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Letter to1 March

Paragraph 1.

I had forgotten to tell you that UIOCRAS Fuentes recantly appoared In several El Salvadorean nevspaperai it oontalned one

paragraph which related to the internal political situation of thie country. This paragraph was consideredalid excuse by bhe leaders of El Salvador to eject IfllGCKAS Fuentea froa this country. Thisossibilitynderstand they lisvo been conalaerang for quite none thae. This Individual is conoletely without friends end tho letter itself has to do with the recent eventspened in Gunteriale. Still, by no aeana does UIGOHAS have the confidence of the high officials of tho Salvadorean


Tha droop's representative In il Sslvadorod friend of ESTriaii, that Uor UloauS. be is circulating-there, telling jwoplcood friend he is of iJlGOiJiS and how much confidence he has in him. dot thle friendship ia not oharod by tho aroup and he (the representative of the GroupJ Is,in the Spanish phroou, onthat is, extrcnel- upset. It aeons to ae that this Is not the roleiplomat: to be :uiJcLng conjectures, particularlyetter such as this.

lij-agrepj. 3-

rjrtui cjnteii^ several wiis and piirasec1 cfnnot tr*nal*U. This will be followed

up in t. subsequent report. J

laracrapii u.

As you well inow; isnod. This was in cccorda-ice with the slar. whicha^ arranged.

are very cusy hore and we are not bothered by trifling matters. have now oogun to nove several men to pieces where they will be training for their military missions. PAHCBD seems to be much more enthusiastic now that he takes account of the preparations which aro eo such better paasssSd and formalised. Cur



publicity campaign la also going abend full We ere reproducing articles end distributing them in all parts. hy speech continues to be subject to greet concoGnt, even in Guatemala. In Mexico there is slso an intensified propaganda campaign. LOPEZ has conducted hinself marvelous-lyn vary much impressed by his work.


On severalaveack of control in tha reports and data which we are sending out from hare. ealise that hese are subject to security control by our friends uut it would always take into account exactly haw theae Matters ara arriving eo that they will not occur again. ould like to list the following

Kxscple A. The case of my tourist aard from the United States. eturned that the following day, after ny return here. lesterday they came to ae and askedeturn it.

Example B, as asked toetailed list

of the things which moke up the deficit for the month AH of those doc. men to were forwcroVd withof the materialent to you. Theseactually not worth the trouble of mentioning}they do addoor understanding. aveevidence which shows that there are some people chargeaffairs who have not seemed to maintainharmony which le necessary. It would beif we managed our respective affairs, whichtreat importance, without tho necessary harmony. be ideal ifone individual through

whose hands sll material woulu pass and who would receive all material.

Paragraph ?,

I have Just received another message asking me for detailsthe gestures towards making black flights both to Honduras and to hi Salvador. ave always advised that there would be absolutely no trouble on the flighte arrivingf through another method.

Paragraph 8.

I an sorry to say that as of thistill have not received any indication of the use of the propaganda work destined for the


Caracas conference. We still do not know if it vould not havo been bettor to have it presented by another friendlyr if it was store appropriate to do it in the manner in which vo set forth the worlcto you. It in my idea that it would have

been extremely usefuleighboring friendly country could have pres nted this work. ave thought tbat it would have served our cause very well to have sent one of our man there, to the Conference, with our works in certain moments,

when it would bo nccecsery to hear the story of the opposition, our nan would be there to discuss these vital problems. We have finished another similar propaganda workog of you to advise ma what Is to be done with it. -fr is not at

ell similar to the previous work and it wouldhame not to take full advantage of it.


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