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is identified inf. ESSEHCE states that identity Is related toC 3- f No.efers to an item whloh appeared in Prenaa Libre on- stating that threats and warnings were being sent in black-edged envelopes to wealthy Guatemalans. RAZMARA attempted through ESSENCE to ascertain the identities of the responsible persons. No. Xlx.eview ofiscussion with ESSENCE regarding the problem cited in.

d.recautionary measure ESSENCE has suggested the peraon identified infs his replacement in the event he (ESSENCE) should ever be apprehended or forced to flee the country. ESSENCE informed RAZMARA that this person is an old and trusted friend. He is presently unaware of the true nature of ESSENCE'S connection with the ESSENCE group, but he is friendly toward the group and has supported its activities in the past.

nclosed are copies of Issuesndfobelde.

Task PT/2:

a. Not yet activated.


a. The recruitment operation outlined inwas begun

) and responses via ESSENCE are ponding.

RAZMARA has been accreditedpersonal repre-

sentative to the subject identified indentity has indicated his willingness to cooperate.

George L. Trangero


GLT/cmh Distribution:

5 att

2-Wash wA att-tln trip)

5 att



1* The letter from Juan Alberto was given to CARTER to read* He aeemed to reoeive the letter wellt although it le too early to attempt to decide what sort of an orer-all effect it will bare. However, the meeting was held in the friendliest atmosphere todate.

?. The other two letters were given CARTES for delivery. He stated that hs would try to deliver them that very day, and that he would try to get an answer regarding same by Tuesdayebruary,

3. The letter to CARTER is attached.

p. a.


CARTER etatee that one of tholr biggest needs ls for more and moreoth for the radio and the newspaper*

"El Rebolde" should shortly start appearing


loenless tbey can get more material rtlcles and cartoons} they are liable not to be able to fill the papers.

tho followingon radio pragmas along some line*


In accordance with the contents of the letter directed to CARTER, CARTER will try toreen-puesto ready for the coning month at our next -teetin; .

He will also girost of hie ideas* suggest lone, roqui reraento, However, theso may not all come at the same time, since he states lt is bettor to think them out well than rush them hnpharnrdly Into ono report.

E. P. H.


l. CARTER states that he le bo eking our permission to hire two or three secure persons (anecretary, and possibly one or two other general assistants) to help out in the crush of the business*

2* This staff will function under cover of his wood and trucking businesses.

CARTER states that he works'clock in the morning to frequently'clock at night on our business. Until now he hno been adapting the cartoons, (findhe is net an artist this Involves considerableegular full-time artist the cartoons, etc. can be turned out more rapidly and with lose sweat involved.

tepped-up program, increasing the issues of the newupaper. keeping in contact with the flliales and urglnr them to more activity, CARTER rialstaff an Indispensable part of the campaign. -

E. P. R.

4 At

CARTER states that they arenttlng more emphasis on "local interest" propaganda* although such might result somewhat more expensive*

The reasoning behind this is that frequently an incident which can be played up in one locality because of the personal interest Involved, will noteneral rPaction.

eneral propaganda such an Incident would here to bo over-looked*th tho possible losselling effect in the one locality where it is

Kence* tbey are thinking of arranging it bo thet the group intzaltennngo,an cone out with locala when the opportunity presents itself.

E. P. R.


A filial has been formed in tbe fincas around Puerto Barrio a.

This Sunday*t, there willublic meeting In Puerto Barrios.

It seems that thereotential ofereone In thle area.

Three delegates were sent down there from


The crour- line alsoequest to help form the Co^lte Feraeniiio in that area, which thoy will doe filial has been formed.

ist of persons who pesoibly will be on thof the fine an.


1. The following ie the liet (referred to In) "ho possibly will be on thef the flncas with mem be re in the filial in Puerto Barrioa areai

4 Attachment11

CARTES Btaton that the group dcea not noed nor wieh any more stamps for use on money.

Hie reasoning in thle le ae follows! the money that passes through Mb handse cannot mark all the money but only one or two blllBroup, because If he vere to maxSc the whole group and make payment to aomeone It vould soon boo one obrloua where the marked money was coming froa.

The people who hare bills In Guatemala are meat frequently the well-to-do who are already anti-CommunlBt.

am The Mile olrculateery limited circle, usually ending up back at the bank, and there such marked money le retired from circulation as boob os it is apotted.

The Indian or back-woodsman seeinglogan on one of the very few bills that pass through hie hands eithernow Communism from anti-Comainl sau or would take the slogan at its face value, and sayel cossaniaaao".

CARTER stated that they still continue to mark the money with the stamps that they have, but that he haa never gottenarked bill.

The group feels that they have enough stamps to last them, and hence, no more, please.

B. P. R.


SUBJECT. Items froa Meeting ofebruary between CARTER and RAZMARA, but not included In report dated

. 1. The Material3 wae given to CARTER to be pot in tbe newspaper.

The rumor concerning the army taking second Place to the armed forces of ths Communists was passed along to CARTER who said he would see that said was circulated.

CARTER stated that he would drawetter such as were requested for delivery to the newspapers.

E. P. R.


SUBJECTi Contact Method Between Oecar CARTER and anyone Unknown to CARTER

Unknown will drop by office of CARTER'S father and leave note with father.

The not* will giro the day on whloh unknown will wish to go to the movie. Till be the last movie at the Lux theater, and at intermission tlmo. Unknown is to go into the men'e room of the Paloo section

ontac* or be contacted by someona (CARTER)ie similar to bio. Unknown must make sure to buy ticket for theSection of the theater.

, to be worn by CARTES ia Identical to that

wlUearIneattern. However, CARTER'b tierey, or greyish-blue back-ground, ths center stripe is block,hite stripe on either side of the black stripe, and the two outside stripes are red, same as on Unknown's tie.


"Conferencla en Caracas" propagandadone at tbe Request of the Comlte Obreroeafleto,.

"Vanlfiesto del T.. al Pueblo

de Guatemala" comes from Honduras, and la being brought into the country In the total0 copies. However, not all tbis number has yet resxached its destination because of the difficulty of getting material across tbe frontier.

CARTER returned todayhree day trip through the Occidents of Guatemala* This trip was made to arrange for Increasing tbe propaganda output and to try to arrange tbe setting up of "centrales locales" for local interest propaganda as stated in report of last meeting.

CARTER states that tha Communist propaganda ls extremely heavy through-out the area. The attached booklet ls one example of this propaganda. Travelers are stopped on the road and handed the propaganda.

6. The Senoras of the Mercadosf them) will leave this Fridayhree or four day tour of the ooutrtry, talking to women in various places, forming more fillolee, trying to instill more spirit Into the opposition. Theso women aro taking advantage of the time tbat ls free to them because of tho recentof their market. Thoy have asked CARTER'S groin? for whatever assistance oan be given them totravel, board and lodging, and such propaganda oritems as religious medallions whloh the Indians constantly request.

E. P. R.

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