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to Chief of Station, Lincoln FROM Chaif, WH

general Operational


SKCtnc Coamunist Efforts to Disrupt Caracas Conf.ronoe


Enclosedopywuoorandum provided to thia office


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A reliable aoaroeeneiuelan exile Id Quote-nmlm ie returning to Veneapel* prior to tbo Caraoaa Confaraooe and eey ba laplloetad In plana to dlsropt tbat oonfaraooo. Ua Is ioafaQnlroa, ban in Oeeuta, ColcaMa (an tba Yanesualaafl yeara old, moenecualaa fatherolombian Bommbmr of tba Aaoieo Beaweratioa Party aad wmfrom Vaneauela four yeara ago, and baa resided duriag thla period ina. Baadio anaouioor by prt^Ma^ont? Bo litpurohaood air passage froa Ooateaaala to Barranqtdlla, and baa obtained paTalaaian froa tbo Onaeriaaaiit or Colombia to en tar tbat ootaatry. Ho expects to bo aoooapaniad by hia flanode (naaaho is ooaiog froa Maxioo. He baa atated te friend* that he will travel by way ef Sanoata Rloa, in order towith leader* of the Aooldn Daaocratloa reeldinf there, beaded by Boaulo Betanoourt, Be baa aleo raid tbat be exjxvota thtra will be dletoTbanoee in Taoaauala during tbe tlaa ef tbe Tenth Inan Cocferaoo*.

Souroa bellevee that Man Parea Qjuirde la eapable ofrlota or upriainga againat tbe Teaesualaa Qovarnaaot and tbat hia profaaelonal training ia radio aay be utilised by Aooldo Deaoeretioa in eooneotion with such uprising. ipkcts USNIiT caracas CCUFtiuiHCE

Iaforaation reccivecail able source, oeefer* to tbo possibilityolombian Cosmmlst stay bs active In Ccoaauniat prejaratione to disrupt the Tenthonference sobadulad to cccaaence In Caracas, Venezuela Karob

Tbo individual refarred to Is Dr. BarnardoifljexcAa Zapata,rlbed aa on* of tba teat iBportant meeabere of *m* CoBBunist Party of Colombia. Beawyer by profession but has resided for aoraear In Guataeal* City, although he can return to Colocbla without hindrance froa that Government. He vaa born In Call,ay3 and carries Colcablan paspportssued by the State Government of Antloquia) he la daeerlbadater,enti-aatera in height, black hair, dark eyas, straight nosa, Jaw,s tan complexion. a facial axpraaalen is Barkedenetrating glance, sexioua and eonoentrated deaaanor. He la very guarded in oonveraatlcn, and notably different froa other Latina in tha inpreaeion he gives of avoiding talk. He la Harried, hia wife being Llgia Garcia, born In Araanla (CaldaaJ, Colombia,ba laoanunlst and la well aduoated,degree* lo educational science for tha subjects of chemistry and biology.


w'l tn* dlplcamtlo alaalon of tbat country} thay did not appear at that aiaelon andtioo oceearning thaa officially raqueeted froa tha .Civil Guard waa refused. After tha Congress In Guatemala City, Dr. Garcia Zapata waa oaa of tha dalagatea aant by the Government of Guatemala to tba World Congrasa of Demoaratio Lawyers, held in Vienna, under lntarnational Coaamnlat eporaorahlp. Dr. Carole Zapata personally picked ap at tha Hinlatry of Foreign Relatione of Guatemala tbaaasporta andlal grant of funda for tha trip, along with hia exit viae. He had eought to take hia wife with bin but thla waa firmly refused deaplta bla peralrtentnd thewaa interpretedovarunlat tachrlqu* to kaep bis wifeootag* in territory where tha Cosaninlata have lnfluenoe,in eaaa ba ahould not decide to return froa Viennaol-munlat agant.

Ha baa written articles for tba Ouateealaa Omnaant'e official paper Piarlo de Centre America, and tha Governaent-aupportad daily, Ihwatro Diarlo, both of which era Cccannlat oriented. Hia articles ar* writtanseudonym, and relate to political topics. He Uvea wall, apparently beyond any inoooe which would noraally be received froa occasional nevapaper ertlolas. Dr. Garcia Zapataelegate to tbe Ccoresa of Latin Americanoamunlat front organisation, held in Guatemala City in He waa tba principal Colcmbdan in attendance, other* beingnknown either aa lawyers or Coloabiane to tha diplomatic adsa ion of tbat countm thev * -

Dr. Carol* Zapata baa now returned to Guatemala City andto attend the Tenth Inter-amerioan Conference et Caracas aa an "observer." he plana to return to Col cobla first. It vould be easy for him to enter Venezuela fron Colombia withoutor, If necessary, with false documentation to ba supplied by the Coanunlata.

Source states that Garcia Zapata la the type of cool intellectual determined and dedicated, who serve CoaDunlsa on difficult missions. Source believes that Garcia Zapata would be capable of directing any criminal actions wh!ch Bight disrupt the Caracas Conference such ss assassination, riot or uprising, and that he receivedand training in Vienna for this purposa.

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