Created: 3/2/1954

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i Operational Hatters

i PBSDCCESS Qrid Coordinate Hap

ontains one plastic grid reader and one set of four sectional charts which cover the area lnvolTod in PBSDCCESS Operations, Copies of the map are being distributed to all field stations snd key STHCAKP operational personnel.

this speoial map was prepared for PBSOCCESS to proride7 and accuracy In ooennnl eating geographical locations* Tou are requested to initiate Immediately the praotlco of utilising grid coordinate laiabors in operational cccnonlcatlons when referring to goo graphic locations.

A detailed description of tha nap snd instructions for Its use followi

A rectangular grid system uas superimposed on the beet obtainable nap of the ares. This grid orer lay, printed In red. Is arbitrarily positioned toeying system for geographical locations which la Intel llfjhlo only to tha indJTiduals in possession of the asp.

Furthermore, the userid system pernlte the exact pinpointing of loostlono expreaaed la terns of grid coordimiUo.

(e) Grid coordinatespecific location are expressed by the two letters Indicating ths nador square involved, followedlx-dlgit figure. The first three digits represent the horizontal location in the major equaro, and the last three digits represent the' Tertloal location,

(d) Far example, to locate EX JICARO

ocate amjor grid square marked OF,

ead right fron bottom left corner tos 3,

lace readerneading right on reader scale

to 2. Xstlnate third digit la.eed up fron botton left oarner of major grid eqaare to grid

line 2.

lacenith reader In grid equare located by etep two and three*


page 2

ead up on wader scale to 6, Eatinute third digit in tenths.

In reading rxid coordinates apply the rule, "read right/up**

Other examples arei

Salvador Haxatenango Puerto Barrios

Certain areas of tbe map maynaccurate, If thie should affect major operational activity, please edrlee LLNCOLK,


aren &

Attachment A, as stated shore(in oneenvelope).


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