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2 March is 5b


Major Items of tba HQ progress report and LincolnI Jmvif

reported on PP actions takeneeolt ofat Friday conference

reported on tbe fabricationocument to be inserted in tbe Guatemalan dlploaatic poocb to Panama for deliver? to tbe local Ambassador. Method of dlatrlbatlng thla fabricated letter in Mexico to Enboaaieo of other probably Interestedwas discussed.

Report on reoonaalsaance of Guatemalan Enhoasy in Togucigalja for jmxpose of

XI. da Goubaad Story

It was decided tbat Walter tflocbeU night not be the best outlet because of the uncertainty aa to whet extent bis colnan Is picked up by Latin American press. It waa decided that store effect!re publicity would be obtained If It ortginntedexico City by-line.

oat buw advantage could be taken of the shooting

epfQttf^ia Congress. The fanatic Puerto Rican Kationallste could be tied In with Communists who merely were "qUag use of tbea in order to bringurther feeling of dislike between. and Latins.


reported that hia ctate of mind waa good and that heto remaining under deep corer either In thepertof, the United States or Alaska. horoughwith the*

completed and all ouq^Uoaa^ answeredI

o^^lnfronstatement In

In writing ofand breaking uff of all

connection with the coqpany will be handled. opy of thleia to be given

v. visit to

All present approved the eeodlneistinguished Aaerlcan,connected with. Governoent, to C vr-of lnprovlng the "group's"voulJ

written recOEsseodatlonapproval.

VI. Clandestine Padlo Station

reportedecoBneiasenee bad been cade by cur own ccasAinleatioxts people of Big aad Little Santa Te. Little Santa Fe Is eoopletely ruled out because Itare rockrecipice of approximately S5 ft. on all sides rising out of the sea. It ia literally good only for "the birds".

Big Gents Fe: This was originally reported to have eight Acerlcans end one native on It. ew reconnaissanceotal ofeople, including several natives. echnical viewpoint, Big ;antu Fe is excellent.

If nesting withj'fiew atteapt shcul'! be made to obtain bis consentlandestine radio installation.

haveaper reviewing tbe entire

problenlandestine radio etatloa, clearly pointing out the eecurity hazards at each site, sodecc-Baeodatlon.

VII.Trip of Bx-Klng Leopold to the Caribbean.

requested that Leopold's failure to put Guatemala on hie schedule should be played up as an Intentional mission because of the country beingontrolled.

Action: HHD/PP.

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