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Utter fcb. li dated PARCHO acknowledges receipt^ eoruar7 latteraj replios in tho following aannen

paragraph li Honduras.

Practically nothing has happened aince my last correopondenoe My assistants here are eager for act lor. and It le necessaryhowever, to advise then that until full preDarations are reedywill take place. Ky friend in

has told ne that if youen able to advise our friends outsidecountry thatshould be told that our effort

erious one end has the full support of outside friends, thisgreatly in obtaining full practical cooperation and guaranteesIt is necessary that this gesture be made at

onceery urgent and since it will give us sufficient tine to fully exploit the assistance which can bc given by the people in this country. herefore beg of youko euro that if this has not been done that it be accomplished soonest at the appropriate high level.

Paragraph 2i F3 Salvador

Batweenandthere, In relation to us,

things ero ouch better than you can ;ossioly imagine. It has given me great happiness to realise the warm hearted aid which they have given us almost without Units. However, we must Increase our friendly relationship with them even more than It ls now obtained today. ealise that theAS which counts for alrost nothing continues its campaign to discredit us. ow realise that these people have even let our activities become more important than the task of defeating the enemy. Prom no point of viewble to consideroining of forces with this smell group. It is because of the erormous responsibilityave of maintaining the security of this operation endould considerersonal reflection on my ability to include this group with our movenent at this timo. lou realisem not endeavoring tos compelgn based on personal ambitionselieve that it would do us irreparable damage if we then brought into our group an individual who foryears has based hie entire activitiesersonal basis end not one of ousting Comounism from Guatemala.

Paragraph 31 Kaxico.

As tooare urged the cessation of economic aid to RAKXKEZ. That group hasonstant stuns ling block to the further development of our plans In Kexico. Tha group does not properly represent as and fron all points of rlev lt Is ectlng ss an obstruction block. ish to repeat that the cessation of this aid to thon la urgent. It is necessary for us to inprore the propaganda canpalgn in that country since you know as wello the epnpathy for our cause. ave sent Q_ .3 TJtoh) to review what has been taking place, voa propaganda group similar to the coo in El Salvador, and to determine if lt is possible to sake contact with propaganda people in Hsxlco for work in our canpalgn. ill inform you of the result of C bjectives. C Jle now living in the bouse of VIRRETES. elieve that he will complete bis mission by theeE this coning week.


There ls nothing unusual to report in this country: everythingaccording to schedule with the greatest aid posslblo being given KAJfJEL recently passed through Teguloigalpa andesult thothat country and tbo future methods of operation have been PASCHO wiehes to buyeferenced airplane and asks howwant for that. old himhought we would let him have it (Commenti Please advise ne if there should be sone differencein this

Paragraph $x Guatemala.

I have received information that tbe general situation is aagnificlent. Cur organisations remain stronger than ever and the spirit of our people has gone up ton points since the DELOADO incident.

A. Everybody henery bright view of my declarationelieve that this ia not Justaid them, elieve that this firm declaration, which contains noeil received because itincere reflection of the actual plight of Guetemcle and because it gives to many people some email hope that the situation may be changed in the future. Thissm, of corse, gives us comfort, andecompense for our many sacrifices.

3. The only thing which went wrong in Guatumala recently was the delay in sending the money, which did not arrive at the proper time. ave had to use all of my resources to convince them that it was imposalble for me to supply them with morectually have.

C. Ournow begun to make hia necessary contacts and

ho willalvador then,for better security.

Paragraph 6.

hy asalstanto hers wish to know If our propaganda work, with regard to the Caracae Conference, arriTed in tine enough to bo uaed. If this propaganda was used by our friends we wish to know exactly what use was nade of it because in all events we want to know an exposition of this, on our pert, to fill in Oof use of thia materiel will not bring any difficulties since it;will simply occupy chat pert of the propaganda originating fron cur organization and lt will not therefore conflict with any propaganda piano to be conducted by the group.

ABEKAS has now completed his plot and is now in exile inEmbassy accordinglan which we arranged hare. this plan was to extricate PANCHO from any possible reactionhad apparently come in end out of Nicaragua without the (COitftKSTi sked*nat particular compromise

this night indicate, insofar as PAKvSO waa concerned or re far as AKHJAS web concerned. He was not too clear Clout the entireill ask him again later.)


Tho budget estimates were given here to the representative onebruary. ill check over the budget fron Onatemala here because we are not given enough tine and because the communications at this time are very badly interrupted.

Paragraph 9.

1 am in agreement with you tlx-hould come

here to act as my substitute) there would bo none better.

will leave Sunday via PAA with his wife and

will go directly to Kinneopolisj he will leave hie wife theredirectly to your house in order toontact. His wifenervous and wornvarious journieni thle hap been

the cause of his delay. adly In need of money.

Pcronreph n.

terlel for prope;'endc work has been sent in various colors: with very few peekares remaining in Nicaragua, the nejorlty has been rtent directly te Guatemala.

Publication of Xo Acuso.

Cceaaenti ill clarify this natterroPort

ltubsequent report.

Wa wait with interest for the notarial and direction oflines whioh we are to follow. ag you to take Intony desire to giro priority to our basicefermemorandum whioh wo completed when yon ceae to aaa aa*will check wit:in order to asoertain the exactid:m

torefers in uds paragraph.)

Paragraph 1L.

Both the directors of El ConbatoAqg bare reoeirod many congratulations for ay speeoh.


Antonio COUHI has not yet arrived for hia personal rislt with sc; allave roeslvedaessage whioh he brought. As of thieave not yet seen him personally.


I ui extremely sorry regarding the clicnge of plana regarding the radio In SI Salvador, jy all Deans, wecjwg this radio transoittor for our boys, full of enthusiasm, sre forced to workost deficient manneresult of thisave taken all this into aooountnow the new plan is much better than the old ones but it would not nave coatee much to have inprovod tliewhioh we had already ret up. In any event, tho event is now settled.

losed the letter stetinr that he has now ansvereu most of tbe Questione or they have heen answered by oables wtiich haveback and forth. He oends hiaaffectionate greetings tc

postscript to thr letter contains the follow!as Information:

of iacata. One oi tr* individuals who is helpingPena ie Oscar HOAALKS Lopez. * np*crontly now In constant contact with Cuban contraband people. Aleo, therelcareguan called Victor LJKiS, Mr. X, who is the principal aemoerroup who is buying handgrenades. nAHklOS is half crasy end le now presenting his wife ar the wife of tne future president of Guatemala. This if considered to be An extremely bed taste since his poor wife is now in the menopause period and et various timed is given to temporaryof insanity.

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