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Officershould be usoo" in tha TO" column. Under and rich comment numbered to correspond with the number In the TO" column. Each before further routing. This Routine, end Record Shoot should be returned, to

line shouk) be drawn ecrou sheet (jc^ck mark Insufficient)

CHEF, Western Hemisphere DRwrf^





FOR: Chief of Administration, DD/P

Delegation of Authority

a* 1


Memo to Addressee from Undersigned, Dated 2liubject aa

In accordance with References (a) andc hief of Administration for Project PBSUCCKSS, is authorised to issue travel orders for personnel performing travel in connection with thle Project.

Quadruplicate specimen signature cards of tbe above named individual are attached.

All delegations of authority Included In(c) are hereby reaffirmed.



ecapliance vtth instructions receivedelephone froa Kr. Karcac, tha foUovine ccesasats are auberlttod. Lettering coincides with that of tba Lincoln cable, paragraph by perasrapb.

A. asthat the Parens lens will onotlnaa to piaauat any well able proof concerxdas Intervaotloo. They any aot, lawaiai, nissmit aay additional data at the Conference unless given en edrrltlnml oppor-toalty. It voald agrpear that farther aliased factual dlaclrawraa weantlng Intel pautlon, if aade uiftew janit to the termi nation of the Coaferaace, sighteaser lapeot than If delivered with the Ccednrenee faroacanning board.

tfe agree that. baa public ly branded Cantteaala and that failure to follow through at thla tlae with farther evidence to support oar oJirsBtionji nay, to soas extant, suggest leohaoos of poaltioa. Pro-saoebly, however,. derogation bee bad aa opportunity to fwwMldaT the views of the Latin Aaerleaa delegates at Caraeaa and believes that the coarse of action os^esadaad upon by the Secretary lauiiwMuls the acert. attle of recrtsnaatlon indulged in byven though lt should stzwagthea oar eaaaf>sitaaa1a, aight very possibly. prestiea and alienate iieadnpharfle-support.

C. iit tnil and erterisinn of tha principles euaserfbed to at Bogota esd Bio ere desirable, il limine ill of carbala operational


activity asby tha Secretary of State mould lncraaae tha probability of obtaining latin aaerlcan support In principle and latex ccfKerted action through OAS. Theae ecoalAsreXlcoa outweigh reoognlaad tonporery dlgadvanteaaa.

The coarse reccBnmujned by tba Sacretary does notcotlDoatloo of the covert effort, bat does partially curtail that effort In recognition of tha Importance of engaging In concerted rather than unilateral action. It was never intended that. delegation to Caracas would provideupporting effort to PSSCCCZS8. It aaa expected tbat the Clarence nJght pusaiif. with an opportunity to obtain bejsnsThere*ic support in dealing with the Guatemalan problem. This sight in turn obviate the need for ultimate unilateral action as contemplated under PB30CCS33. In view of recent known security conpro-sdaea In the field, PBSPCCBSfl currently aay not meet the criteriaovert operation - The Secretary's reccmendation, therefore, aa stated In the second sentence of, that KHfiARK take no irrevocable action until be bos bad an opportunity to review the whole situation is, in our opinion, completely Justified.

B. The question is not one of whether we ehomld present our esse or not. Both courses of action contemplate this. The difference Is one of timing and of possible concerted rather than unilateral action.

>'. We do not agree with tbe Implied concept that, since many aspects of the operation ara already blown, further aggressive extension of earn!-covert actlrltlas along the present fkWQQCBB patters la necessarily advisable.

0, modification of operational method to meet changing conditions

does not imply aomBtmmamagt of the objective. Psychological and jxjllticai varfere may be continued effectively end Gecurely.

H. We agree that tine may bo running out for tbo type of HI cjjexatlon presently rontecrnlated* Xn the light, however, of oar eornsrlanco to date, which forecasts the inordinate degree to which the band of the XS.b. my be disclosed, we wholly sot scribe to the Secretary's desire to review oar future course of action before proceeding. Consequently we believe that no irrevocable ccsaaitnants should be aade until such review has been caDgderted.

Regardinghe Lincolndoes not diffoxt substantially fron that of the Secretary cava in tho matter of timing. We believe tbat tha decision as to timing mast rest with those who are on the scene at Caracas and oan assess ths situation end determine the bent course tfi pursue to achieve success.

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