplewould formwould be the following!

sn* Jniio GOMEZ indicated that possiblyand Dr. Roborto JflERRERA IB ARGUE 7?

and another individual be brought to Miami to assistawyer, graduate of the University of

Guatemala an*raduate from the Lars* School of HERRERA studied in the

Unlteo States, is aarried with an American girl, and has worked in the United Nations.

d. Tho planning and the requirementsew Guatemalan army.

advised that the natters In Honduras are Nevertheless, he advises that the GROUPas much political agitation toavorable aspectcause In the forthcoming presidential campaign. HUFUSIt is possible that the Liberal Party will postulateMORALES, who will have the comploto backing of theGuatemalan government. The communist organizations inwill also assist the Liberal candidate, and it isARBENZ, personally, will do all that is possible tosuccessful election of VILLEDA, and to keep GeneralConservative candidate, from winning the forthcomingHonduras. RUFUS insists that President OALVEZ ofbe advised as to tho sympathy which his movement nowupon by groups in the United States. If this isallegeswillecided andcooperation to the Junta cause, c. dvisesideas were given to RUFUS through

who has communicated to RUFUS ragaro-

lng his rolations withact as

RUFUS* personal ambassador to PBREZ JIMENEZ, President of

has been advlsod that the documents which DELGADOthoovernment were photographed In the Lain Guatemala City. These documents wereDELGADO received them, by MIGUEL COMACHO. Thosethe documents wore photographed werei DELGADO.Chief of the Caribbean Legion, Jaime ROSENBERG, Chief

of Guatemala City Police, and an unnamed photographer inforce. RUFUS 3aid that he had gained thisan informant in the Army who was on duty at thelow-ranking soldier guv* the information in turn t( LT andtwo Individuals gave

^ne information to ourureing RUFUS1 agent in

Secretary and Consul General of tho GuatemalanNicaragua, Horacio GUZMAN, who Isousin of Col.considered by RUFUS to be the individual who enticedperforming his treachery against the JUNTO-GRUPO. GUZMAN

isrotegee of the TORIELLO family, Minister of Foroign Relations in the Guatemalan government.

timt ROFUS said lt would be necessarythe bOcget estimates of the organizations inCEUA and PDA, so that they canoremanner of working and distributing propaganda, andlarger organizations and core effective organizations

9- One of tho most dangerous Spanish Communists Who la nowIn Guatemala Is Roberto BLASCO. This person works for Rafael CONTRERAS, whoepresentative of an American company. Mead-Johnson, of Indiana. BLASCO Is reported toonthy wage of two hundred American dollars and to tour the country constantly with oxpenses paid. CONBRERAS, although knowing the affiliation of his omployee, nevertheless refuses to rolease Eta from his work. (This Is RUFUS source of Information.)

Tho government has not as yet sold their coffee which has been obtained from the national flncas, andesult of not having made these salea, the financial situation of the country becomeifficult. Tho sale of this coffee vjuld cortalniy aid to resolve many oconomlc problems in Guatemala. Theof this coffee are made at public auctions and ere always bought by American toasters or Importers. is asking If there is anything that tho GROUP can do to koop these salea from being accomplished.

RUFUS advises that, at the present tlae, the workers'In the United Fruit Company is at Its- strongest organizational peak. This is due, in part, to the fact that the working harvest season Is In full swing, andesult, payments are regular and the workers areood position to bargain. RUFUS considers that it Is necessary that something be done to obtain the support of thia strong union, and advises thet, as yet, his forces have not been able to do anything to assist in bringing about awith this group. RUFUS considers that, If these workers were discontented,lan would favor the militarywhich have been considered byTTA and the GRUPO. He advises that some form of propaganda should be made to assist in bringingiscontentment among these workers, and advises that tho program bo accomplished by CEUA and/or PUA. Also, he advises that the conpany itself might be ablo to bring about some sort of propaganda campaign which would strengthen the company's

The above consents constitute the bits of Informationwhichbrought from RUFUS, The followlnr In-

formationesultong conversation

3The following points may bo of Interest to" the GRUPO!

may be able to work in Miami. He

would first like to go back to Salvador to arrange his personal masters. His family still Is In Guatemala, and he wishes tothen fron there before coming to Miami.

recommends Horaclo DE CORDOVA as an

announcor end Journalist. CORDOVA, as Is to bo remembered, was rocently evicted from Guatemala for his anti-Communist activities ajid now resides In Mexico.

0.recommends highly Dr. HERRERA, who was mentioned

previously in this report. HERRERA, according to

an extremely anti-communist man and is highly capable to the workhas indicatod previously.

made the following obersvatlonsesult of his

conversationsviews were not discussed

resuxwju after he had thoroughly dlscussod

the situation regarding the recruitment of propaganda Individuals who might work in Miami.

opinion it is now impossible for usin tho iramoaiote future individuals in Journalism andwho are Guatemalans and who have sufficient experienceat Miami._Jbelieves that it is, therefore,toixed group of Guatemalans and thosehave peculiar or particular talents and who will beby the GROUP.

suggests that sufficient material beMiami to convert CEUAOE and El Combate into bi-weeklyand that El Robelde should be converted to a

that tho lienedlato commencement of

black radio programs be initiated in the dear future.

suggests that the possibility ofnt night over Guatemala bo considered. Theof course, would be utilized to distributea scale heretofore never accomplished,

asks the GROUPilitary advisor bcassist him in Honduras, in the very near future, RUFUSPABLO's replacemont is absolutely necessary and that ltconsidered as an absolute requisite that thisSpanish,

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