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Chief of Station, Guatenala


INPC: Chief, mS

of ox-Guatemalan Aray Officer Concerning Current Guatemalan Political Situation

Aa of possible Interest to receiving etation, there followsemorandum prepared by Lt. Colonel T. J. McADAK, Assistant Air Attache, American hlnbassy, and dated.

"SUBJECT: Opiniona on Currant Guatemalan Political Situation

ource believed to be usually reliable gave me the following Information on the current situation In Guatemala* Hia remarks are of considerable interest because thla individual ia an ex-Cuotcr&alan Army officer who at one timeloae peraonal friend of Prealdant and Mrs. ARBENZ and la, or has been, cloae to the preaent-day ranking officera o* the Guatemalan Army.

"1. Peellnna of Army Officera: reat number of officers are extremely unhappy about the ComnainTsta In tha government and theGuatemalan relations. However, nono dare apeak out for fear of Jeopardizing hia peraonal soourlty.

a private talk.

"2. Iaa comaunlatT Source believea he la not. However, he admits that ARBStfZ hoa openly encouraged the growth of Communism in Guatemala. Souroe explains thia Inconaiatency by atatlng heARBENZ to be unaware of the dangera of Coaaninlam. Source foala that the Conmunlats have ARBENZ ao completely surrounded that none of ARBSHZ* old friends can reach him to explein to him the dangera in the Government'a recent actions. Source feels that he might have aome in-

fluence with ARB'NZ but has been unable to aee hlc for He has tried several tlmea but with no auocesa.

"3. 3rs. ARB.MZ Dislikes Source states that Mrs. ARBENZ hatea. but Isoaa to explain why.

Colonel -ariquo PASBIKELLQ; Source atated that PARRINELLOood man, fully aware of the n'an^erous couraea of action in which tho Guatemalan Government ia presently engaged. He further atated that PARRINELLO was the onlyanklng Army officer who has had the courage to point out the dangera of Cosmunlam to ARBENZ.

Kajor Alronao KAPTIS^: Sourco stated that he bollovoa MARTIN" nas leftand will not DO back. The statements


v 1


by the Government that iAMVIlUtt will be beck sooncreentoout of the neao."

"6. Should the"dmlnlstration Xall. -hohe .irrtir vVould ilostvcr? Source stated that there are three possible choices and tenn' one officer stood heai andbove the others. He believes that Colonol Anaplino 0LT3LLA, now engaged In construction of the port of Santo Toraaa, would be rractically tho unanimous choice of the officers of the Army. GETELLAremained aloof from politics but ls aware of and dislikes the presentis scrupulously nonest, andard and fair loader. SourceXIA would not actively seek the Presidency but could be persuaded to do so bacajae of hie hl.vh sense of patriotism andto duty, other possible candidates for the "residency or membersulln* Junta are believed to be Colonel Klfego KOHZON and Colonel Carlos ALDAKA Sandoval, bothod men not In accord with the present regine,andoval being more to tho left than the other two.

"7- ftUl the AKR SJZ Administration Last? Sourceat the AFUEIIZ Administration cannot go onhat something is bound to happen inr future. Unfortunately, aource did not elect to olaborate on this statement."

* Station Comment: or Alfonso UAIiTINnZ returned to Guatemala onia KLH7 from Mexico city.

The aource of tho above information la not known to this station.

Kenneth S, Olvloch

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