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MaaRArJDUK rat ivm record

Mexico City in Hemisphere Congress, Dis-

cussion betweend Headquarters Officers onndh.

The nans of the Congress proposed by LINCOLN was "Congreso de los Vencedores del Comunis-Tio". e has boon tentavively changed to "Congreso de los Combatientcs Progresivos Contra el Comunismo".

Headquarters has Liven its firm aporoval for the Congress to take place, the only condition being that plans proceed in an orderly fashion and in sufficient detail touccessful Congress.

Headquarters' officers feel thatpril is definitely too early touccessful Congress. May 1st, Hayrater date would be preferable owing to ths aany preparatory steps needed

to assure success of tho Congress. Several of the reasons whyofficers believepril is to soon:

C(Jill have to submit recouroenda-

tions as to whom should be invited.

b: robably^iiflsfeo^^tine forZ"

^nd ti>eperform their organizing tas':s.

c. All delegates should be given days tt advance notice if possible.


Since the Caracas Conference may continue until It Aoril, believed wise to waite rasvlts of ti-at Conference.' "

headquarters has approvedirst step in proceedingto Mexico to bine together the several

i jactions in oroer of unity amon;-carry witnacit; promise of. ten thousand"

ppiieu .oi- the proposed Congress.

LX'rJCOLlv stephould be rewritten and clarified in accordance with the oral agreement at Headquarters. It has been agreed that few If any agents will be invited to the Congress. The term "controlled persons" should be interpreted to mean unwitting persons serving in our anti-Commu 1st activities in the variousof the Hemisphere. It is quite probable tliatcertain persons such as delegates invited for the purpose of giving speeches, will receive direct personal invitations. On the other hand,will be addressed to organized gmups who will in turn bc expected toelegate of their choice.

The International Organizations Division will endeavor toan who is experienced in directing such confesses. It would

reat advantage to have him made available beforearch inhe might spend about ten days studying the problem inimilarjjob in LJKCOLN from where he would proceed to Mexicoremain until the Congress has been held. Inprobably would workAbout

three weeks before the Congress begins it is aiiticipaied

would visit Mexicorder to provide personnelpreviously acted asGroup 3

It is suggested tliat four emissaries be used instead of two incut in half the ties required for field organization,. It is toout that this would not cost much more moneying

It is su:gestcdbrought up from Chile in order to provide an experienced and controlled hand in the Congress. He has successfullyongress in Chile.

9- Headquarters officers believe it will be best to invite several big-name -speakers from Burope, probably from France and Italy. This will lend prestige and experienced guidance to the Congress.

10. ODACID has arranged anti-Comnunist kits for the Caracas delegates. Headquarters thinks it may be possible to- procure some of these kits for the Mexico Congress and some study vrill bo mad" of the security aspects of using theits as used in Caracas.

SltfS to Be TAKZM Id rWArtATIOM FOR SttiluA-SS

Attractive brochuroo should be sent to all antl-Communistthroughout hemisphere. Organizations should not be allied with Peronlst or other. elements. Believe that invitation of such elements will cause dissensions within Congress and in addition making Congress rore vulnerable to old comeainist cryry tnat is more frightening to manyelements than "communist". All political complexions should bo invitedconservative, center, liberal.

Brochures should contain purposes of meeting plus tentative agenda.

Letter of Invitation should accompany brochure. Letter should solicit ccenents as to purposes and agenda. Ask for suggestion? of items for agendaother ideas etc.

Ii. letter stating emissaries will arrive at such andate to extend personal invitations and drum up publicity for meeting. Ask that anti-Communist group or groups depending on area arrange for pressadioiring of hall perhaps forhallenge Cotsainlats to debate etc.again dependent upon area and amount. activity. The fullshould be glvon in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay. Other countries very.

Vioit of emissaries to carry out no. Ii.

fcmissaries should leave behind them group that will continue to propagandize for the Congressmoney left behind or sent later. Emissaries will have good idea before leaving country who will attend Congress.delegates' capabilities and strong pointsto make maximum uso of them at Congress.

Continued correspondence between Congress seat, Mexico and he-mis chore concerning propaganda and preparations.

Utter to delegates notifying then of last minute arrangements and travel itemsall taken care of by Kexico.

Delegates leave for Congress

Propaganda continues throughout Hemisphere

Dally press releases exploited throughoutesi

Longer supplement items following Congress

Proceed with plans se outlined Lincoln.

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